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Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush]

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Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush] Empty Fri May 12, 2023 5:31 pm

Emil having taken on the last of them that he could fight and all of the sudden the area lights up and then changes and Emil put up his hood and his appearance changed and he looked around as now he looked and sounded different than he had before so if this was a trap by the dark guild if they didn't know what he looked like they couldn't ambush him but made it so that he can ambush them if they dared to show their faces in his line of sight though this will also make it hard for Elise to find him so he would need to be careful of it and not getting attacked by her if anything was to happen in this place and so that they will not end up with them fighting or going at the other as he was in no mood to end up fighting the woman. He seems some puzzles and he wonders what is going on and where he even was and he touches the puzzles but he doesn't attempt to solve them or move any as he knows that he is not that smart so he was going to have to find an exit on his own by following the maze that he had now found himself inside of.

Emil thinks that he can hear someone else in the maze but he was not sure if they were friendly or not but he felt that he was about to find out if they were here like him or if they  were bad guys waiting to kill him and then stuff his body in the bushes to lure others with tracking abilities to the spot so he closes his fist as if he was getting ready to throw a punch at the first thing that was to move with in his sight range and he stuck close to the sides as he needs to make sure that he gets a clean hit on who ever this was as he was not going to be killed here as he looked at the moment as he was not sure of how he even really looked as he had just used the hood as a means of a quick change and had not really let himself pick the face but the souls in the hood had so he was not sure of the appearance that he had taken.

Appearance :


Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush] Empty Sun May 14, 2023 2:13 pm

Over all it might be good for some one like Elise to be around Emil for this situation. unknown to them yet they where going to into a maze and bush maze. The only worrying thing was the fact that Elise had not shown up right away and Elise did kind of know it was not a good thing when the group was just hunting and tracking down various guild members of a guild causing them various problems. Over all this distance she kept away from them at the time seemed to have helped Elise mentally. Only because she could keep her mind in place.

It would seem like Elise was dragging her feet to come back. Then again that was going to eventually be not a shock for anyone as they got use to Elise because she was not really the type to just be out right and frontally social she was just over all this way and she would eventually be trying to expand slowly. Or not she was not going to make a point of it. Old habits died hard after all. Elise knew it was going to be a lot of work for how things would turn out.

But since she was taking her time, the smell of cigarette smoke. This was while she was heading towards the maze so she was getting as many in as she could. A sign Elise was around at least there was a moment aside from the smoke some one could pick up the sound of her mentioning things to herself."Really?...down to the last 20 of them?"Elise seemed to remark to herself, 20 or how many was a good question because it was one of the many answer she would most likely never answer to to anyone.



Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush] Empty Mon May 15, 2023 1:05 pm

Emil in his new form walks around the maze he wonders where he is and why he is here and he wonders how many of the others had been dropped into the maze. He couldn’t have been the only one that got thrown here right? He decides that he should call out and see if he will get an answer from Elise or anyone else from the maze. "Elise? Anyone one around ?" his voice sounded different and it seemed to die against the bushes of the maze and not even echo so he guessed that this place was more than just some simple maze in the middle of no where and he was going to need to find out what he can do about it and what he is up against. Emil sighed as he more or less felt like he was going in circles as he walked around the maze.

He now wondered if he was to solve the puzzles to get out or for some kind of hint to come to him so that he could find his way out of here but he was not even sure if he could find his way back to the place he had come from where the puzzles where to even try to solve them but he also has to wonder if failing them might also cause some kind of issues that he would have to deal with and if he is alone he is unsure if he could really figure this out or fight his way out of it if it triggered some kind of major boss fight for them to try and over take. Emil thinks he smells smoke so he hurries along the maze as the gods in his head argue with the souls in his cape, he wonders if it Elise or if the maze was now also on fire and he needs to be finding his way out of the maze.

