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The Lovers Tarot: Lotus

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The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Mon Jan 09, 2023 8:39 pm

Lotus and Ashley approached the market the pair of sisters have only recently arrived in Orchidia, everything still felt new and exciting. With no pressing business there was of course only one thing on both of their minds, Ice-cream~!!

The markets stretched out before them, various stalls lining the grassy streets with all manner of things for sale. The shouts of the various merchants filled the air as they tried to convince the various pedestrians to take a closer look at their wares.

Lotus's ears perked up and she tentatively sniffed the air while clinging to Ashley's arm.

"Ash~, lookiee lookiee!! Soooo many stalls, surely at least one of them will have ice cream right~!?"

It had been so long since she had her favorite treat and the anticipation was getting to her, bouncing up and down slightly as her tail swayed back and forth.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Mon Jan 09, 2023 9:24 pm

Orchidia was definitely a bewildering site to behold, a town built into the ruins of an older civilisation, so different from the city life they had grown accustomed to back home. As always when travelling with her sister, ice cream was on both of their minds. It was how they tended to rank each town and city, based on the availability and quality of the sweet, dessert they both cherished. Hearing Lotus pipe up their plum-coloured eyes snapped in the direction Lotus spoke of.

"Ah yes, surely they do, sweet sister." Ash nodded in agreement, for if they didn't Orchidia would be getting a very bad review indeed. One they would write to the papers in complaint about until the township changed their tune on the matter. Ashley and her sister didn't always agree on all matters, but ice cream was one they never argued about. Both always agreed that vanilla was the ultimate flavour, but others are always good for a change of pace and one should never taint the sanctity of ice cream with... toppings.

"Let us peruse their stalls then, keep an eye out for anything you want outside of ice cream while we're at it. Also, I think we should get father a souvenir while we're at it, and a postcard." Ashley began, listing off things they should keep their eyes peeled for as they strode towards the markets.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Mon Jan 09, 2023 10:09 pm

Lotus pondered the things besides ice-cream she wanted. New clothes since she could only bring so many when traveling this far from home and some new shinnies would be great.
She glances at Ashley and thinks, maybe new heels? in case Ash grows anymore.


A souvenir?

"A souvenir hmm? What a pity ice-cream would melt before it got back to him. . "

Lotus ears droop down at the thought of wasted and melted ice-cream before she is quickly distracted by the nearby stalls. With so many different stalls and so many different wares she was sure they could find something the old man would like. He had been good to both of them even if Lotus couldn't fully trust him, he did deserve nice things.

A stall covered in what appears to be random trinkets, weird bits and thingamajigs soon caught Lotus's attention, most of the stuff looked old. Ash loves weird things and old stuff!

Lotus begins to pull her sister towards the stall.

"Hey hey sis~ what do you think of this stall? anything you like??


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 4:35 am

"I concur, perhaps we need to get our hands on some form of teleportation device so we can send him ice cream before it melts?" Ashley offered as a suggestion, knowing that kind of thing would be incredibly difficult to obtain even in the most technologically advanced of places, let alone some town out in the middle of nowhere.

"Something I should work on one day, I guess." She added nodding to herself, it wouldn't be an easy feat given her lack of magical talent, but anything was possible if one were to create a magical item, "Hmm?" Ash hummed, looking over at the stall Lotus had pointed out, her sister, despite not knowing much, did know the kind of things they liked, Ashley's eyes gleaming as they spied the weird odds and ends stall. Naturally, nothing was a teleportation device but it still had things she could pull apart and put back together even better than before.

"Oooh nice job, Lotus." Ash complimented their sister along with a small pet on her back in appreciation, "Perhaps we could send him something small from here, so we can easily send it alongside the postcard, hmm?" they asked, looking for Lotus' opinion on the matter. Technically it was what they liked, but her father would appreciate the sentiment and she'd get the opportunity to pull it apart eventually even if it were a gift for him.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 5:11 am

"Well if anyone could build one it's you."

Lotus comments offhandedly, Ash was like super smart and could probably build anything if they put their mind to it.

After greeting the shop-keep a friendly older gentlemen whose glasses kept slipping down his nose, Lotus began to rummage through the wares on display. There didn't seem to be any sort of organization to speak of, whole piles of different things stuffed into trays or boxes with no notes or labels to help. She wasn't sure what most of these things were, a lot of them didn't even seem be complete objects just parts of other stuff.

"Hm hm~ small is good and fathers tastes are sometimes as strange as yours."

Lotus glances at Ash before turning away to giggle, knowing her sister they'd probably pick something hoping father will let them pull it apart later.

After searching a little more Lotus suddenly gasps before pulling something out and presenting it to Ashley as if it were a precious treasure. In her palms is a broken pocket watch, the hands don't move, the glass is shattered and the chain is no where to be found.

