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Darkness Dawned in light? [FPP – Guild Collides]

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Darkness Dawned in light? [FPP – Guild Collides] Empty Fri Jun 02, 2023 9:51 am

After they had escaped from the maze Emil was found swiftly in his normal appearance and he looked at the person and they say that they need to make their way to the fight that is starting in Orchidia streets. They say they need people to take on the dark guild as well as people to help to get the innocent people out of the city and keep them safe from any farther harm as well as be a part of this all if they could help it and Emil looks at Elise. "Do you wish to be part of the attack team or part of the evacuation team? I am going to be part of the team that is fighting but I don't want to force you to come and be in the center of the fight with me if you rather be saving innocents from their deaths." He smiled a cocky smile it almost felt like he was more saying he was going to die to help with the fighting as he still looks beat up from the fighting he had been doing all night already with them and fighting fires.

Emil after hearing her reply had started hurrying following behind the team that was going to lead him to the battle as he is geared up to fight and tear down the people that get in his way as the walls had dark guild members guarding the ways into the city but Paradise Dawn had already broken their ranks and he was guessing that Yuurei had already gotten into the fray and made the opening for them to get into the city from the looks of it but he can't prove that and he makes lightning rain down on the dark guild members that come at him and he makes sure to rearrange their ribs but not killing them. He wonders if he is just getting soft or if it was just the right choice to not have killed them but he had hit them hard enough to have taken them down for the count and let him keep his speed going in.

He sees that he was surround and he raised his glove and a wave fired from the gauntlet scrambling the people around himselves brains a bit making it impossible for them to focus on fighting or casting right and then his other gauntlet unleashed a cage of lighting around himself and started mowing them down but he is wondering if he had done the right thing as he had done it without thinking if some of these people might be innocents and he can hear himself being yelled at by other members of Paradise Dawn as they tell him to stop being so reckless as he was not here alone and their are more lives that need to be protected here than he needs to be fighting but he can feel the blood lust in himself and his want for a all out fight growing meaning he might lose control and go on a berserkers rage.


Darkness Dawned in light? [FPP – Guild Collides] Empty Tue Jun 06, 2023 4:02 am

They where getting close to having to deal with more people, Elise was not shocked by this matter entirely. There always had to be just one more thing to deal with and Elise in some manner was already far use to this than most people would assume other people might be able to deal with and. But she had options this time. neither sounded what she wanted to do at this time as she kind of just hoped she could have just gone home now and start drinking one of limited remaining bottles of wine before considering what she would be hunting next before the sun came up.

But she would make a choice of the two options in front of her rather quickly. So far it was not shocking what Emil chose but he seemed to look like how Elise was use to him looking like."Nice of you to choose to look what you normally look like now."Why she spoke that was to most likely see if Emil considered a sassy remark or compliment. It was a blank and deadpan statement that in which was more of a general statement because she felt leaving everyone confused of who you are in terms of looks was not a logical thing to do overall.

Elise had considered joining in the main strike force that was gathering to deal with these final people around of this guild. After all it was a duty to defend people, Thus an ever judging person who knows many gods would be delighted to see her defend the people and to grant them favour of their protection. In some manner she almost leaned into wanting to go do that. But still had her struggles internally this was nothing new to Elise and she assumed anyone else.

But also there was most likely a low amount of people amount of people who where heading over to help the people. Something Elise in some manner could easily be told down to that it was wrong of a woman of the church to do that. It was a bit of a struggle but Elise might just come to a choice quickly because if anything this guild had proven time and time again that they preferred to do the fighting much like most people. So she would be leaning towards what had less people in the fray she seemed almost internally deadlocked

Then Elise would make a choice pretty quickly considering that she did not just wanted to be broken into two groups right away."I would assume you have enough people for fighting...This guild does not lack the willing. I will return after I help to the people." Elise almost sounded unsure of her choice but stuck to it anyway. Not because she was stubborn because there was so many other things that could go on being down at least one person over all. Or she was just grumpy because she was out of smokes that was also logical.



