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Paradise inferno? [FPP – Forest Fires]

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Paradise inferno? [FPP – Forest Fires] Empty Mon Apr 24, 2023 5:09 pm

Emil over hears from some of the forward teams that there is trouble in the Worth Woodsea and he was trying to listen and over hear but they noticed and moved away from him as they were unsure of sending him was more going to help or hurt their case on this one but they sigh as they know that they are going to need him to fight the ones that are causing the havoc in the Worth Woodsea and they don't have time to look for anyone better or that might be able to handle themselves better and they needed a quick response to this. They turn to him and they start filling him in that he was going to have to go and clean up the wrong doers as well as put out the fires that he saw or can even try to control and stop them from burning the whole forest down to the ground and along with it the life that calls it home.

Emil looks at them and with his cocky grin he nods in agreement and he can already see it his name in lights and people falling over themselves to try and get to him, to sign things or to maybe even give them a smile or something that can send them off happy. While Emil was off in his own world they turn to the nun that was his battle buddy for this trip in the night and they ask her nicely to please go with him and help as they don't want the fire to get worse or for Emil to help in the burning of the forest to the ground as his lightning magic seemed the perfect thing to extend the range of the fires and make this a lot worse than what had already been done but they tell her that they understand that he was going to be a handful and they understand if she rather find a new battle buddy for the night to take up arms with as they figure that Emil and the way he was, was probably bugging her if not already driving her crazy.

Emil snaps back to reality at hearing them asking her if she would be able to put up with him and keep working with him. "Of course she will keep working with me, she isn't stupid and she knows I am the best pick for a partner or she wouldn't have taken me up on it in the first place." Emil starts on his way to the Worth Woodsea as he knows that there is a lot a stake and he didn't want to waste time on the idiots that were trying to make the partner and maybe friend he had made tonight stop working with him and he knows she will follow behind him as he trusted her to have his back and to not leave him high and dry as she seemed a woman of her word and a good friend and fighter that he can relay on in a pinch and a tight spot.


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To the shock of Elise this entire matter was not done yet, Looks like over all the time crunch was not paying off yet it was going to be a long time ahead of her it seems, But if anything if there was some one who was willing to put in all of this work and effort in. It might have been Elise between situations at had Elise had not generally not been seen since the last matter they dealt with. Seemingly she was gone again in which might not be shocking considering how she was seemingly so far with the group.

But since she guessed as always there was more things to be done. It was not entirely over. It was just how she viewed everything around her things where not done yet. But she had hidden away for a small amount of time to kind of a moment to herself, continue her horrible smoking habit. She just wanted a to think some of things to herself. Between her pondering some self worth problems with herself internally, As well as trying to guess how many other things could happen here at this time. But this was Elise she had wanted to figure out what was next.

When she finally came back around and people had spoken to her about working with Emil, Elise almost seemed if anything uninterested in things being spoken to her. Over all in the end it lead into fire fighting. As different as Elise was compared to him, they were getting things done and that is just about what all Elise could ask for in this situation. Was this a good situation? no but it was expected to have happen over all in some way. Just what it was she did not ever guess.

But in the end it was another task the only thing annoying is she would try not to smoke to avoid setting something else on fire. But she had managed at least to say nothing this entire time and quietly watching as she would go to head off to deal with this fire.



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As Emil walked something fell from the Sky hitting his cape and slightly changing it and now he heard voices from his cape which was not something that he had thought he would hear out side of his head where the two gods argued was he just cursed to hear voices from all sides or was this just another test sent to him from Illumin that he would have to over come they spoke of the souls already lost in the fires that needed to be absorbed into it and Emil kept going and the things in the cape showed him what they can do as they turned his lightning magic to arcane as he casts spells to make fire lines to cut off the fires and he throws dirt at the fire as well as grab a few of the buckets of water that were being filled by the locals and mages with water magic that focused it into getting it to flow out and make pools of water to use.

Emil hoped that Elise had made it and was safe as this place was lit up pretty well but he hadn't seen her yet in all of the crowds and people helping but he trusts that she would be pulling her own weight and trying to make herself be something more than just a pretty face he just hoped that they don't get them self caught on fire just they refuse to be wet down cause they think they are just saying it to be pervs but it helps with them being on the front lines as it keeps them from burning as easily and keeps their skin from drying out while they do the things that they are doing. Emil sees on of the dark mages that had started these fires and he releases a punch of arcane energy instead of lightning thanks to the cape and the souls in it telling him how to do it and how to use it as he was not going to just back down.