"What about this?! You could totally fix it up right?? then we can send it back home!"

Lotus is beaming as she looks at Ash but then she hesitates

" . . . unless you'd rather keep it for yourself? I'm sure we could find something else as a souvenir"

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The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 6:00 am

Ashley felt a small warm fuzzy feeling strike her mind as Lotus complimented them. Truthfully they knew that such a thing was near impossible for them, but the amount of confidence their little sister praised them with, left them feeling over the moon. A good enough feeling to ignore her little comment about having a strange taste, in Ashley's mind it was Lotus who was strange, but then again, most people they'd met in their travels did tend to agree with Lotus' mindset of 'pretty and shiny is best'. So perhaps the blonde wasn't far off.

Mirroring her sister, Ash began rummaging through the bits and bobs, most of the things here seemed to be broken, probably worth very little, but with enough time and patience could be turned into something beautiful. Ideas began swimming in her mind with every object she examined, only snapping out of her train of thought as Lotus gasped beside them.

"Oh what's this?" they asked not really directed more at themselves than the sister or stall owner as they gently took the broken pocket watch from her sister's grasp. Carefully they examined it, it would require a lot of work, and they would probably require a few more things they'd spied amongst the pile earlier to fully refurbish it, but it certainly could be done. It would also make for a fine gift, one she'd get to play with first before handing it to their father for once.

"Excellent job, Lotus, you're so good at picking gifts." Ashley praised the blonde, raising one hand to gently pet her sister's head in appreciation before rummaging through the things and picking out a couple more objects, "I'd just need this... this... and... AH! This!" They exclaimed as they finished picking out all the materials they were confident would be enough. With all the items in hand, they began haggling over price with the stall owner, eventually coming to what both agreed was fair payment for what most others would consider junk.

"Alright, that's gift sorted." Ash nodded to themselves, happy with their purchase, "Next, ice cream, unless you spy something you like first."


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 6:31 am

Upon receiving head pets Lotus purrs slightly while grinning like a fool. Immensely satisfied with themselves and their amazing gift choosing skills.

Watching Ash get all excited thinking about what they will need for the repairs before grabbing this and that Lotus's thoughts drift back to her 15th birthday and the present Ashley got for her, or rather built for her. A little music box that when opened played a pleasant smoothing melody and had a small kitten figurine that spun around chasing it's tail.
It remains one of her most treasured possessions even to this day but she didn't dare bring it travelling, far too risky.
Maybe when Ashley builds that teleporter she could have it sent to her at those times when their accommodations are stable.

Distracted by her memories Lotus didn't realize Ash was done shopping until they spoke.

"Ice-cream! Ice-cream!" Lotus bounces up and down while linking arms with Ash again before pointing off in the distance.
"There are some strong food smells over in that direction. Maybe all the food stalls are together, like the last place we passed through??


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 3:38 pm

Lotus' delightful cheers for ice cream caused an unwitting smile to creep upon Ashley's face. Her sister truly wa the most adorable existence on the planet... Well... Sometimes. When she wasn't being annoyingly dense.

"I think you may be correct, sweet sister. How about you lead the way?" Ashley agreed while nodding once more. Their words held no lies, Lotus was in fact very correct. It was rather common for food stalls to be grouped together, making it much easier for possible patrons to make their choice between them all.

Following Lotus' sense of smell was a good start to locating the stalls they'd been searching for as well, as Ashley allowed the blonde to lead the way, allowing them to shift their focus away from directions and towards examining the people along the path they took.

The townspeople themselves seemed like ordinary people, with many smiles and pleasant greetings occurring between them. Despite this, Ashley couldn't help but feel that something was a little off, however, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't place what it was.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 5:56 pm

"With pleasure Sis~"
Lotus exclaims while gently tugging Ashley's arm to guide them in what is hopefully the direction of delicious ice-cream.

Lotus was feeling rather jubilant as the pair strolled leisurely down the grassy streets, she loved moments like these where her and Ash could just spend time together without any tedious training, boring study or annoying work getting in the way.
As they passed various stalls Lotus would point out things she liked or that she thought Ash might like but did turn Ashley down when asked if she wanted to stop and buy something. Their travel expenses are sadly limited for the moment and Lotus's tastes tend to be a bit more expensive than her sister who is happy buying a bunch of junk before turning it into something wonderful.

Ashley appears a bit distracted, probably overthinking something like usual but Lotus paid it little mind, Ash will tell her if it's anything important and she is soon distracted as they turn a corner and discover a whole street full of different food stalls.

Lotus suddenly squeals before excited pointing at one of the stalls

"Ash! Hey Ash! look, loooook!!"