Darkness Dawned in light? [FPP – Guild Collides] Empty Wed Jun 07, 2023 8:13 am

Emil hearing that the woman is going to be helping to remove the people from the battle zone and Emil wonders if this is how Kaito feels getting himself into deep and then having to fight his way back out when he jumps in and the moral toll it must take on him must be massive. The gods tell him to focus on the people in front of him and not how his brother might feel if he had jumped into this kind of thing head first like he had. Emil keeps sending out lightning and aiming to keep the north safe from the onslaught that this new dark guild had started and he makes his spells arc to the next target as he fights but he can feel that he might be getting a bit over whelmed as he had just barely reached a higher rank and that was making this all so much more trouble some as he had so much that he still had to do and this was just a stepping stone.

Emil fires off lightning and he keeps going and he feels that his lightning is keeping most of them at a distance as he spreads the damage deeper into their numbers making sure to not accidently bounce it into someone that was innocent as that was his biggest worry but he knows that he has to risk it and that he needed to try and not hold himself back as there was a ton of dangers in the crowd and if he lets them get away he wonders if there was really any way that they would be able to find them all to get them all back as that was a lot of risk that might come and he was not going to risk the north being harmed farther as he needed to make this all stop here and make them pay for the people, animals and buildings they had harmed Emil was not going to let one escape. The lightning streaks across the sky and just tears through them as if they were nothing but paper as he punches more as his spelled danced around the crowded area and it looked like a beautiful sight as he fought and the lightning flashed making it appear as if Emil is having his picture taken by a whirling crowd of news hounds.

He couldn't lose focus as this was a battle, a total war zone not a place that he could let his mind wonder and he needed to make sure that this all came out his way for his guilds sake as he was always feeling one step behind and he couldn't let himself fall apart even though his body is screaming in pain and needing to rest but he knows that he can't stop and he won't allow himself to stop and fall pray to the fact that his body will give out on him or someone might come and try to get rid of him while he is weakened he needed to make sure that Elise had a team to come back to as he stops debris from falling on innocent people and his other guild mates that were here.


Darkness Dawned in light? [FPP – Guild Collides] Empty Tue Jun 13, 2023 6:06 am

Was Elise ever going to be happy with her choices? No she was over all never happy. weather alone, here working, off on her own working and if anything even being in minstrel Elise was never happy when she was free, only because when some one was free to think and not restricted to believing in what was at the time ingrained in her mind for so any years. Now after the time she finally freed herself for such a plight in life she was almost so left never happy only just trying find to just forever remain almost more content than anything else.

But she went off to do what she stated, No over baring negative thoughts with in her mind as she had it clear slowly over time. After all there was things to focus on at that time rather then worry about it. The people where important after all, guilds would not exist with out people around to join them or cities and towns needing the work along their various problems existing at the time. It was entirely ecosystem of existing with one another. At least this all made sense to her while she went into thoughts about it.

A nun's duty is to her faith and people: To look upon them, Help them with in their means and be their for the time most rough for them. There was times even if she looked like she could judge a person the most she just quietly listened away and just gave advise upon in which would be good to do based off of the teaching of faith at the time. So over all maybe it was a better choice. Since most likely there was far less people doing the saving still then the fighting and Elise could use it as a means to see normal people a bit more.

Letting out a sigh she seemed to check over her own personal supplies of what she had that she normally had for her habits during the day time. She had some left, it was starting to get low on them yet again but she still getting low in some manner. Not that she was starting to think a few other things over. Diving into work was pretty simple. Walking over to where people seemed to linger, Talking to Fiorians and seeing what all they needed or heard of problems was pretty simple.

It did in some manner start with just talking and learning the status of various people and areas they had been attacked so far. Then after a few simple prayers Elise would continue on with the few other things she should do. At least in her mind she was taking notes in her mind about the things needing to be done. Looking over the first group of people no one was hurt so at least it seemed there was not much to worry about at the time. Looking at the background close by because she heard the sounds of lightening.