The mage gets them self cornered between a rock and a hard place as they nearly ran them self into the fires that were raging and instead turns and starts fighting with Emil who was not scared of them or the fire that was raging around them that was slowly being put out and Emil wasn't scared to get wet or to get dirty out here as he strikes at the mage and they try to strike back with fire magic to which Emil matches it with arcane so they cancel out each other then Emil jumped into them with a swift hard punch to their gut winding the enemy mage.


Paradise inferno? [FPP – Forest Fires] Empty Sat Apr 29, 2023 5:29 pm

In terms of being a fire fighter, Elise was most likely not the best options, She was a deity hunter and nun. not a fire fighter. in which in some manner almost felt like a good task for Elise she took it in some manner as a challenge. It was different and in some manner refreshing to have to go think about. In some manner Elise seemed to already start digging through all of the things she had to see if anything had means of cancelling out fir, In which resulted in Elise remembering that she in fact fought daemons and her arts did not at this time contain fire management.

Cursing to herself about that matter she realized that in fact later she might need to fix that problem if she was going to do a few things that had to do with diving into the caves lose by the guild. But that note would have to be for later as there was other problems at hand that needed to be solved which was this fire. She would then start muttering to herself that of all things to not be prepared for it was containing a fire. Showed she was not a master of everything.

But alas it seemed she would have to go entirely off of just whatever she could think up with at the time, and merely dragging buckets of water would not do and take up too much time. So she would for the moment have to watch what Emil was going at this time not only to ponder in the risk that he might be taking that could risk more damage to the woods after all that might create spirits of vengeances from the results if such a thing exists here in Fiore or at all. It was just something she had read about in a book.

But other things where slightly distracting her, That being the gods seemingly on Emil's side it almost was worrying to Elise because of the idea of what gods could do to the alter a person. Emil seems normal not under the ideal ways of how said gods might make a person lean towards doing was not going on, So she could think about other matter later. having two gods favour and talking to him so casually is interesting information. Then again zapping the ground to throw sand at fire was a good idea as well.

She just had to hope she could find something to help at that scale, So she would look around for a few other merely just around folk and guild members who might not be doing much but they got thrown in to help watch incase the fire got out of hand.

Elise had an idea and this was risky to do but it's been done many times before. Fight fire with fire, take some of her match she would along the patch of where parts of Emil's work was not done and light a fire in the place of the on come blaze, This would work to consume any fuel of the fire , sure it added a risk of allowing it to continue but if it had no fuel there was nothing to allow it to continue burning, It was something.




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Emil does his best to keep the dark members on the back foot as they tried to come and help their guild mate who was beaten pretty badly and he hopes that they can put up more of a fight than he had done. They looked at him and they swung big weapons at Emil who dodges the slashes and he makes sure to punch them into the guts and they feel their chests hinder and they double over being unable to really out speed him or even try to get the drop on him as they struggled to even move the man had planned and executed the plan so swiftly to keep the others safe that they didn't even realize he was being more of a front guard for the others that are fighting the fires as Emil is has done enough to keep the fires from spreading so fast as the others rushed to wet the area and focus their water magic on the flames that seemed to just keep burning even with the water magic hitting it.

Some of the workers are watching Emil as he fights and they wonder what he is doing but some of them realize that he is both fighting the fires as he fights the dark guild members they are not sure why some people talk so much crap on him as he seemed to be fully able to handle himself and do a good job But then they remember that he has a big mouth and a cocky attitude which usually drives a wedge between himself and the other members. They then get back to work trying not to let the fighting distract them again as they had a lot of fires to put out and fires to stop from spreading and they hurry to get them put out and to keep up with Emil as there was not going to really be a happy ending on it as a beautiful forest was still going to be decently damaged and that was not going to be something that just can be over looked and would be a scar on the north.

Emil after he chased off the remaining dark guild members walked back and he let the medical team tend to him and his light burns from fighting fire and fighting in the fires like an idiot but he was a idiot that had done a good job and sent the dark guild members packing as they didn't want to deal with having to fight him but that doesn't mean that they are going to stay gone for now Emil needs to be treated as the others keep fighting the fires and trying to get in under control and a few new fires had been lit so the fighting was getting bigger then it had been before and Emil probably feels like he only made it worse than he had already had made it and his cloak tells him things and he waits till they were done before hurrying back to the front line to fight more fires.


Paradise inferno? [FPP – Forest Fires] Empty Tue May 02, 2023 5:44 pm

It would eventually come down to what was more worth the time? fighting other people and dealing with the people at hand for the fire going at this time. It seemed there was a few options to consider. For all of the may things starting to roll out it was just if anything annoying Elise more and more. It was dawning on her that she might have a problem a problem she generally solved by just drinking it away and smoking it away. She could deal with this problem in other ways just yet not wanting too. It was just going to be put off until she felt like it another day.

