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The roads are paved with Gold? (Averie) (NQ C-Rank)

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The roads are paved with Gold? (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Mon Feb 06, 2023 2:48 am

Vex had gained a new request to help another rich person from the upper silver district and she hoped this one was a bit less racist against elves than the last one as she didn't want to get tossed back into the mud again like she was last time and have to pick up her payment off of the muddy ground she really hoped that Averie will come but she knows that just because she invited someone doesn't mean they have to come and help but she still hoped that she was going to come as She and Carla her exceed walked up to the mansion that the person they are to lead and protect around the lower district lives. Carla looked at the place and it seemed that this person must be slightly richer than the woman they had dealt with last time and Vex had to agree as she stepped up onto the front of the house right in front of the door where she was going to wait for Averie to show up if she was going to show up that is.

Vex had learned to be more guarded of people even if Averie was a sweet cinnamon bun personality she could just as easily turn on Vex if she were to find out that Vex was a member of a dark guild that looked to revive a trapped goddess, even if Vex didn't follow that mindset and only looked to help her own goddess gain power to protect the ones she cares about and those faithful to the goddess Tutrix. She can see the man that was to be escorted is looking at her from a window the man looked a bit younger so she is going to guess he might think he got lucky or Averie was about to deal with some harassment through the quest.


The roads are paved with Gold? (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Tue Feb 07, 2023 2:35 pm

The magical of being numb to how a persons life was seemed to work well for Vex in some manner. Averie did not judge her for being an elf and that was at least good, only so far that was because Vex looked past all of the spooky and creepy undead things she could summon and being socially awkward. Thus it seemed this cycle was leading towards them working again together. Alas now it was time for another outing it would get Averie out of where ever she was staying. She was worried she might have been late since she had been passed out on the desk she was reading a book at and seemed to have just drifted off sleep, Looking around at her desk she quickly found something for a book mark to remember where she left off on that story.

If she remembered it anyway but there was other things to focus upon at that time, rather then whatever story she had on her desk. But as long as she was not late she would not worry about whatever chapter she was on last and weather or not she remembered it. It was pretty casual her walk over to where she would meet Vex and Carla.

Then just when she was about meet them. She would wave to the two as she finally showed up, even if she was not in a rush for this job for she wonder if she was late or not. Then she stopped for a moment and when."I forgot...what...book I was reading."She said blankly like she was confused.



The roads are paved with Gold? (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Tue Feb 07, 2023 10:03 pm

Vex was glad to see the woman had actually showed up to help her and she hoped that the woman will be okay and then she sees the woman freeze in place and she wonders what had just stopped the woman was she scared of something? Had she seen something then she heard the woman mumble something about a book and Vex had to stop herself from laughing at the woman as that was complete out of no where and Vex then knocked on the door and a man answers the knocking and he comes out his coat stylish and himself looking the part of a rich client and their main thing to protect on this little trip down into the city for this man to pay and do as he wished. The man speaks and he sounds cocky. "At least this time they sent me two beautiful women instead of the ugly brash man that I got the last time I requested this service. Though you can leave the cat behind as she is very how do I say this tacky looking."

The man started walking with out even waiting for an answer or any kind of agreement that they were leaving and that they were leaving Carla behind as Vex was not going to leave Carla behind but tells her to follow at a decent distance that way the man does not get mad and claim that they were not fit to be of service to him and then use that as an excuse to have to not pay them and cheap out on the quest payment that he will owe them both. She didn't like being spoken to like she was some kind of arm candy.


The roads are paved with Gold? (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Fri Feb 10, 2023 3:23 pm

Most likely the only thing saving this man from a very annoyed Averie. was this language barrier between everyone. It must be a good thing for the sake of him and other people most likely in the area. Maybe Averie just realizing she was still in an area where only Fiorian was spoken. She was trying to focus on it to see if she could pick up on what was being spoken. But she was trying to listen and understand still with it being a bit confusing still but she was starting to get it some what. But still speaking it was a different story over all.

But Averie wanted to understand but did not seem get it yet, At least she seemed okay with just following along with that. Internally wishing in some manner she could talk in a language that Vex understood to ask why the person in front of them seemed to be a little bit of a clueless dork. Something left Averie feeling that whatever he just said she would not enjoy it over all. Then well she seemed to think about something for a moment as they moved along. A good question to ponder, Did Vex attempt to have Averie summon a ghost for something to use as a talking medium or did she just leave things be at this time.

