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Safe Choices (SL)

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Kishin's encounters with the giants and sirens were eye-opening. He had never seen creatures quite like them before. The giants were massive, towering over Kishin and the Sevese with ease. However, they were surprisingly gentle and peaceful. Kishin was fascinated by their way of life and the stories they told about their ancestors. Not everyone wanted to begin a cleansing of hostile races. Unsure as to whether the artifact he used was a simple shield or a god's will, Kishin contemplated the rumors of taking on a grace.

The sirens, on the other hand, were innately alluring and dangerous. Their enchanting songs could draw in even the strongest of men, and Kishin had to resist their calls. The Sevese warned him about the sirens, but Kishin couldn't help but be intrigued by their mysterious nature.

Despite their differences, Kishin found that the giants and sirens shared a common struggle with the Sevese. They all wanted to live in peace and harmony, but the Sevese's thirst for power and resources often led to conflict. Humanity needed such drives to fulfill their innate lack of genetic abilities. Kishin felt a sense of sadness knowing that these races had to constantly fight for their survival.

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As Kishin continued his journey through Seven, he couldn't help but wonder if there was a way for all the races to coexist peacefully. He knew that it wouldn't be easy, but he was determined to find a solution that satisfied his morals.

Kishin spent several weeks traveling through the lands of the giants and sirens, learning more about their customs and ways of life. He found some of the giants to be a stoic and proud people, who valued strength and honor above all else. They were often at odds with the Sevese, who they saw as scheming and dishonest.

The sirens, on the other hand, were a seductive and mysterious race, who lured swimmers to their deaths with their enchanting songs. Kishin found their culture to be deeply intertwined with the sea, and he was fascinated by their unique abilities to communicate and navigate through waters. Appearing suddenly at places, at times Kishin wondered if the sirens were the strongest of the races.

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As he traveled, Kishin couldn't help but feel conflicted about the ongoing tensions between the different races of Seven. He longed for a way to bring peace to the land, but he knew that it would be a difficult task. The Sevese were set in their ways in this area, and the giants and sirens were deeply distrustful of them.

Despite the challenges, Kishin continued on his quest for knowledge, hoping that he could find a way to make a difference in this world. He knew that he was an outsider, a mere traveler in a land of conflict, but he was determined to do what he could to help.

Kishin had made his decision to fight alongside the non-human races eventually, even though he knew it was a risky and dangerous choice. He could not stand by and watch the Sevese commit acts of violence and war against the other races of Seven. Unlike the other races, the Sevese had a common language in neighboring humans like Kishin from Fiore. The scales needed to be balanced.

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As Kishin joined the non-human side, he found himself in the midst of a fierce battle that he'd make an example in. The air was thick with the smell of blood and the sounds of clashing weapons. He fought with all his might, using his skills and wits to outmaneuver his opponents. With his unique arsenal, Kishin was a machine that finally let loose.

Despite the chaos and danger surrounding him, Kishin felt a sense of purpose and fulfillment in fighting for what he believed was right. He felt a sense of camaraderie with his fellow fighters, all of them united in their quest for peace. Peace had been hammered into Kishin's morals to mean finding the easiest death.

As the battle raged on, Kishin found himself facing one of the Sevese cult leaders who had driven the war. When being directed, Kishin had never liked this man. The man was a skilled fighter, but Kishin's determination and quick thinking gave him the upper hand in a sneak attack. In a fierce duel, Kishin emerged victorious, defeating the cult leader and helping to turn the tide of the battle.

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With the cult leader defeated, the Sevese forces began to falter, and the non-human side emerged victorious. Kishin breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that he had played a part in bringing peace to the land. To be rewarded for his help, Kishin received clues on how to change his body.

As he looked around at the aftermath of the battle, Kishin realized that his journey through Seven had taught him more than he ever could have imagined. He had learned about the many races and cultures of this world, as well as the importance of standing up for what was right, even in the face of danger and adversity.

Feeling a newfound sense of purpose, Kishin set his sights on exploring more of Seven, eager to learn and discover all that this incredible world had to offer. With a renewed energy, Kishin received a better understanding of his surroundings as a reward for his help as well.

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Kishin fought valiantly alongside the giants and sirens, using his skills in close combat to take down numerous outlaw Sevese. However, as the battle raged on, he realized that this conflict would not end in a quick victory for either side. The roots will always cause trouble. No matter how many people Kishin clawed to death, more would rise up in anger.

He saw countless lives being lost on both sides, and the destruction caused by the war weighed heavily on his conscience. Kishin began to wonder if there was a way to end this conflict without further bloodshed. Greed seemed like a way to shake faith.

During a brief lull in the fighting, Kishin approached the non-human leaders of the battle and suggested a ceasefire. He pleaded with them to consider the consequences of their actions and to search for a peaceful solution to their problems. They had won enough.

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At first, the leaders were skeptical and refused to listen to Kishin's words. However, his persistence eventually paid off after attacking their personal companions, and they agreed to a temporary truce. Kishin took advantage of this opportunity to speak with the Sevese leaders, hoping to find a way to end the war for good.

After many long discussions, Kishin finally convinced the Sevese leaders to lay down their arms and enter into peace talks with the giants and sirens. It was a difficult process, but eventually, a treaty was signed, and the war came to an end.