Darkness Dawned in light? [FPP – Guild Collides] Empty Tue Jun 13, 2023 7:43 am

Emil was staying updated from others on how Elise was doing and he was very thankful that the woman was still safe he had to admit that he had felt their bound grow closer over this night as they fought tooth and nail to survive and save others as they went. He wonders if the woman feels the same or if this to her was just a very loose bit different night for her as he had heard that she was a hunter and she spoke as if monster hunting was her every nights task. Emil wonders really if the woman is really as cut off as she seemed as he kept fighting his way through the crowd with his lightning striking repeatedly into the crowd hitting the bad guys and not touching the innocents around them which was good for him at least to stay in the peoples good graces.

Emil had no idea to where these core members are but he kept going deeper and deeper into the area and he thinks he saw the guild master fighting in the air over head with others but Emil can’t worry about it as that was not his goal. He was going to be the one that keeps fighting and being in the fights and he was not going to stop to watch others that others admire fight. Emil was going to carve his own way through these enemies and he slams his hand down on the ground and sends more of the enemy crowd flying and he lands his punches and makes them look like simple limp noodles. Emil was making full use of his gauntlets powers as he needed to start saving a bit of mana but he can’t be bothered to stop. Emil keeps decking and making them seem out of it as they can’t focus as their heads are hindered.

Emil looks out into the chaos and he wonders if this will ever truly end or if this will be a vicious cycle that will repeat then Emil coats himself in lightning and he starts doing lightning lariats as he went, he was not killing them but he was making sure that they didn’t stand back up very quickly as Emil was cutting through them them charging his arms with lightning and just keeping going to work Emil can feel that he is hurt and that he needs to start slowing down but he knows that he can not slow down or he might fall behind and others will get hurt so he needs to keep fighting till his last breath he can’t let a single one escape. He has to do this this was on him on his back he needs to awaken his true potential and he transforms using his magic and hits the drums causing the enemies to try and avoid him.

Emil keeps himself on his toes as they could swap to being offensive once again probably once the shock wears off but for now Emil is going to keep fighting and proving he will die for his cause and to protect others so they might worship him.


Darkness Dawned in light? [FPP – Guild Collides] Empty Fri Jun 16, 2023 10:12 am

It seemed the things going on where just seemingly going as planned at least at Elise's end she was just being her normal self while working away Elise would start going through some prayers she had more for everyone else around her than herself, after all any god who's ego was not so strong they forgot to look into the people praying to them and their motives would learn who Elise was and why she would be doing it, Either being fine with it or sometimes feeling slighted because Elise was just merely abusing power and refuse what her prayers could entail.

But since she had not seen too many people need in horrible large amounts of health she would go through a few of them off hand generally the ones that the god knew Elise was just trying to help even if her standing of how she felt about them. But it seemed as this went one the ones who helped her and showed they would not harm humans would not be viewed as a threat to Elise, But Elise also had to learn that some human grasp on to faith for various reasons and that gods and faith had reasons to exist with in this realm.

But Elise in some manner was already far too depth in her goal thinking that most of them meant to ruin the existence of humanity by giving and allowing such harmful powers leading them to be corrupted and doing nothing to control them when such things happen. It was two different views and Elise over all was an extreme. Maybe her adventures in Fiore would slowly change her over time. For now it would just be a stand still of both sides being as they are at right now a figurative war was waged by Elise that everyone could know very well that she could lose at any moment.

But she would walk into place close by as she needed to see the status of the people in there, Seeing if people where okay and needed to leave or not or risk staying staying there while danger was still some what lingering was just what she was going over. Then she would just say a minor prayer to a well known god of these parts, Wish them good luck and leave them be at this time, The people had chosen to stay in their home.

