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Side Taking (SL)

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Kishin watches over the vast and treacherous land of Iceberg, where snow-covered peaks kissed the sky and jagged cliffs plunged into deep valleys, as a tale of warriors and legends will unfold. The air resonated with the echoes of ancient songs and the fierce battle cries of a people born to conquer. Steeped in storytelling and boasting of great deeds, the denizens of Iceberg shared a common ethos: a yearning to die heroically in battle and a love for celebrating their victories. Amidst the rugged beauty of this harsh and unforgiving land, one could not help but be awed by the architectural marvels that dotted the landscape. Icebergian culture proudly displayed its deep bond with the Dwarven Kingdoms, reflecting their influence in the intricate designs and masterful smithing techniques that adorned their cities. Towering structures rose like sentinels against the snow-cloaked mountains, testaments to the enduring alliance between the humans of Iceberg and their dwarven kin.

Iceberg, known for its towering fjords and vast coastline, held untold riches within its majestic mountain ranges. As the largest exporter of metals, minerals, and rare earths in Ishgar, its wealth flowed outward like a river of prosperity. The bounty of the sea, teeming with an abundance of fish, was both a blessing and a challenge to the Icebergians. While they relished in their plentiful catch, the difficult terrain made exporting their maritime treasures a formidable task. It was amidst this backdrop that a new chapter began to unfold, as the loyalists of Talaz Lagaar sought to reclaim their own country's isolationist policies. Led by the figure known as Arbiter Who to Kishin, they yearned for the return of a bygone era. Witnessing the damaging outcomes of opening their gates to the world, they sought to regain control over their coveted artifacts and safeguard the treasured knowledge of their land.

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Therefore, amidst the icy peaks and deep valleys of Iceberg, Kishin arrived, a young aged lich with an air of mystery and a penchant for the unconventional. He had been to a similar place in Enca, but he doesn't judge by appearances. Unmagical in fighting, he is only precise, Kishin's true power lay not in the arcane arts but in their ability to force circumstances to their advantage. Wearing a mask that concealed their identity, they roamed the land with a sleek gun at their side, a symbol of their unorthodox approach to both conflict and diplomacy. Kishin had pledged their support to the loyalists of Talaz Lagaar, recognizing the need to protect the world from the potentially devastating consequences of unchecked knowledge. They believed firmly in the supremacy of flesh and blood over machines and robots, seeing the dangers that came with reckless dependence on such artificial entities. Kishin opposed the emancipation of robots, understanding that these creations were born of Talaz Lagaar and should not be set loose upon unsuspecting lands.

Thus, Kishin's journey through Iceberg began as a sort of publicity, traversing its majestic peaks and delving into its treacherous valleys. Their presence would soon ignite a spark, setting in motion a series of events that would test the loyalty and resolve of both allies and adversaries. As they ventured further into this shiply land, Kishin sought to unveil some secrets of Iceberg and secure the necessary publicity abroad for Talaz Lagaar, a mission that would shape the fate of some minor people and the delicate balance between them.

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Kishin's arrival in Iceberg sent ripples through the part he came, whispers spreading like the wind across the snowy expanse. The enigmatic lich, with their masked visage and unconventional weapon, drew both curiosity and suspicion from the Icebergians. Some saw them as a potential ally in their struggles, while others viewed them with wary eyes, uncertain of their true intentions. As Kishin delved deeper into Icebergian society, they witnessed firsthand the echoes of a bitter history. The tension between humans and elves simmered beneath the surface, leaving scars that refused to fade. Yet, amidst the conflicts and divisions, there were glimpses of unity and shared heritage. The proud architecture, influenced by the Dwarven Kingdoms after all, stood as a testament to the enduring bond between two races.

It became clear to Kishin that Iceberg's people were born warriors, molded by their unforgiving environment. He had decided not to fight here if he didn't need to, and to try to appeal to these warriors like Judith had him. The tales of their great deeds resonated in every corner, woven into the fabric of their culture. They fought with an unmatched ferocity, driven by a longing to carve their names into the annals of history. But beneath their warlike exterior, there was also a yearning for celebration, for revelry and camaraderie. Icebergians knew how to celebrate their victories, and their great tales passed through the ages, transforming into mythical legends. Kishin's support for the loyalists of Talaz Lagaar aligned with their own beliefs, as they saw the dangers that could arise from the unrestricted dissemination of knowledge. The loyalists sought to reclaim the isolationist policies of their land, recognizing that the outside world might not be prepared for the advanced technology Talaz Lagaar possessed. It was a responsibility they shouldered with steadfast conviction, even if it meant facing opposition from those who yearned for change and progress.