Kishin was hailed as a hero by both the non-human races and the Sevese who had come to see the error of their ways. He had managed to bring about peace where once there had been only been blind conflict.

With the war over, Kishin felt a sense of relief but also a sense of emptiness. He realized that he had been so focused on ending the war that he had not thought about what would come next. He only had brief hints to what would help him reach the next steps in his training.

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Kishin wandered through the more civilized streets of Seven he had learned of, trying to figure out what his next move should be. He felt lost and unsure of himself, and the weight of his past mistakes began to bear down on him.

As he walked, Kishin thought about the lessons he had learned during his time in Seven. He had discovered that war was not the answer to his problems and that he needed to find a way to reconcile his desire for knowledge with his morals.

In the end, Kishin decided that he would continue to explore Seven, but he would do so with a new perspective. He would seek knowledge, but he would also use that knowledge to bring about peace and understanding wherever he went.

With a newfound sense of purpose, Kishin set out on his next adventure, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

Kishin had begun to be consumed with the idea of transforming his body into something more powerful than his current human form. He'd begin to spend hours studying ancient texts and legends in search of a way to achieve this goal. He learns of rare herbs and magical potions that are said to have transformative properties, but he soon discovers that they are nearly impossible to find.

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Kishin also considers making contracts with the gods of Seven somehow, hoping that they could imbue him with magical powers. If not, there's Illumin too. However, he realizes that he knows very little about the gods and their motives. He fears that making a contract with a deity could have unintended consequences or come with dangerous strings attached.

Despite these setbacks, Kishin remains determined to find a way to transform his body. He continues to research and experiment, even going as far as seeking out powerful wizards and sorcerers in his quest for knowledge. He is willing to risk everything, even his own life, for the chance to become something more than human. Unfortunately, Kishin would not even be granted an audience without the base strength.

As time passes, Kishin begins to question his motivations for seeking this transformation. Is it a desire for power and immortality, or a genuine desire to help others and protect the innocent? He wonders if his quest is driven by pride and ego, or a true calling from the gods.

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These thoughts weigh heavily on Kishin's mind as he continues his search for a way to transform his body. He knows that he must be cautious and thoughtful in his actions, lest he fall prey to his own ambitions and lose sight of his true purpose.

Kishin continues to ponder his desire to become a magical being. He is fascinated by the idea of being able to harness powerful forces of nature and control them to his will. He wonders what it would be like to have magical abilities that could help him navigate the world of Seven more easily and give him an edge in battle.

He consults with knowledgeable individuals and studies ancient texts even alongside others, but to no avail. The methods are either too dangerous or too inaccessible to him at this time. Some people began to give Kishin inklings that they wanted to use him again.

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Kishin grows increasingly frustrated and feels limited by his human form. He realizes that his desire for power and immortality has blinded him to the beauty and value of his humanity in some ways. He understands that his mortality is what makes his experiences in Seven so precious, and that it is what gives his life meaning. Even so, humanity has it's limits he feels.

Despite his newfound appreciation for his humanity, Kishin continues to work on enhancing his physical and mental abilities through training and meditation. He learns to harness his inner strength and develop his intuition, which helps him navigate the dangers of Seven more skillfully for the future. Wondering if it's time to return to Fiore, Kishin had begun to see the merits of living elsewhere.

As Kishin continues to explore the world of Seven, he realizes that there is still much to learn and discover. He embraces the unknown with a sense of wonder and curiosity, and looks forward to whatever challenges and adventures lie ahead with a renewed but fragile faith. He'll try to find the limits to his humanity that others have faced before he moves forward.

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Kishin retreated to the shadows as he began his leave from Seven, watching as a minotaur lumbered through a forest. He noted the creature's immense strength and size, but refrained from interacting with it.

He pondered the existence of the gods and their protection over certain beings, he couldn't help but wonder why minotaurs had been left out of their purview in this area of Seven. After all, they were just as worthy of protection as any other magical creature.

Despite his lack of magical abilities, Kishin had felt that some physical traits he'd found in Seven are useful. However, he couldn't help but feel a sense of bitterness towards those who were blessed with endless faith. His own lack of ability had made him feel like an outcast in the end.

As he continued to watch the minotaur, Kishin couldn't help but feel a certain kinship with the creature. Both were outsiders in their respective worlds now, and both were often overlooked and underappreciated. It was this connection that led Kishin to believe that perhaps the minotaur deserved the protection of the gods, just as much as any other creature.

Of course, Kishin knew that his own opinions on the matter held little weight in the grand scheme of things. He was merely a mortal, with no magical abilities to speak of. But still, he couldn't help but feel a sense of admiration for the minotaur and its strength.

As the night wore on, Kishin continued to observe the minotaur from afar, contemplating the various ways in which the creature could be dissected. In a way, Kishin's thoughts had began to tilt toward a heretic's. He knew that his ideas were unlikely to come to fruition, but still, he couldn't help but feel a sense of hope that someday, the minotaur and other overlooked creatures like it would receive the recognition and protection they deserved.

In the end, Kishin could only hope that his own struggles as an unmagical and often noncelebratory individual would be overshadowed by the larger issues at play. For him, the protection of the minotaur was just one small piece of a much larger puzzle, one that he knew he would never fully understand.

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