But the quiet necromancer seemed to be content at this time. Having little to no thought or worry about anything else than to follow along.




The roads are paved with Gold? (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Sat Feb 11, 2023 9:17 am

Vex looked at the moment and scratched the back of  her own head then in the best Icebergian she can muster. "He is being a bit of a rich man thing and speaking like he is glad to have arm candy for the day. Can I ask you to summon some low profile things to help Carla keep watch out for trouble as I feel this man is going to be demanding a lot of attention from us and we might end up missing things." She hoped that it was clear enough to understand as she had taken world languages classes but she knows that most of them are rusty from lack of her using it and she will need to reapply herself to relearning them and making them fresher and easier to pull off so that she can blend in and help her spread her goddesses words.

She walks following the man forward and Vex kind of wondered if this necromancer woman served a god or goddess but that would have to be a different subject to bring up later  when they  are not in the middle of a protection mission. Carla is keeping an eye out from the sky for trouble but makes sure to stay out of the mans view or risk casting a shadow where the man could see it and start throwing a fit about the cat following them. The man starts buying and demanding things of the shop keepers in the lower areas and the crowds were beginning to get a bit uneasy. Vex decides to take the handle of her dagger into her palm so that she can be ready for if they came at her as as this range her bow will be a issue to use.


The roads are paved with Gold? (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Mon Feb 13, 2023 11:11 am

She had to wonder if this lady knew the language already or she was sneaking it in and Averie did not seem to pick up on it at all. But Averie was smart in many ways and was foolish in others she tried her best at least. But it was different and interesting to hear this happen. It seemed Averie had focus at this point of time because she could understand and get what maybe was be mentioned to her, Still remaining quiet about it at this current time. It was a reasonable request, But Averie did have another thing in mind while summoning the thing she was asked too.

"I am arm candy? with my line of work, Arm candy isn't a good thing."She left it at that while a spirit would float away to go find Carla. It would be there to do exactly as it would be summon to do, wait along with the cat and wait so far nothing seemed to be worry to happen but maybe it was just a bit of an early set in. Not that Averie entire could figure that out she was still slightly thinking about the book title she forgot.

Then Averie seemed to look around while they were doing the things they where at this time. She saw nothing so far but Averie was also no paying attention to the man they where here to deal with to start with. So all and all a normal day for her.




The roads are paved with Gold? (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Tue Feb 14, 2023 2:17 pm

Vex was grateful that she had a sensible partner to work with as this whole thing seemed to be going south and she readies herself to take on the lower areas people as this guy runs at the mouth like a unstopped sewage leak as he curses the venders and making rude comments to them and making the others feel like crap for looking at the two woman walking with him as they were his for the day and Vex was a bit taken aback by the man stating that so plainly and out there speaking like they are owned by him. Vex draws her dagger keeping it in her hand and she sees a guy run up toward the man and Vex clashes with the mans weapon sending the weapon flying and the guy running away from them as the rich man laughed his ass off and Vex looks at a man is running at Averie and Vex tries to dive to defend Averie from the persons attack but she knows that their was no way that she could make it.

Carla hurries forward to try and help draw people away and Vex tends to Averie if the person had harmed him and the rich man was no longer laughing as he realized that he could have just gotten someone killed and he drops the reward off to vex and Averie and he takes off running for home.
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The roads are paved with Gold? (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Wed Feb 15, 2023 5:56 am

Over all it almost was a day that harmless mission over all. They were also having a good time thinking things to herself about what all she could do after this mission was done, What things she could maybe a few things to eat and finally remembering she should drink a glass of water or two. it was perfect the mental gears were turning and work as she hopped eventually. It must be weird to have Averie smile randomly for a moment it would make most people uncomfortable when they did not know how her life was outside of work.

Then well the minor problem of going to attack Averie happen with this mission and when some one charged at Averie that slightly mental shift happened. Vex could tell and see it happening. The casual blank stares on her face turned to realizing their was a threat in front of her. But what was worst, charging at Averie? Or the results of being a threat and known to being that. When Averie did get hit by whatever was thrown but not seemed to be serious harmed.

Then with an angered look on her face Averie pointed at that person. Then with in rumble from underground skeleton hands just started just comming out of the ground with a magic circle coming from below Averie. the hands where starting to just drag that person under ground. Almost to everyone this was most likely scary to see, Then she collected was left for her.




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