"Elise can you hear me? Are you around here some where?" he hopes that it is Elise and not the maze being on fire and him stupidly walking toward it and probably to his death. The souls tell him that it is not a fire and the thunder god speaks of how this is just a giant waste of their time and he needed to hurry and get them out. The mad god laughs and says that this maze is easy all Emil has to do is open his mind to it and see the patterns that are right in front of him. Emil has no idea what the mad god is on about as there was no pattern that he has seen but for now this is not the time to be thinking of the mad gods non-sense.


Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush] Empty Thu May 18, 2023 5:15 pm

Elise could easily go on an entirely long in depth conversation how in age of magic they still did not make cigarettes that did not last infinitely so that she could always have one and never have to run out. Some kind of regeneration magic or regrow magic for it would be wonder, Then she did not need to spend as much money on these things and she could just learn one simple fire spell and make things so simple, But this was just her over all thoughts of many when it was not hunting monsters,god or demons generally.

Then well she figured she might actually need to pay attention for a moment to the things around her, After all it was not her day off yet but it was coming soon and she was planning what all she would do with that day between sleeping in, playing some music, drinking and smoking. Over all it was more seemingly like Elise had just been planing on being lazy for a day and calling it a day off. Rather than doing anything just productive with her time. But when you just do productive things all of the time had to be a stopping point eventually.

As she was starting to over all think about the things and work around her
surroundings and figure out what is going on. She was just taking her casual time walking because she assume everyone else would have started the next problem at hand and dealt with most of it by now with out much worry. but alas in reality she could be equally as wrong as well. But the time alone was nice to help her get her back to what she considered normal. Hopefully she just needed to control the sass and remarks a bit more then she figured she would be in the clear.

But if guessed if she had to still do a few other things to do. There was no clear sign at all that in which everything was done, So Elise figured she would finish her cigarette. Take another out and lit it with out a second thought. She knew the voice at least she was going towards, in which was not a horrible thing. So she would walk over to where the voice was calling out. In which would be met with the sound of Minstrel mumbling back.

Elise kind of just popped through the bushes, then stopped next to Emil, With the streams of her cigarette slowly leaving her mouth."What are you that lost?" Right away spoke when she showed up. With the normal amount of sass and some what rudeness she would be known for speaking with in being around Emil."It is just bushes arranged in an odd manner to throw you off the paths of people."Elise thought Emil knew this trick as she had studied it before and yet to deal with a few of them before, Most of them however made of stone.

Then she waited a moment look at the paths. So far there was not sigh of which way to go, but over all the idea was most likely to figure out if there the was sign of which was to go, but knew the chance was very little. Then looked over to the way she got in for the first place."Don't see any signs they might have left themselves to know how to not get lost?"Then the almost unimpressed Elise took her time smoking still. She wanted to see if Emil picked up things she might not had seen here.




Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush] Empty Sat May 20, 2023 7:19 am

Emil was surprised that the nun could tell who he was that must mean that this partnership had bared fruit and their bond must have become stronger then ever and he was so happy to have that have happened that he spoke it out "Elise you and me our bond is strong." He in his new appearance flexes with a giant smile at the thought that him and this woman who seemed to hate his very existence had now formed a strong bond that may last for a very long time. Emil listened to how she spoke about the bushes and how it was all a trick but the bushes didn't seem to take damage from his attacks so he wondered if maybe Elise was wrong about this or if there was something more going on here that they didn't see and had yet to show itself. Emil feels the ground under their feet shake a bit. "Something big is coming we should ready ourselves."

Emil puts his hands into his gauntlets that hung on his waist and looked around for what might come running at him and the woman as it sounded and felt like it was at least seven to eight feet tall with a lot of weight on it and a minotaur comes barreling around the corner with an Axe in hand and takes a swing at Emil and Emil dodges and he punches the side of the creature only half hindering the giant creatures body and it roared and took more wide angled swings as it was looking for blood and it had focused on him and he wondered if maybe he had been marked by something that attracted the beast toward him and he had no real ideas to how to take this thing down so he hoped that Elise might know of a way. "Elise do you know of any weak spots this thing might have?"

