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Bond in Blood pt.2 (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank)

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Bond in Blood pt.2 (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Sun Jan 15, 2023 5:59 am

Emil looks at Nasira and he hoped that the woman is ready for a second round of fighting as there were ranks to this think and he was surprised that she had shown up empty handed and he hadn't seen her cast a spell at all so she must be like him and just likes a closer fight though he had used magic in the fight before he guesses maybe he should do this one without using his magic but he thinks that might just be a pain as they would then be holding back instead of giving it his all. Which to Emil feels like he is cheating his opponent out of an actual full fight, He was going to keep using his magic and his might so he is not cheating them out of seeing the might and the magic of one of Paradise Dawn's greatest fighters the one the only Emil.

He watches the fighting stage to size up the enemies they may be later facing to make sure he can plan around them taking them on and making sure Nasira doesn't just end up getting buried or beaten up too badly as he has begun to take a shine to her and her fiery spirit that she seemed to radiate out as she fought but he feels that her skills are still yet to be polished and maybe he can help her to do that if she would like his help that is as some fighters take such a comment as being a chop at their ego or pride. "Lets make sure to knock them dead Nasira!"


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And thus they where here again, Not that she minded at all in fact in some manner this situation was rather nice and in some way endearing. This was lesson to Nasira in other ways. She was learning that there was other people she could do thing with. But in some manner Nasira knew she was holding back but mostly out of not knowing how far in depth she could take, with out in some manner feeling guilty for not only holding back but also well not putting her best effort in. Because there was a moment of two sides being to that coin.

But he seemed in good spirits with one another time doing this stuff here, Nasira could open up to him and talk to him a bit more. So she would actually finally speak after a while. Sure it was fairly simple and did not have many words."If that is your wish then I will consider."She mentioned first but she also followed it up with."Is the death path needed?" Nasira was trying to best to understand his humour but maybe there was still a few misses to deal with and that was one of them.

Then she realized it as in fact not literally knocking them until they are dead."Oh wait...you did not mean that in a serious manner. Okay. Yes let's do that." Nasira was smart just at times slow to understand things that were spoken to her, She did her best.



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Emil throws his head back and laughs at her misunderstanding his figure of speech that was so perfect as it was refreshing to see someone not fulling being into killing their opponents. "It is fine Nasira it was probably best that you did in fact ask that as you don't know me all that well, I might have been serious, but in this moment it was but nothing more than a figure of speech." Emil stands from his seat as he was ready to go and get in the ring once more as they are called to it. Their enemies this time around are two huge fighters and Emil is already getting excited as they look like they will at least be some more of a challenge so that they can really let loose but then he remembered that he was going to hold back a little so he is not showing up Nasira as it seemed that she was not a magic user and more of just a fighter but he doesn't foresee her kicking move working against what looks like seven foot giants compare to himself at six foot two inches and her at less than that.

Emil starts bounding on the fronts of his feet as he was just going to use his brawler moves and his boxing training to take on the monsters of muscles that had made it and had the misfortune of having to take on Emil and Nasira. He hopes that Nasira is not intimated by this to giant meat bags as they will probably be slow and have long swings which will leave a lot of openings for them to strike in.


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This made sense, some one was explaining something that nearly for a moment Nasira entirely forgot about for a moment. All and all maybe it was just showing Nasira she was taking things too serious and needed to think of it a bit differently."I do not know why...maybe I was nervous."She mentioned but it seemed to relief the tension. But she seemed to smile for a moment so maybe everything was okay in the end. There was nothing to worry about but getting the next task ahead done. They worked differently as people it seemed mentally.

But they could get along and work together too since it was not that hard either. So thus Nasira went back to stretching out as she normally did. Mentioning to Emil how she seemed to view thing as a good thing."While not most ideal, This is great to work on staying in shape...at least how i view it anyway."She was hoping her normal habits being spoken to would be some what of interesting to Emil, if he really was not interested she would simply change the subject, sure she was a woman of few words most of the time, But she was trying to socialize as well.