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The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 8:48 pm

Whilst Lotus didn't make any purchases, Ashley made sure to memorise the things that caught their sister's eye. Planning to purchase them or something similar to them at a later date, after they had worked to earn some money in the area. After all, they weren't here just for sightseeing purposes. However, for now, it was best to do so and indulge themselves a little while they grew familiar with the township and its residents.

Ash themselves did pick up a couple more bits and bobs from various stalls, sometimes because the object caught their eye and other times simply to strike up a conversation in an attempt to understand the locals. They were simple enough people, with very few problems it seemed, some even spoke highly of a few guilds and mages that had previously helped around their township out quite a lot. Every little piece of information that was gathered, was stored away within their memory to be sorted out properly later.

"Ah!" Ash exclaimed in return upon their eyes trailing towards the stall that had been pointed out to them, snapping them away from their thoughts, "Brilliant observational skills as always, Lotus." They praised as they felt themselves growing excited over the small sign that hung above the colourful stall;

'Scoops Of Delight'

Well, at least Orchidia wasn't going to get a complete bombing of a review, just having the stall itself was worth at least twentyfive points.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 9:35 pm

"Scoops of Delight, Hm what a fitting name" Lotus mused. Delighted is definitely how they were feeling right now. The delectable treats were finally in sight, tempting her to quicken her pace. Only slightly thou as not even ice-cream can convince her to run when it's not necessary.

The multi-colored deserts were arrayed before her, a large variety of flavors. There were many flavors they had seen before like chocolate, strawberry, banana, matcha and coffee but also some Lotus had never seen before like mint choc-chic, ginger pineapple, Butterscotch and many others.
The offerings were much better than some of the places they had visited in the past and of course they had the most important flavor of all, the one superior to all others.

Vanilla. Ice cream in it's most perfect form.

"Yes, yes, yes!!! Soooooo many flavors and they all look soooo good I can't decide what I want!"

While vanilla was clearly the best, it's good to have some variety and it's always fun to try new flavors she hadn't had before.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 10:28 pm

Feeling her sister quicken her pace to a slightly brisker one, Ashley moved to effortlessly match her, the plum-furred feline naturally faster than their sibling. Much like Lotus, Ash felt their eyes widen at such a large selection, they were definitely getting bonus points for this. Many were ones the duo had tried and loved before, a couple that hadn't been quite their fancy in the past, and some they'd never even heard of until now.

"Oooh, you're right, it's very hard to select just one..." Ashley agreed with a small nod as they tapped their chin whilst looking over all the options, "Perhaps we should splurge a little and get two scoops, instead of one?" They suggested, figuring that way they could try the vanilla on offer, but also one of the lesser known flavours as well. It also wasn't like this would be their last visit to this stall before they skipped town, so they would have even more opportunities in the near future to try the others.

"I think butterscotch and vanilla for me, the vanilla on top, that way it doesn't get tainted by the other flavour before I get to it." Ashley mused, before turning to the blonde to see what she wished to order.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 11:05 pm

"Two scoops?! Oh yes, excellent idea!!" Lotus nods her head frantically, ice-cream was always worth splurging on. What is even the point of working if you can't buy good ice-cream?

"Today . . .today i have shall have .  .hmmmm . . . butterscotch does look interesting, but you'll let me try some of yours? riiight~??"

Lotus pondered over the offerings before leaning forward and smiling up at Ash. When trying new flavors her sister and her would often try each others and sometimes they liked the one the other brought more and would swap.

"I will go with one scoop of ginger pineapple, with one of vanilla on top. Where it belongs!! As the true king among ice flavors, all others are beneath it! With it's delicate sweet uh . . vanilla-y flavor."

Lotus raises her little fist in the air as she hypes up vanilla as the superior flavor before struggling for the right words and deflating.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Wed Jan 11, 2023 12:07 am

"Of course." Ash nodded, it was only right that they'd each get at least one little lick of any new flavours the other got, that way they'd know how good they were for future ice cream purposes. Lotus' antics got a small chuckle out of their sibling, and the stall owner alike, who was pleased to see two young people so eager to try their delectable dairy desserts.

It didn't take long before they were each holding their tasty treats, Ashley happily paying for both this time around, Lotus could always get them next time. It was just more efficient that way than attempting to each pay separately, and the sooner they got to eat the better.

As always, Ash would give their sister the opportunity to lick theirs first, waiting to judge their reaction before taking a lick of their own. Lotus' enjoyment factor was naturally also worth points towards the stall, and therefore town's, ice cream related score.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Wed Jan 11, 2023 12:52 am

Lotus held out both her hands while making grabby motions as the stall owner scooped her ice cream. Then thanked them sweetly as they handed her the precious desert but she didn't start eating straight away. Instead waiting patiently as Ashley got theirs and paid for both. She will have to remember it's her turn to treat Ash next time.