The next group when Elise knocked told them who she was and offered help wanted to be lead to some where safe, In which she did not mind she would tell them where to go and check over everyone to make sure they where not hurt in any horrible manner. Since they seemed to be okay a few cuts, Eventually they would get the clear to move on quickly and Elise would make sure their house was locked up. Then she would watch them move on. the work load had been light currently but assumed not that way for long.




Darkness Dawned in light? [FPP – Guild Collides] Empty Fri Jun 16, 2023 2:06 pm

Emil felt like he was on top of the world then he gets struck hard with a spell that sends him sliding backwards and Emil starts punching his arms forward sending lightning punches forward and they were hitting against invisible spells that were flying at him. Emil is pissed it seemed that they have a mage that can make invisible spells. Emil charges his body so he can break the spells with his attacks as he pushes forward and he wasn't slowing down as there was a lot that needed to be done and enemies that needed to be cleaned up as he finds the way that they were going and coming from as he picked up speed and he ran right into the front lines that were waiting for him but he wasn't going to back down and he could tell they were watching him and he can hear the whispers of his cape telling him that he needed to watch out.

Emil moved to the side as the souls can follow them even if they are invisible as he throws out the spell but making it arcane so the souls will home onto the attacker that thought it was smart to attack him and draw him to them and he keeps on the trail of them as he follows the way that the spells are flying and he then jumps up as a blade swung at his legs as the attacker tried to take him out at the roots and that was a sneaky trick and then he punched down hard knocking the person out of invisibility and them into the ground as they had not been foreseeing Emil to be fast enough to dodge the attack if it were to come and he landed and kicked the man to the side making sure that they are out cold.

Emil felt a chill in the air and then the world went cyan as snow bashed into him and sending him backwards backwards and winds him a bit as he was once again attacked out of no where. Emil was sent flying from the attack, people watching him as they had not seen the man ever fall like that but they know that he might be in need of help and they move to help him while one yells for someone to come and help Emil who was not out cold but he was trying to get back to his feet but he was hurt bad enough that he can't do it so he stays laying down and he feels pathetic as they are so close to the goal but here he is being useless and laying here on the edge of life and death from how hard he had been pushing him self but was in need of help soon or he might not make it. The others keep the snow mage off of Emil and who ever might come to help him. Emil's eyes closed and his head laid back on the ground but was this the end for the lightning god?


Darkness Dawned in light? [FPP – Guild Collides] Empty Tue Jun 20, 2023 5:57 pm

Over all these seeking mission were working out well, everyone seemed to be safe over all with the people who seemingly so far being safe and free from their woes at the time, Elise seemed to almost have a moment where she could actually think and be at some what of a normal thought. Then as she move on to the next house and open the door a for a moment and looked around, mentioning she was from her own guild did not do much, But in some manner it left her thinking as she cleared that house, thinking of other things.

Looking around, she thought about how the commoners of Mintrel and if anyone would ever care about them being treated that way or it would just lead people to suffer for the betterment of the one more higher up in status compared to them. But even if she was trying to stop thinking at home, at times it seemed Elise could not get away from thinking about Minstrel. She was okay and adjusted to Fiore when she thought about it. Then she remember that she thinking about things that will most likely never exist for her home land.

She would pull out one of her few remaining cigarettes and lit it ablaze and continued on her way. In some manner she really did not want to be smoking while she was trying to do work. But maybe this was getting close to settling down as it needed too. For she was just going to check upon a few more houses and see how the fighting was going. At least she would finish it pretty quick because well. After all there was things to be done. She wanted to get them done quick as well. Thus she was prepared.

Check in the final house she was here to look into she would see a abandon building looking long forgotten by anyone, In some manner she assumed no one would leave there at this point but she would just kick in the door that seemed blocked off at the time, Thus she would have to try harder to get into it. Pushing into it hard enough with her shoulder she would get into the building and look around, Seemingly even if empty she took a few minutes to look around and check rather more in depth. These places some one could hide or things she hunts would hide as well.

