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Path Of The Dragon Pt. 2 (Solo B Rank Quest)

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Path Of The Dragon Pt. 2 (Solo B Rank Quest) Empty Wed Jan 04, 2023 2:58 pm

Dan sighed as he tightened the cloak around himself as he adjusted the hood over his head to avoid anyone taking notice of him. Though he was not as recognizable as some of his guild mates Dan did not want to risk anybody seeing him and putting a name to a face especially since he was technically undercover at the moment doing a job for Weirdlock to investigate a string of deaths that are pointing to a local gangs involvement. Dan was at the moment infiltrating said gang in order to get evidence for Weirdlock to continue his investigation. As Dan approaches the hot springs that he was being sent to collect protection money from Dan couldn't help but feel sympathetic to the owners. These were people who were being forced to pay so that there business doesn't get destroyed by the very people who they are paying to protect it.



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As Dan finally enters the bath house he looks around to see that not many people were currently there. Which made sense when you realize that it was midday so most people were probably working at there jobs at the moment. As Dan walks up to the hostess he makes sure to keep up his hood before speaking "Yomu needs a bath." Dan says simply as the woman's smile becomes a tad bit tighter as she nods and shows you to a open hot spring as she goes to presumably gather the money for Dan. As Dan waits on the hostess to return with the protection money he suddenly hears a gasp for breathe Dan quickly runs around the corner to see a dead body on the ground with his mouth slit open. It appears to be a member of the White Star gang based on the tattoos on his body.




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As Dan looks around for the culprit he sees a silhouette through the steam. On the silhouettes right pectoral muscle, you will see an Ouroborous tattoo. As Dan quickly approaches the unseen person the silhouette disappears before Dan can get near them. Disappointed Dan once more looks at the body before returning back to where he was initially waiting on the hostess. As Dan waits he began to think to himself 'that was definitely a Ouroboros tattoo on that person does that mean that the message was about a person and not the black dragon gang. I need to see Weirdlock after meeting with Yomu to see if he can make heads or tails of this new information. As Dan was thinking he head the door open again as he made sure his hood hide his face. The hostess entered the room before tossing Dan a bag full of jewels before leaving again.




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As Dan left he began to look around to see if anybody stood out to him. Though he did not see the persons face through the steam he did see there general body type though the odds of him finding them that way were slim Dan felt he had to at least try to keep a lookout for them. As Dan finally returned to the casino he was waved back by the guards as he nodded to them. As Dan turned the corner Yomu was seen laughing as he stuffed his face with various foods some of which Dan had never seen before. As Yomu looked up he sees Dan standing there. "So did you get the money?" Dan nods as he tosses the bag to Yomu with a flick of the wrist. Yomu chuckles as he turns up the bag and sees large stacks of jewels fall out of it. Yomu looks at the large stack with greed in his eyes "Good work I'll contact you again soon." Dan only nods as he quickly leaves the casino and takes a few detours to throw off anybody following him just in case.




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As Dan stepped inside Weirdlock's office he quickly finds the man behind his desk doing paperwork probably on the very case he was here to discuss. "Weirdlock something has come up that changes the case." Dan said as he sat down in front of Weirdlock's desk and removed his cloak. "What is it?" Weirdlock asks with a serious look in his eyes. "OK so Yomu had me go and pick up protection money from a local hot spring so as I'm waiting I hear a gasp for air, naturally I went to see if I could help as I turned the corner I see a member of the white star gang with his mouth slit open so I approached the body only to see the torso of somebody inside the steam with you guessed it a Ouroboros tattoo." Weirdlock's eyes began to widen as Dan finished his story. "Yes it seems we have a lot to talk about doesn't it." Weirdlock says as he and Dan begin talking.


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