Emil kept dodging and throwing jabs of lighting at the creature to try and keep it's focus on himself and not Elise as he waited for the woman to answer him and he wondered if maybe this thing might have a piece to one of the puzzles that would help them to get out of this place in the end the only way that they can find that out is if they take this thing down or worse it kills them before they can.


Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush] Empty Wed May 24, 2023 4:12 pm

With saying that exactly how he did as he did currently made Elise some how cringe, internally to start with."I was only merely guessing, I did assume you might have gotten lost in these things."Elise had not been trying to insult him, But Emil was more of a fighter than a puzzle solver type.The only problem was Elise's just bluntness and some what cold answering at the time. As that thought linger upon her mind Elise would slowly get the have the feeling of cringing upon her face. She seemed to be trying to resist it.

It seemed for now something else would break the tension and moment of Elise's cringing about hearing that, It was a seemingly short lived as other things start happening. In which she would not be shocked about it over all. But with what had shown up Elise almost seemed not really all that bother by it, If anything she seemed almost not shocked by the events unfolding at this time."You haven't fought one of these before?..."Elise asked because she had managed to deal with them a few times. Elise really did not need to think about it or really had to think in depth what to do.

So she just got her sword, ran to the back of the beast and just hit the back of it's feet with her sword. While Elise mentioned to herself."I still prefer a spear....easier for my to manage."It was like she was not use to a sword and she knew it, it was in this case rather large and heavy and she did not get as much movement as she was use too. hopefully a large smack to the leg would work out for Emil here.




Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush] Empty Fri May 26, 2023 6:24 am

Emil had indeed never fought one of these and he was not sure if this thing was also earth based and was just eating these lightning based attacks that Emil was throwing and it seemed to barely be slowed down by the hindering shock that his gauntlet gives out to them on contact but he can't really do anything else as he doesn't wish to deafen Elise as she moved in close behind the monster and she seemed to strike at the creatures heels and Emil wonders if this towering monster was really going to be downed by such an attack but he knows that this woman was a monster hunter so if she was doing that it would have to mean that she knew her stuff about this creature as why else would she strike the creature if not to show Emil the way? Emil watched as the creature seemed to be effected from the woman's attack but he did have to admit that the woman's form was weaker with a sword and he wondered if she had a favored weapon type that she doesn't have.

Emil gets his head back in the game and he runs at the creature and he aims to hit an upper cut on the creature as it's head was starting to come down and Emil hits it squarely under the chin and the creatures head whipped back from the impact and Emil hopes that the woman is able to do some more damage as the creature had dropped it's axe and Emil hoped that it didn't hit the woman and hurt her as that axe even not being swung might be able to do some heavy damage on impact with her. Emil charged his fist back up with lightning magic and he jumped up at the creature and hit it dead in the chest this seemed to have hit flesh enough to do some damage and Emil held on as the creature started to fall backwards from their combined attacks on it and Emil looks around for Elise as he hoped that she might know where the exits area might be or if they should get back to walking through the maze and just hoping that they can find the way out or would they be lost forever in this maze he guessed only time would tell but he was free to ask her and hope for the best. "You got any ideas for which way is out ?"


Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush] Empty Mon May 29, 2023 3:57 pm

Taking down the beast was simple and when they were okay, settle and watching the beast kind of fall as it did. However Elise never one to take chances right away climb on the corpse to do something. Nothing like Elise jamming her sword right into the neck of the beast even if bested and and slashing it a few times made her it's head off. Very well being considered over kill and she seemed to not even think to say a word about it. Then because nothing stopped Elise at all from what she was about to do next, She climb up the plants to see where they where and where they needed to go.

Then she just jump right down after she seemed to observe for a few minutes to see if there was signs of anything else or anyone else who had been around here before them. Then she let out a sigh."Great it's a large maze."Elise mentioned because she always had to be unhappy about something, in which was not shocking she was just well that way annoyed by something. But so far Elise seemed annoyed by everything. In which just most likely showed Elise was overall.

