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tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)

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tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)  Empty Thu Feb 16, 2023 11:19 am

Emil feels the want to brawl again today so he had his exceed follow him and he was going to own the tournament today and take home the prize and he goes and today they have separate male and female fights going onto day at the same time and he wonders if that means that Nasira is going to be showing up today and if she was going to be fighting or just watching the fights that were taking place but he knows that he can't be hung up on if the new friend and partner in crime that he had made was going to be here. He needed to focus as this was sink or swim his honor and his fighting spirit on the line as he needs to keep making a good impression to help make himself look better and so he will get better jobs and have more eyes on his as he was not going to let them think that he was going to just be left behind and lost in Yuurei's shadow.

He signs up and neither of the workers there are surprised to see him as they were expecting him to show up and to cause more issues and destroy their fighting area more with his strange lightning and his boar headed moves but they accept him as if he wins it is still a good show and they can't really let the crowds down as they do cheer for the guy even if he is some kind of stupid and that there is not much more to say about it if they are honest and they hand him his number and they point him to the men's area to get himself settled in while they get any other last minute sign up as and they are not sure how many others are going to show up after that man had just gone through the curtain as a mass off others showed up to try and take on Emil who had a lot of people that want a piece of him or to get even for past losses at his hands but that doesn't mean that they were just going to try and kill him they just want to make sure they beat him up well enough he remembers them.


tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)  Empty Sat Feb 18, 2023 7:50 am

That had a nice break from the fighting when they where on a different mission even if it ended on a interesting note of how their life was at a different point of her own life. Hopefully Emil was okay with her answer, But at least Nasira was not shy about questions of her life even if she had often not explained much over all. But for now it was time to get back to work and take her normal set amount of time to get there, in which was a reasonable amount of time and arriving. Just happy with how her day was leading up to this.

But they where signing up. Nasira did give Emil a smile while they where in the normal process. They where back into the fighting in the ring. their small break from it showed that even if they where here, they where still people who could have normal conversations about things with in her life. Hence why it was not strange that while they where doing the normal sign the paper work. It was just how these things ran, it was normal paperwork to read over and sign if needed, boring at times.

After signing paperwork and checking over the things she had with her at the time. Then after she checked herself over. Then walked over to Emil and patted him in the shoulder."Are you prepared for what is to come?"Nasira asked with a smile on her face. Either not thinking about the past conversation they had or had already forgotten. Over all it seemed like she was still in good spirits and with little worry about the things around her. While they were preparing to deal with what they signed up for, she started stretching out to be ready.



tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)  Empty Sun Feb 19, 2023 3:54 am

Emil is looking around at the other big strong men in the tent of people that he will be facing today on the male side of the event then he feels someone's hand touch his back and he looks over his shoulder to see Nasira and he blinks at her and he wonders why a woman is in the male tent. "Hello Nasira it is nice to see you, but why are you in the men's tent for combatants, had you gotten lost or are you maybe a man?" Emil asked bluntly without a second thought about it as he did actually wonder if maybe he had been misgendering her or was just flat thinking they were the other. He had not thought that maybe she had just entered to talk to him and he might be getting a good knock on the head from the woman but some of the men in the tent were half naked or fully naked as they were changing their clothes and gear to get ready for the battles that they were gonna be facing.

"Oh I am fully ready for the fights and I wish you luck on your fights I will make sure to be watching you as you kick the ass's of those women and winning it all for yourself and shushing the neigh sayers that said I carried you and you only won cause i was your partner. " He gives her a thumbs up and a big smile as he was being fully supportive of the woman that had been his partner and hopes she makes it to the end so they can team up and take on the returning champions that will be waiting for them at the end of this all and getting their hands raised.

