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Bond in blood (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank)

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Bond in blood (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Fri Jan 06, 2023 5:11 am

Emil being fresh back into the west was ready to get the old blood pumping and he was going to make sure that he got a good work out this time so he headed straight for the Great Baska Rock to take on the tournament with no knowledge of the theme or event of the day and he walks right up and he signs up and then the woman that the desk looked at him funny and points to the sign that says it is a two person double team fight format today so he was going to need a partner then he looks down and picks up Indiana the Exceed and points him at the people at the desk. "Does this count as a partner?"

The people look at each other then shake their heads telling him no that he is going to have to find a partner to team up with. Emil places the exceed down and then he looks around to see if he seems anyone that was not standing next to another but he didn't see anyone. Emil then takes a deep breath and plants his feet. He then in a loud booming voice "Is there anyone here that is in need of a partner as I am in need of one to join in so I can help to knock some heads together with one lucky person of you that will not be on the receiving end of it." He heartily laughed as he waited for an answer to his call out.


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Nasira enjoyed her life so far settling into the place she had. Often just quietly getting by and not speaking much. She had managed to fit herself pretty well here and not have much else to ponder on. Never one to force herself to stand out. the great baska rock was a pretty nice place. Often after some days of longer hours of work Nasira would end up here to just have some simple drinks and go about her evening by going to bed earlier then most people. It was just how she was, she always was just trying to stay in shape and work hard.

During this day Nasira watched one quietly as it seemed there was a normal time people would be doing things that was normal in these parts. Nasira had watched a few of these fights, Never really thought joining right away due to not really have ever wanting too. But in this case maybe either there was something here she felt made her want too. Or slightly with in her internal mind she felt kind of unhappy or disappointed no one shared that same spirit this man did.

Nasira viewed it a good idea to see how well she would do here, it would be a good means for self improvement. Plus she had a few unhealthy meals she needed to work off. Thus Nasira merely raised her hand and started walking over. It was different to maybe see her walk over to do this.



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"That is the spirit a willing partner!" He looked very excited as lighting slightly arced off of his body as he was getting pumped up and fully ready to get down to the fight of this all, he wondered what this woman might have up her sleeve as she looked like she was unarmed and that means she must be a range mage he guessed. "The name is Emil Alexander   a mighty Bersker of the north and of the guild Paradise Dawn the strongest guild around!" He put his large gauntleted hand out to her to shake her hand.

The people at the table wait for her to come and put  in her entry so that they can get the tournament started up and under way and once she signed up they are lead to the area where they spun a wheel and set up the fights for the day there were only a few fights as really this is not a super popular theme unless you are a doubles fighting squad. Emil doesn't look like he ever loses his excited smile and his fully ready to fight look that looked nearly like a smile mixed with someone about to explode in front of her.

Emil makes his way out and onto the fighting area as he looked at the enemy team and he knows if she is ranged mage it will be best for him to stay up close and personal with the enemy team to buy her time to get her spells off and the things she needs to get ready and the fight begins and Emil cloaks himself in lightning and he runs right at the two men in front of him that look surprised that a man clad in lightning is running at them headlong with no sense of danger on his face.

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It seemed even if he was about of the loud type Nasira was already some what prepared to work along with that type of person. Given unless Nasria in some manner was super comfortable or had a reason to speak a lot. She really did not tend to talk too much. That and she assumed with that parts of Desierto in her voice she as unsure how people would judge it. But that was parts of past paranoia still stuck with in her mind. Thus she answered."Nasira."She said in Fiorian was clearest she could. She had gotten clear enough it was no longer confusing to hear what she said.

Then she would do all of the required things she was required too."Just Nasira." She did say it bluntly because she was as always keeping things to the point with her. But she made thing in order as she needed to, to work along with Emil. Then walks over to the arena with Emil. Then well she seemed to be taking her time stretching out like she was an up close fighter or something. Then again no one had really seen Nasira do anything here side from work, drink and work out to keep in shape.

But Nasira got nothing else but herself stretched out, prepared to do whatever she had too do, but she did stare down both the men waiting to see what would happen. After all she expected to be considered the main target for not showing off anything.



