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All In A Day's Work [Solo/Quest]

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All In A Day's Work [Solo/Quest] Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 9:20 pm

Holly walked through the streets of Orchidia with Frosch by her side in search of a man named Dex who she would be working for today. Her duties as a Rune Knight took her to many different jobs and places so this wasn't out of the ordinary for her. It didn't take long for her to spot him as her pink eyes flashed over the man's body. She saw him sitting outside of a cafe that she herself as frequented. Walking over to him Holly immediately introduced herself and in turn she was met with a look of suspicion before she was inspected. It seemed she had passed the inspection because he gave her a nod and introduced himself before explaining what they would be doing. Holly thought the task at hand would be easy as she followed behind Dex. A murder investigation sounded serious, and she wondered why the rune knights weren't already on top of it.

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The two spent the day with interrogations on random citizens which felt pretty odd and not at all in line with the law. After those were done the spent the rest of the time looking for clues that didn't match up to one another and Dex making far out claims without proof to back them up. Holly took note of this and even though Dex had the right spirit something like solving a murder case should probably be left to the professionals. It was clear to Holly that Dex was not a professional. After a few more hours with questions and clue hunting Holly were tired as they were getting nowhere and why would they? there was never a murder. She tried to let Dex down as gently as she could about this, but he didn't listen, and he only did wilder things in order to reach an end result that would not come. When her time ended, she was paid and was happy to go.


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