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The lich's presence in Iceberg was not without its challenges. Their unmagical fists set them apart from the sorcery-laden world of Ishgar. Yet, Kishin's mask became a symbol of their determination, concealing their true identity as they moved through the icy terrain. It provided a shield against prying eyes, allowing them to navigate the delicate political landscape with caution and intrigue. Amidst their travels, Kishin couldn't help but be drawn to the more unconventional aspects of their own nature. There was a hint of masochism that coursed through their being still, a fascination with the darker side of existence. It was a facet of themselves they kept hidden, aware that in a land steeped in warrior culture, such proclivities would be met with both fascination and disdain.

With this lonely bones he goes to embark on the mission, to gain the necessary publicity abroad for Talaz Lagaar. Their footsteps echoed through the frozen valleys, each stride carrying them closer to their goal. In this foreign land, amidst the clash of ideologies and the undercurrents of strife, their journey through Iceberg continued, a dance of shadows and secrets, as they navigated the treacherous paths that led them deeper into the heart of this nation. As Kishin traversed the frozen landscapes of Iceberg, their presence did not go unnoticed. Whispers of their arrival had reached the ears of the leaders of the Talaz Lagaar loyalists. Intrigued by the enigmatic lich and recognizing the potential for mutual benefit, some sought a meeting with Kishin. In a dimly lit chamber adorned with ancient relics, the meeting took place. A crafter, a figure of authority and wisdom, greeted Kishin with a mixture of curiosity and caution. The lich's unmagical nature and masked countenance intrigued them, sparking a desire to understand their true intentions.

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Kishin, with their unyielding resolve, presented their support for the loyalist cause. They shared the loyalists' belief in the responsibility of Talaz Lagaar to protect the world from the potentially dangerous knowledge they possessed. He himself could attest to such forbidden knowledge. The devastation unleashed by the plague served as a stark reminder of the consequences that could arise from uncontrolled access to such power, if it was manufactured. As Kishin spoke, their words carried a weight that resonated. The enigmatic lich's perspective on the dangers of dependence on machines and robots struck a chord. They emphasized the supremacy of flesh and blood, invoking the spirit of the warriors who boasted of great deeds and yearned for heroic deaths in battle.

The alliance between Kishin and the foreign loyalists began to take shape, with both parties recognizing the advantages of joining forces. The lich's presence brought attention and intrigue to Talaz Lagaar, while the loyalists' cause provided Kishin with a platform to voice their concerns about the world's reckless reliance on artificial entities. However, the path to victory was not without its obstacles. For the original loyalists, this was a moment of weakness and desperation. They had sought aid abroad in the face of the plague, inadvertently allowing their adversaries to gain strength. The stakes had been raised, and the loyalists now faced the arduous task of reclaiming control and securing their treasured artifacts.

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Kishin, fully aware of the challenges ahead, offered their unique perspective and strategic prowess to the loyalist cause. The enigmatic lich's unorthodox nature and unmagical history positioned them as a valuable asset. They understood the delicate intricacies of political maneuvering and the importance of careful planning. So, as Kishin and the loyalists forged their alliance, the stage was set for a battle of ideologies. The loyalists, led by Grand Arbiter Who Where, who Kishin has no clue where he might be, held steadfast in their belief in Talaz Lagaar's isolationist policies. The world's readiness for their advanced technology was a matter of grave concern, and they were determined to protect it until the time was right.

Together, Kishin and the loyalists devised a plan to reclaim control and create disturbance in Iceberg as a test. The enigmatic lich's unmagical nature proved to be an asset, as they maneuvered through the shadows, gathering intelligence and influencing key figures. Their mask concealed their true identity, allowing them to work undetected, sowing seeds of doubt and discord among their adversaries. The alliance between Kishin and the loyalists drew the attention of other factions within Iceberg too. But once knowledge becomes universal, it becomes useless.

As the loyalists rallied their forces, Kishin's role became increasingly vital. The enigmatic lich's ability to force circumstances and their unorthodox approach to conflict made them an invaluable asset on the battlefield. Their sleek gun, a symbol of their unconventional nature, became an extension of their will, delivering precise and calculated strikes against their adversaries in the shadows. With each passing day, the loyalists and Kishin grew closer to their goal. The treacherous path ahead was lined with uncertainty and peril, but they remained resolute in their mission. The alliance between the enigmatic lich and the loyalists had become a beacon of hope, a glimmer of light in the darkness that enveloped Iceberg.

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