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As Emil ran in he hit his gauntlets together and they arched lightning harshly around himself as a cage of Lightning surrounded Emil and he sees the other two men split up with one going to Emil's left and the other going to his right. Emil figured that he should have bought the woman enough time to have warmed up a spell or two by now so he went after the one on his left that seemed to have been the stronger one of the two and once the cage hit the man on the left a thunderous crack rang through the fighting area deafening the two enemies they were fighting.  Emil stole a quick look back to his partner "Nasira!!!! Show them your burning spirit and flatten him I believe in you since you were smart enough to pick me as your team mate!" Emil then went back to fighting the man one on one his fists flying and meeting with the other mans dagger and the mans arm seemed to lose all feeling as he met his gauntlet to the mans metal weapon.

The man moved back swiftly as he knows that he is in trouble as his arm is completely numb and without feeling like his nervous system had been hit hard or his shoulder had dislocated from trying to soften the blow from the other mans punches with his dagger then it dawned on the man that his taking the hit is what had caused this as it seemed Emil's had more to them than first met the eye but it was already to .late as Emil was not going to back down and was already back on top of the man that was nearly completely caught off guard.

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In some manner it was interesting to have some one who was far more of a showmen then her, Nasira could admit she was just more of the do the job and get it done and deal with over all. She was at least willing to communicate when it was needed so there was some work there. But Nasira figured she would well join in this brawl. Emil was good at drawing them in and now well Nasira wanted to kind of just jump. literally jump in as she had practice in some manner.

She was also a rather straightforward kind of person in these problems. So she would take a few steps back then when she started off anything she was doing by taking a leap and going for a kick to the head to the closet person that was still active in the fight that was not Emil. Since well they were working together, sure it was an easily countered thing to do a leaping kick at some one. It was also a bit flashy too but maybe with a building hype man it seemed she needed to play into some kind of show into it to help.

Was this best for everyone here? Maybe not, But it was worth the risk Nasira would use it as a means to help think what she needed to improved upon. But she was not backing down in which was a good thing. She got herself into this, she was getting to the ending of it as well.



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Emil starts pounding into the guy with his gauntlets his fists moving swiftly and making their mark as he didn't even look back to see if the woman was alright as he had faith in her to handle her enemy and not need his help as he could sense a strong sense of justice in her and he wonders if he is gonna have to watch out for in the future being a threat to him raising up the ladder of the strength, but for now Emil can not waste his energy worrying about it as he keeps fighting the man who seemed to have lost his ability to fight back. Emil finishes his fight by simply poking the other mans forehead who falls over like he was dead on his feet and that man is called as being unable to continue. Emil turns back to watch the woman fight the other man as Emil was not going to interfere in her fight as this was her time to shine and he had already had his time in the light and it was her time to captivate the crowd.

The Emil sees her and the other man going at it and he wonders who had trained her as she seemed very decent at close combat but then why was she not carrying a weapon if she is a close combat fighter and he sees that he had misjudged her as a long range fighter but still he wondered why she was unarmed as with her skill he would figure that she would have either a sword or knife at least as her style did not look like it was gauntlet appropriate and an axe seemed a bit farfetched. But as Emil watched the woman take down the other man, they won they were handed their prize for winning this fight.
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Bond in blood (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Thu Jan 12, 2023 6:27 pm

It went as well as she thought it would, which consider it was little planning all doing Nasira was delighted that she show boated herself a win by kicking some one in the face while some of in the air. After she was finished it and landed on her feet she actually spoke a bit more then a few words."I...am confused that actually worked..."She mentioned. After landing on her feet with out problems, In some manner Nasira expected it all to go horribly wrong for her and she had to think of other reactions while she was caught in the reactions.

But she still was happy in the end and delighted with the end results. She needed to work on getting a few other things to achieve more but she had been managing to well."Well ahh...Good show?"Nasira mentioned also as she was unsure if that was what you would call it. Emil had done most of the work and she had been wondering if she had been as prepared for this as she thought. So far that answer seemed to be a no.

Then after things where over all done and clear, With that It felt better to either leave or be out of the area, She would have meet up with this Emil fellow afterwards and talking more to see what he was like as a person, she was curious after all about it.


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