Then she merely pointed the way in which she would say to go. Weather it was correct or not was entirely up to to him. Elise was not really interested nor did she care about with how he viewed it, If he wanted to know where to go that is where she would be going with him following around or not was entirely up to him. But Elise was starting to walk a way she seemingly had scouted out with out really telling Emil much else side from what she did so far, it might be a fun trip.




Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush] Empty Tue May 30, 2023 7:01 am

Emil watched the woman totally tear into the body and make sure it was dead, Emil had to admit that was a bit scary but hot at the same time to himself as she proved she was the alpha over that monster then when she pointed Emil guessed that was the way they were going, Emil followed her as she walked and the woman seemed to have been making measured steps and Emil was confused why. Till he stepped on a trap and he had to duck back as an axe made of mana came swinging back at him, he was not good at subtle or being careful so this was a harder part of the maze for him as he was like a raging bull and this maze was his china shop and he was constantly tripping dangerous things causing them to happen and he was not going to worry about it as long as he is able to keep an eye on the woman that is very smartly walking a distance from him.

Emil was starting to get annoyed that he was so bad at evading these traps as not at this point he is just breaking the traps as he is walking forward feeling as if the woman in front of him was clearly not going to keep her cool with him as this was a thing that she was going to have to deal with was him just walking through these traps which must be starting to wear on her mental nearly as much as his mental is being worn down by the fact that he is being so careless. Emil finally get to the point that the exit seemed to be in sight and Emil ran forward and right into a mirror like wall that he just bounced back off of like a bug. Emil stands back up cursing under his breath as his nose was bleeding a bit from him running into it face first like an idiot child in a maze of glass walls and mirrors that had run ahead of his mother or in this case Elise and then Emil being pissed pulls his fist back and he swung his arm forward hitting the wall as hard as he can breaking a hole in the wall to allow them to leave from the maze and return to the world that they know and where they needed to return to. Emil wondered if he asked if Elise would help him with his hurt nose or if she would just tell him to man up.
(431) (Exit)
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Turning a new leaf. (Elise) [FPP – Stuck in the Bush] Empty Thu Jun 01, 2023 2:52 pm

It was not the closing part of this venture it would take a bit time of and slowly they would make it but they had to use they avoided traps over all it seemed this could go on with out problems. Elise was already in her manner was in some manner almost seemingly annoying to work with. But she would not lead him wrong over all just she was a bit more rough about how she would go about these things at least she was able to do it. Even making sure Emil would stay on task and going thought this.

Every once and a while Elise would smack Emil as they travelled on, not hard in any manner but seemingly in more of a nice way of making sure he did not lose focus. It was a means of what was done to her during her early days of change over to what she was becoming now.It was also because she was slightly worried that as he seemed. It was not effective but Elise was still going to try and get him to kind of get back into focus. It might be useful to spring traps on your own but it really was over all reckless and dangerous.

After all Emil could be put to sleep with the story of Elise talking about how many other priest or nun either young or old who tried to work along side her and never listen to Elise and what she had to say about being careful. She did not assume Emil would die as quickly here as any one else she went on these traps, But still learning how to get around traps was a useful tool to know. Even if it looked like Emil would not be interested to remember.

So she would continue one, knowing how she tracked it with in her mind it would not be much longer she just needed to work through, she was not bargaining to Emil to try and get him to try and not do anything too foolish to hurt himself too badly. There were other people for that and she was not one of them. There was so many more important means to do with her time rather than seemingly child watch people do really easily preventable things that where going on around them with warning and telling them how to avoid them.

She had a feeling this trip was almost done Elise was if anything delighted with this matter, only because it meant people could get back to focusing on the things at hand. So some how managing to keep herself out of the habit for a long while. Elise pulled out a cigarette lit it up and took her time having her normal habit work as the way it did, while she was done walking towards the very end of this maze. It was a relief in some manner, As she had a feeling there was more to do.




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