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#1Azure Fenic 

Central - West Empty Sun Jan 29, 2023 3:15 pm

Azure Fenic

Not even three days had passed and new developments had already started to pop up which had several issues that came with it. Astera was one of the first places that he spent the most time in back when he was in Eternal Nightmare though it had been some time so the battle scares that he and Odin left might have been fully recovered. Azure made his way to the stables and gently woke up his mount for the ride to the West. 

As the two took to the skies a small spark of hope started to breed smaller sparks. The smell of the freshwater had started to being back small memories from his younger days. Astera had always seemed like a place that was forever stuck in summer though that could have just been due to him never visiting during the cold seasons. Once the destination had come into view his eyes lit up with excitment as he saw the snow-covered rocks and palm trees. The two made their landing on the pier that was nearly covered in snow.

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