At least she solved her problems on her own, no one else was subjected to Elise's problems, Even if morally and under the rules of nunhood it was not exactly ideal or logical, Elise most of the time seems to almost never really follow a lot of the rules of that nuns limit themselves too. The better part to Elise at least she did not hang around any other nuns for the most part. she often scared them off before she could really get to know any of them.

But it seemed an ever occurring matter was how the fates of other people had ended up working out for them. Something that she was just use too was not up to par nuns and priest who were not ready for the extreme parts of these field of work so to say. Between that and so many things that demon and or deity hunting showed her the horrors of life pretty often. In some manner Elise could think her problem stem in her coping with the world just badly. Coping in a world that no one taught her how too.

It would be weak to show anything about it, Elise hated the idea but she was just letting her mind continue to ponder over so many thing it had before. But there was also still more things to do now. As other people not really retaining to the matter started showing she had to wonder if that she should be doing something else. as these matters started to settle she figured it might be all and all okay. Finishing up her part she would go to watch over Emil and prepared to step in if it was actually needed for right now even if not helpful, She was watching quickly at this time.




Paradise inferno? [FPP – Forest Fires] Empty Thu May 04, 2023 4:31 am

Emil looked to the nun that had chosen to team with him and he smiles at her. "Good work out there keep it up and we should soon have this fire dealt with, then we can get back to hunting down those dark guild idiots for what they have done to the beauty of the north that seemed to have now scarred the north." Emil clenched his fist as he was mad that they were able to do so much damage to the north and had set her a blaze on his watch. He knows after this unholy night of death and destruction that the guild is going to have to do a lot of trust rebuilding as there were many a thing that happened and might still happen this night so he and the rest of the guild are going to have to rebuild the trust that this kind of thing didn't just start happening more and more as this is like the third thing to have happened to the north while they were in it saying that they were the protectors of the north.

Once Emil is cleared that he is allowed to go back out into the fire so to say, He stands up and pats Elise on the shoulder. "Sorry that I dragged you into all this but please remain by my side assisting me to fight them." Emil gave another big foolish smile and a thumbs up then he hurried off not waiting for her answer to if she will remain by his side as he helped run buckets to wet things so the fire doesn't spread to it as easy as well as using the capes power to turn his magic arcane to dig fire lines and blast back things that were falling as they burn to keep the others safe as he had, had his moment in the fire and now it was more about him being able to defend those that still had more in their tanks to fight and keep moving and getting the fires under control as they are more focused on the fires and he is blasting away the debris that comes their way to keep the others safe and not getting them burned.

Emil kept his eyes opened on the watch for if anymore of the dark guild members to come scuttling out to throw more fire out or ambush the forces that are working on putting out the fires or saving those that are trapped in the way of the fire as it raged in the forest and Emil wondered where Indi is at and if he is helping or if he is just staying back away from the fires, he just hopes the little rat is safe and not in any danger as no matter how much they fight they are still partners and that wasn't going to change anytime soon if he could help it. Emil sees some trapped children and he cloaked himself in arcane energy and he ran back into the fire and he gets them out as unharmed as he can.


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It was in Elise's view strangely comforting, Even if it was a bit odd as well at the same time. not accounting for that being a thing that could ever happen with these matter, Fiorian's spirits and value where a bit new to witness and she was trying to manage to not be over all too shocked by it. Emil even was starting to seem far more thoughtful then she thought most people would be, This was a general cycle of learning how different things could be in other nations. In some manner this was starting to feel like a reflection of many things that she had not needed to think about before with other things.

Then she waited a few moments and her mind settled back from her many pondering thoughts and went right back to working mode."As long as the sun does not start rising, I will keep working at this time." Elise mentioned sure she could show more caring towards the problem at hand, But Elise was still just as she always showed herself closed off, cold and distanced away form many things because she never expected things to stay the same for long. But should question how long would Elise stay this way? she did not know. There was a lot of things a person needed to work past. Elise it was seeing that not everyone she worked with would go away as quickly as she was use to ones who started when she did.

But maybe a guild was different, maybe Elise had to go back to the churches and see how everything was working, no doubt the same every one was just doing the normal day times things and not risking anything that Elise does. But at least people took peace in the work that she never really needed to do. The fire seemed to be settled at this time and Emil did something most people would consider brave, he touched Elise and she merely glared upon the arm touching her, But yet did not move it.

For now it might be a good thing, But in the future might be a problem for other people if they try it. Not saying anything about it. After all they where wasting time if the sun came up Elise would be leaving and there was nothing to be done about it. For now Elise looked pasted it.