But maybe it was just how Nasira tried to connect with people."Also works off a few things i ate that were out of my normal diet. I do need to watch what i eat at times."Then she laughed about it because it was just how she was trying to be humorous about her way of life.


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"What you not looking to bulk up?" Emil guess that the woman probably doesn’t want to be monster huge with giant muscles, so why would she aim for what he had just asked he guessed that he was just being stupid by asking that and the fight begins Emil running in to fight one of the giant muscle bound monsters head to head as they try to smash him like he is a bug. Emil uses the fact of their slower movements to hit them in joints and things muscle often didn’t protect soft spots you could say in their natural born armor, even these hits seem to be getting partially absorbed by the man’s body.

Emil was going to have to think of a better idea if he was not going to use his magic or fancy tricks during this fight he needed to try and use his head and above the belt as this tournament frowned on fighting dirty so he would need to be careful that if he did end up fighting dirty that it looked like an accident and not intentional on his part but that was a very last option as he was also fighting in front of a lady and he needed to keep his impressions up and not be that guy that won by low blowing someone in a fighting tournament and make Yuurei have more reason to think lower of Emil being in Paradise dawn. Emil keeps fighting the giant of a man and keeps ducking and dodging hits as he was not looking to get Ko’d.


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It was a fair question, the answer with in her mind was fairly different than yes. But she would answer."Yes, but not to the degree most might assume. Just enough to stay health and looking how i am now while being have to just over all lift things."So she was if anything looking for a happy medium. In some manner she did not think she would be judge for it but assume he might think different than her."But I have also been lacking of late, I could do much better for the goal i am waiting to do."She admitted as her own draw backs.

But yes they were getting maybe distracted with her casual talk of things in life she was trying to do when there was other things to focus on in the end. Like the fact they where in a fighting ring all over again, Nasira was not one normally be to be overly distracted.

Rather then human this time it was monsters and not that she minded, means in some manner less thought about a human reaction. But she was about to do some teamwork, Even if not most effective in this moment.

Thus Nasira would take the time to sneak behind what Emil was fighting then well wrapping both her arms around what Emil was fighting's neck and pulled as tightly as she could. Hoping that would make the best of the matter she just threw herself into. It was risky but she was not scared of risks.




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Emil watched the woman go for a choke hold but sees it is having nearly no effect on it and he sees the other going for Nasira to get her off of the one he had been fighting. Emil thinking fast cut the monster off and he delivered a nasty upper cut and the other took a swing at Emil mid air and Emil used a burst of lightning from his palm to flip himself backward and the punch missed and hit the monster that Nasira was holding by the neck in the face knocking them clearly out. Emil hopes that Nasira was okay as that had not fully gone to plan as he had to use his magic to not just eat a shot gun shot of a fist to his own face.  Emil didn't have time to think about this he had to get his feet moving and sock this creature in the face and knock him out quick and he runs right at the monster and he takes a swing and he thinks that he might get lucky and his punch hits clean and the guys eyes went pretty murky. " Finish him Nasira!" Emil said this to hopefully see her come running and finish this fight off.

After Nasira finished the last guy off he and her arms are raised and they are rewarded.
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It was not as effective as she wanted this to be. But she was just trying honestly. But doesn't mean she was not out of options of what to do as well so she would attempt to shift her weight around to cause it balancing problems, In some manner but that might not be as effective as she wanted it to be. Emil seemed to doing the heavy work and in some manner it felt a bit bad that she was not doing much but she was adjusting well into trying to get into these things. she would still try no matter what.

But it worked out in some manner and everyone seemed okay. in the end and it was left with her having to deal with ending this fight and the final blow to this. Not that she minded at all. Gave her a chance to do bit more making her thinking she needed to get a weapon or actually cast spells. Things she could actually do while she was just doing this to see how she could fair with out them. It was just maybe not all how she wanted it to end up but one had to work it in.

So she finished it off by stamping on it really hard until it was not longer moving or bleeding. Then they would continue on their way.


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