Emil's name is called and he heads out for his first fight of the day and he hopes that he isn't the one that lets the team down so that they can get paid and not have to worry about him being the fool that lost and has to watch from the rest of the event from the nose bleeds and fail to see much and get to fully enjoy the event for the day.


tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)  Empty Wed Feb 22, 2023 2:34 pm

It was interesting yes, but Nasira never seemed to bothered by it at all mostly because she would most likely do what she could if any person thought otherwise of anything they wanted to do with her. Plus there was always some kind of mutual respect between people at times no one was really causing problems between one another."Good that answers that question."It was pretty blunt of an answer. But Nasira in some manner could not help but want to think up something maybe something interesting to say to him before he left so he would."Then I have no other questions, So I shall take my leave from here."She said then when she left to the tent and go to wait where she was suppose too

Then just before she did leave she simply turned for a moment and said."Keep in mind, I do not fear men. just leave them disappointed because as they say. We bat for the same team."It was a phrase she would not normally say to explain something but that was something she heard by some one else before.Then she would leave the tent. She wondered if he would find it funny or not. Or was it a pointless thing to do.

But that part was done since nothing would change that she would have some water to drink to get it into her system before anything else. I guess it was nice to have the time to spare because one got ready quickly. In some manner she also was not interested in interacting with most other people in her sect of the place. So she would find a small book to read just until she would get the signal to move into the main stage of the even they where here for.




tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)  Empty Thu Feb 23, 2023 7:58 am

Emil was confused when he said anything about fearing men but he did laugh when she said she was not attracted to men. He had more figured they were scared of her and the fact that she could probably bench them and beat them at arm wrestling but he guesses that makes sense that she was more into woman, woman are very beautiful things and he wondered if that was a bad way to think but the voices in his head seemed to agree to him that women were indeed something of beauty well most woman there were a few that Emil had met that were not that fun to look at but he wasn't gonna name. names but he would walk out to his name being chanted and his opponent was a starry eyed younger man looking that he was going to try and take on Emil with all of his heart and Emil could feel his excitement boiling up.

"Let's make this A good Show kid!" Emil leaps forward as the bell rings and Emil is excited and his body is arching lightning and the man in front of him seemed to be fairly unfazed by this as they brawled with one another the crowd is eating this fight up and going crazy and he hoped that Nasira's fight gets as big of a pop as his was gaining right now and he and the boy both moved in to trade blows and Emil switched up his punch on the fly and the guy nearly lands a knock out punch on Emil but he is stopped mid punch by Emil's other arm blocking the punch as the free arm had uppercutted the poor boy who crumbled like bag of bricks and the ref started counting and the boy had not gotten up as he was clean out then Emil jumps down off of the stage and he goes to take a seat to watch the next fight that would be happening and he wondered if Narisa was going to be up or if there was going to be another female set before her.


tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)  Empty Fri Feb 24, 2023 7:38 am

Maybe later on Nasira would learn it was not taken the way she intended it to be taken, But over all it seemed nothing else was really going on in terms of how people seemed to be acting. But maybe it was just how not use to some of the way of Fiorians might work, She had adjusted for the most part but she also was at times a bit unsure for she never really interacted with many men solely by them selves.But alas it was over anyway so no major worry in the end, They had things to do.

And when the bell would sound to start Emil would go off to be a showman and in some manner she got it some one needed to make everyone watch at times, even the people they would be hitting a distraction was good. Then well Nasira would use her magic as a mean to propel herself in the air and well flying kick the person Emil was fighting, this was team work that was going to get this dream to work this time. Or this person was going to know how to deal with two people at once and this would going to be drawn out for a bit.




tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)  Empty Fri Feb 24, 2023 11:46 am

Emil saw as the woman had helped him he hadn't expected that from her but he guessed that he was glad that she had helped and he sees the man's female partner come out of her stealth and she tried to let loose a barrage of attacks at them at once her skin seeming like rubber and her punches stretching at them. Emil puts his arms up to block against the attacks that had started to come pouring in like water out of a water back the attacks are many but they don't feel all that powerful as her damage was more in the fact that she was hitting you from multiple angles and not just one punch but very many punches in a matter of a small window and Emil is being focused on for these attacks from the woman leaving Nasira to be open to attack the other woman while she had all of her attacks mainly focused on to Emil who can really do nothing besides defend unless he wanted to end up eating a knuckle sandwich from a range that Emil couldn't hope to gap close in on before the woman ended up knocking him out cleanly.


tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)  Empty Mon Feb 27, 2023 5:21 am

It was the opening she needed if anything, after all it was as always a cycle of problem solving with Nasira one thing or another. With that focus of what is in front of her unless it was entirely. But most likely because Nasira had a plan in mind but when it was open up and she had choice she would going for. If they would going to do deal with some other woman going from a far. Nasira would just close the range like a fireball so to say.

