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Heading Home (Travel from Crocus to Magnolia)

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Heading Home (Travel from Crocus to Magnolia) Empty Fri Dec 30, 2022 3:10 pm

The sun was high in the sky when Dan finally left crocus to begin his trip back to his hometown if magnolia. Overall Dan was happy with his trip not only had he escorted a young girl to a place that she could hopefully live a full and happy life but he was also able to help out around crocus while he was here. Now though he was happy to finally be going home to hopefully rest before returning back to the guild to get his next job. As Dan walked he began to think back to how he got here. It felt like just yesterday he was a new mage that had just joined fairy tail. Though he could have done without the invasion of the town it was definitely a rememberable introduction to the guild.

A few days later Dan finally walked back into magnolia after a week away. He was happy to see all the people walking up and down the street. As Dan walked into the guild hall he sat down at the bar and ordered a drink hoping to cure his dry mouth from the journey. Dan smiles as he takes a deep drink and looks around the guild.


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