She would find some people, they where scared but most likely only here because they thought they would not be found here, Then Elise simply told them it would be best to start leaving only because the fight might be coming to them, After even lending a hand and helping some of them get out of the building because they could not move well Elise would wish them well, Then set off to go see what the fight was like at the time and see how it was progressing it.




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Emil wakes as one of the support team had hurried to him and healed him and he gets up even though he is not fully healed and sore as hell but he knows that he doesn't have time to rest as this was the part and the place that he needed to get his ass in gear, yes he was lucky to be alive but his pride took a bigger hit than his body by being knocked out by this wanna be bad guy and he runs right back into the fray as there was trouble and he was a hero of the north and he was not going to back down he was going to win this and make a mess of their face and stop them from ever coming back. His lightning took on a sickening black hue like it use to have when his lightning magic had been combined with darkness this was his time and he was going to make sure that these idiots learned about it and he was not going to back down or allow them to get away and he lets out a rampaging lightning.

Emil's eyes glow brightly gold as his lightning keeps tearing through those that got in his way and he ran right back up to the boss he had been fighting the nearly killed him and he doesn't let the mage even get close to trying to attack him as his spells rip through the enemy's spells and Emil pounds on the mage's chest as the frost mage is tossed around like a rag doll and Emil was not  holding back and has let his berserker rage take over his body and his mind as he was not giving up at all this was his time and this was going to end on his terms and he was no where near done with them as he blasts the poor mage that had nearly lost all of their fight as they know they are no match for Emil who has grabbed the mage by his face and is now dragging them through the city and tosses him in the bodies of defeated attackers the frost mage was still alive but was probably wishing that he had been killed.

Emil looks around still enraged and he goes to help deal with those that hadn't given up yet and they see him and just drop to their knees now and give up as the dark guilds master must have fallen to Yuurei or Brone. Emil wished they had just kept fighting so he could have beaten the life out of them but it was over and Emil needed to get his mind settled down but he couldn't seem to settle down as they had attacked the guild with his children in it so he should have killed them all and left nothing but smoking corpses but he knows his children would probably get scared of him if he had done that so for now this was over.


Darkness Dawned in light? [FPP – Guild Collides] Empty Sun Jun 25, 2023 10:21 am

It was most like about time that everything was finished at this point. At least in that manner she choose to go about her time here, So she would turn around and start heading off towards the fighting. She figured either the most of it was done or all of it was done at this point and they could move on soon, At least in her mind. In some manner she expected some kind of mess to be left behind in result of people just being left wild to their own devices. Thus her thought over all was to make sure her guild members where okay at this point too.

Because in some manner she assumed some one would get hurt stupidly and would need to get carried some where safe to get some help or healing. But Elise had a some what always negative mind set of these things. It would take a bit of time to walk over to where she recalled they would be if anything it is a final walk around for anything that could be wrong so far she did not see much in which she considered a good thing. Elise did have some faith in her guild, But it was small.

But over all it seemed the things she had done ended up having things being clear of problems, Not that they would last long considering Elise would just most likely deal with it herself rather. But she did check over the people she did find while she was here. Even if it was something no one would believe seemed to smile for a moment, it was a small moment. Elise was content with seeing how everyone was safe and okay. They where going to safety. Even after a few prayers with some of the other people of faith here, she would then continue on her way.

It was a peaceful walk, With the night seemingly over all being as it should be at this time: quiet, peaceful, dark and with the sound of the normal night time bugs making their normal noises Elise had not a single thought of this what she wanted it to be ideal in her world. People where at peace and the lands around them where. It was a foolish dream to fully achieve in Elise's ideal way, She knew long a go and admitted it but saw times what things make moments relaxing.

Eventually she would arrive to see what was left of fight and her guild. So far nothing seemed wrong or amiss. if anything what was left behind was kind of exactly what she thought it was, Merely checking up on what had not left the area yet before they move on to just finally wrapping up and clearing the are from the chaos that had happen here, No doubt it would take a bit for the place to recover at this time.


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