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The Sea[travel to Hareon]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

The Sea[travel to Hareon] Empty Mon 27 Mar 2023, 14:26

Jin Tatsumi
The guildhall was empty. Only a few stragglers remained after the onslaught that had faced leadership. Nothing was going to be the same after this. Jin had begrudgingly stepped into the role truly for the first time. And now he was off to see the world once more and find some answers. Perhaps even the body of an old friend.

The streets of oak nodded at the traveler while he passed by. For all that the guild was, they were true to the cause of saving lives and helping the people in the area. everything was working out as planned. he shook some of the hands of the people around and looked at the little shop that he created. He remembered the time Erebus snuck his way into it and caused a bit of a stir. Something that felt like a long time ago now. Back when they ran together. Another friend lost to the mysteries of time. No matter what group he joined...everyone always seemed to fade away. He shook his head and looked back at the hollow-feeling guildhall. He had fought for that place. Stood alongside a group of seeming strangers and formed a bond with them, on the battlefield of their home. Alas he was the last one to remain.

He flung his bag over his shoulder. There was still one more in the guild that he knew was staying busy. vex. An elusive figure to him. And then the ally over in another area. One that he met alongside Erebus. But for now, perhaps the focus should be on rebuilding and understanding the future.

The paladin walked out of the city. His magic had returned to him, stronger than ever. The light shined brightly above his head, from the solar disk that took people by surprise. Although a good handful were used to it around oak now. At least in the capital. The town slowly faded behind the paladin as he left his home once again. This time was a little harder han all the times before.

Jin trudged through the landscape of Oak until he made his way to the border. With a heavy breath, he stepped beyond the threshold and out into a new adventure. Since his return from the machine city, his heart was still different and his views had changed if only slightly.

He skirted his way through Crocus and Era. He had no crimes or much infamy but he didn't trust the knights to leave the defacto Guild master of a dark guild alone. He had to step wide as the solar disk was shining brightly over his head. It made sleeping rather difficult on the road. eventually, he hovered it outside of his tent while he slumbered.

The nights passed by and footsteps plodded down a path. Jin awoke and brought the disk down to his hands. Knights turned a corner and made eye contact with the man. Few people knew about his new magic and fewer knew his face exactly. Jin smiled and offered them some medicine on the house and they happily marched back away from him. With a sigh of relief, Jin returned to sleep and then to the long road.

Weeks went by until he was finally at the sea. fresh air blew around him and filled his lungs. He could see all the things from his past. he had already gone by magnolia without stopping in. One of the guilds that he ran with. And now he was back to the other. Before the wars and chaos of the world. Who knows what was in store for him now? But he intended on taking some time and getting back into the groove of healing.

Travel from oak to Hargeon

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