As promised Ashley held out her ice-cream for Lotus to taste, she gave the new butterscotch a tentative little lick. Sweet.
It was so nice she had to have a second lick.

"Very nice! It's all sugary and buttery. Doesn't taste much like scotch thou."

It was a very good flavor she would be buying it in the future for sure. Of course since Ash shared theirs Lotus would share hers. As she offered the creamy delight Lotus was quite curious to see Ash's opinion as this was the first time she had ever seen ginger added to ice-cream.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Wed Jan 11, 2023 4:31 am

Ashley nodded, they got bonus points as Lotus went in for the second lick of butterscotch, she wouldn't have bothered if it weren't to her taste. The look of pure delight and bliss on the blonde's face was all Ashley needed to give this place full marks, but before she could formally do so, she had to still taste all the flavours. This would be a might long mission indeed given the variety.

Leaning down a little, Ash would take their lick of Lotus' choice. The spice and citrus flavours had a bitter and sour mix, one that wasn't as pleasant on Ashley's tastebuds as vanilla for sure, but it was adequate and the unusualness definitely still had earnt it a few bonus points.

"Sour..." They noted aloud as they flicked their tongue out of their mouth, trying to cleanse their palate before returning to their own ice cream. Tasting the vanilla, one lick, two, three, soon they had shifted from small licks to practically devouring the creamy sweet treat. Stopping only as a sharp pain hit their brain.

"OW!" They exclaimed, knowing full well the consequences of devouring the dessert too fast. Brain freeze.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Wed Jan 11, 2023 6:25 am

Lotus giggled at Ashley's scrunched up face as they flick their tongue in and out, the ginger pineapple not seeming to suit their tastes too well. She was even more interested in trying it herself now but there was no rush and it had been far too long since she had the exquisite taste of vanilla.

Before she even took a lick Ashley suddenly cried out and when Lotus turned to look she saw an all too familiar sight of Ash holding their forehead and grimacing.

"Ashleey~ For someone so smart, how come you never seem to learn this one lesson?"

Lotus once more linked her free arm with Ashley's, rested her head on their shoulder and even curled the tip of her tail around theirs. While Ash might complain she was too clingy later, for now there was ice-cream.

In stark contrast to Ashley's voracious devourment, Lotus ate hers with dainty little licks. She wasn't worried about taking too long and letting it melt. One of the perks of being a frost magic user after-all.

"Do you want to keep shopping? Or just find somewhere to enjoy our long awaited treasure~??


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Wed Jan 11, 2023 11:40 pm

Still clutching at their head with their free hand, Ash simply groaned in response to Lotus' taunt. Having not the current regular brain power to argue with their sister's statement. By the time it died off, they were finding themselves flinching a little at the sudden feeling of being touched but relaxed quickly enough upon noticing it was just Lotus.

"I think shopping can wait for another day, after some work over the next couple of days." Ash muttered, their voice still a little grumbly given they were still recovering fully from their brain freeze, "Let's find somewhere nice to sit and enjoy the scenery." they proposed, glancing around for the best way to slip out of the markets without the risk of bumping into people and potentially losing their precious prize.

It didn't take long for them to find the best route, gently guiding the blonde around the crowds and out of the busy streets until they stumbled across a nice park, filled with trees and flowers they'd never seen before.


The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Thu Jan 12, 2023 7:00 am

While she knew work was important Lotus couldn't help but pout. No avoiding it thou as she does like money after all but today is not a day for thinking about such tedious matters. Today was a day to enjoy ice-cream and the company of her beloved sister.

"Boo work, I much prefer days like these."

Lotus turned her attention back to licking the wonderful delight in her hand which instantly restored her mood and she happily let Ashley lead the way.
Under Ashley's attentive guidance they soon left the busy markets and arrived at a peaceful park with a large number of trees and flowers.

The pair strolled around the park for awhile, chatting casually. The ice-cream was wonderful, seems Orchidia would be getting a pretty high interim score. A proper final score will have to wait until they had tried all the flavors on offer.



The Lovers Tarot: Lotus Empty Thu Jan 12, 2023 7:32 am

"I don't think you're alone in that kind of thinking, dear sister, alas, work allows us to have days like today." Ashley gently tilted their head to rest it against Lotus' own for a brief moment, the feeling of closeness between them was something Ash always loved. While they would more often than not use her as a scapegoat for pranks on their father, or mutual friends, they would never dare dream to do such a thing if there was the chance of Lotus being harmed as a consequence.

Their walk was incredibly lovely, a few of the pollens caused Ash at one point to go into a sneezing fit, but other than that, their day was without any real hiccups. A simple, blissful time with the only person Ash truly felt they couldn't live without. A familial bond that was stronger than most romantic relationships despite its platonic nature. Yes, their life truly felt blessed at this moment in time.


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