But she would continue on the conversation at hand, he wanted her to still stick around and she seemed to not mind after all he had until the sun did rise, if it started rising there was still time."We still have time, So let's us get going." Right back to work which was just the normal of her but some might wonder how she remain this way so much stuck just working all of the time. Elise seemed to already been helping with the part of getting the buckets of water. Work was not yet done.




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Emil had gotten himself pumped back up and he ran back out to keep helping the people on the front lines to stop them from falling over or killin' over as there was a lot to be done as they get the fires put out and he was making sure that even the slightest embers were not even left smoking in the areas that they had gotten the fires down at and he makes sure that he kept his eyes out for the trouble makers that had been pledging the region all night and had caused so much damage and it didn't even seem like that it was even close to being over as there was still some much that still needed to be done to make sure that they were able to get the region back to normal if it can even be able to regrow but he thinks some nature mages might be able to bring them to life and not let it all rot after from the fire if it can be helped.

Emil was sure that what was left could still spread back out but that would take a lot of time and by then his children will probably be the ones that are guarding and keeping it up and safe if they decide to take the path of the mage but there was no reason that they would really shy away from that path or maybe it will take until his grandchildren to have it grown back Emil wasn't really sure but he knows that he will live a decently long time so he need not worry about if he will be alive when these regrow but he is unsure that he will be able to still be fighting by then but Emil knows that he can for now help it get the forest back on it's feet as he helps start to get the last of the fires out and making sure that they are not getting overwhelmed as he kept hard at work at keeping the fires at bay and their spirts going high and not letting them waver. "Come on don't let the last leg of these fires kick your ass, we need to finish this up and get back to the guild and regroup."

Emil was not sure that the next step in all of this was going to be going back to the guild or not but he knows that he will find out where orders come to him but for the moment he knows that he is probably the strongest one here and the one that should be showing that he was unwavering and he can feel a bit of fatigue set in and he falls backwards on his ass as he was going to just take a breather as the fires were out and he was wiped out from all the fighting and him using the extra energy he had hyping the others up and he was not sure that he was going to be able to last much more into the night.


Paradise inferno? [FPP – Forest Fires] Empty Thu May 11, 2023 7:43 am

It was better to see everyone else was getting ready and pumped up to work. This was good for because they needed things to be done still needed to be done, Some how Elise was also managing to handle her manners and tongue to not say a lot of stuff as much as she wanted too a few times with some of people. But that was just Elise, it was just how she was and people some what seemed to pick up she was getting to be that way. At least they could continue on and move to the things at hand they needed to do. Elise was not picky she understood why sometimes there was time between things happen and unable to be control when people took too long.

But Elise still over all did mention she would leave when she stated, She was just lucky enough she was not feeling tired yet only just had that one of two worries, After all Elise never realized how tired she could get, just when it hit her she went out pretty quick. At least that was what she remembered from past experiences during other things in her life and what happen to her before.

At least internally Elise was realizing that even if she did not express so far she was starting to think how these people where reliable at this time, the kind of things she wished people where during her starting days of a deity hunting nun, Or against some of the lower level demons or daemons she fought that others could not have handled. Maybe she could learn finally to open up over time, But that was just getting hopeful at this point. Logically it would take Elise a long period of time to over all get use to people and warm up to them.

Finishing up the fire seemed to be a simple thing to do everyone else had done what they could, While even if Elise did try she could not help but not feel like she was all that effective here and was over all in some manner trying not to think about how she was never to make it as a fire fighter. But it made her see that even if she was not that good at it there where still people who would try, just as much as she did took solace into account that people could help one another.

Even if she almost wanted to shoot off that entire worrying mind set of what she already had in mind. But Elise had to think of everything in which in it's self was it's down problem to a person. Thus she would most likely have to take a moment. After all no one needed to know she needed a moment to deal with her over baring thoughts she had at this time. Elise wanted to appear strong and powerful, Scary and not one to talk too. she forced herself to be a night owl for a reason.

But alas it was time to depart and move on to other things, Elise would catch up but she would kind of want to lay low to be unnoticed. Given that she often was known for sneaking around and keeping to herself. This was some what known to the guild members, Elise slowly moved to fall behind, Emil would most like notice but as it showed she tended to be the background worker. But she would catch up eventually, Just wanted to do something normal of her, it was a horrible habit anyway.

Then she would pull out a cigarette, some how she still had some of them. At times she needed to maybe slowed in the future, it since she had nothing else really at the time attached to people or things here. So she would make sure safely to avoid not putting anything else on fire. Take her time to smoke her cigarette and settle in mind, She was in deep thought about many things at the time, So she would clear her mind.




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