The sound of sparking fire and a charge forward seemed so quick to tackle some one to just throw them off balance, Then she would just throw a quick fiery punch in as well. then she would lean over slightly carry them on her shoulder and tackled the man she had done the flying kick into to just kind of keep them in control and condensed together. Then well she would just put a punch in at both of them. at different times it was in the matter of hand Nasira attempting control in some manner to keep things in a simple place, it was smart at her end she thought.

But hopefully Emil was ready for this entire mess of a situation, if done right it would be a good thing to spin into a show or a good amount of team work. Or Nasira was thinking about too many things at once and this would gonna go bad.




tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)  Empty Mon Feb 27, 2023 1:51 pm

Emil takes the opening that she had just given him and he bulldozes into them to back up Nasira even though it would seem that she didn't need his help in that regard but Emil comes running in with his body clad in lightning. He helps and follows Nasira's movements it was kind of a shame that she didn't play for the team. She seemed very strong and righteous and she seemed to want to do the right thing so it seemed to be a great loss to man kind. Emil laughed as he was being overly dramatic and he lifted a man and suplexed him and rolled through it and he kept suplexing the man as there was no way he was going to let them lose at this point as this was a worthy hard fought victory and he needed to make sure that they were the ones standing in the end with their hands raised and he wondered what was going through Nasira's head and if she felt that they can win in the end or if that was just going to be something that he felt or maybe he was crazy as his lightning sparked out and the other man didn't stand back up and he looked to the other woman as it was on her to finish the woman off or Emil would have to do it and that might be a bit rough for him to have to do if he had to hit a woman.

Emil's arm is held up in the end and he cheers over the crowd as he was excited to be able to move on to the next one with Nasira one more win then they are on to the champion fight and that would be the rough one to take on.
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tournament Arc double singles. (Nasira) (NQ B-Rank)  Empty Wed Mar 01, 2023 7:18 am

She must be doing well if everything like this was going off with out problems. Then again Nasira also over all was generally always more sure and sure of herself over time. Or at least her own bravado was just with in her own mental flow and could keep going.  She was just started so she just needed to keep going and hopefully not get carried away so badly and she could risk going overboard after all, this was a fighting tournament and not fighting until the death in which was something that might be a worry about pushing into.

But everything was going just as well as she hopped it would, with nothing really going wrong or slightly off to a bad bump in the road happen in some manner. Then again Nasira was also going to trail into her own thoughts while she was doing what she was, it would not be good if she did not take into account so many things. But that feeling would eventually pass as these things went on because of how well things. It would fade pretty quickly because it was settling pretty quick. so far it seemed to be anyway  currently.

In it's closing some one was getting to taste the floor from a suplex from Emil, Looking upon what the state of this person it almost seemed as if they were not moving for a fair bit. She would not really do anything else more with them since they were out of the fight. It was almost cheer worthy thus maybe after that they would. Since Nasira was good on celebrating the better moment in life and what they yield when it was time to do it. Then well she would look at who she had been focused on for at one small amount of time.

Then she would just give the other person a few quick punches to kind of ensure they where down and finished. Then she walked away from them. It was just a series of events. When it all seemed to be over Nasira if anything seemed happy with how it all worked out as always. Just kind of making sure she was still alive and okay after yielding. The task was done and the fight was over. It was rather nice over all.

To close it off, Nasira walked over and patted Emil on the back as they prepared to leave. It was Nasira quiet and positive way to show and display her saying good job with out actually saying it. The stress was gone now and they could both just settled their minds.




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