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Let's Get Physical [D-Rank]

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Let's Get Physical [D-Rank] Empty Thu Nov 10, 2022 1:28 pm

Popping her knuckles and giving her spine a good twist, Chie kept up her leisurely walk through the town. Her first mission as a Rune Knight Page was to help train up some brats, since their normal teacher injured himself. He was a seated knight too, hence the reason this mission had priority over all the other ones. Either way she was getting paid, so she didn’t give the whole situation too much thought.

Arriving at the park, Chie glanced over the five boys lazing around on the ground. They seemed to be in their teenage years, judging from their size. It was hard to tell though since children nowadays just seemed to be growing bigger and bigger. Smirking to herself silently, Chie snuck up a nearby tree before leaping out of it with a shout.


Slamming into the middle of the children with a bang and splattering them with dirt, Chie took a cool looking pose as she got up. Everyone likes the whole mysterious new teacher thing right? There was no way the children wouldn’t be impressed. Hearing a series of coughs surrounding her, Chie peaked around and watched as a myriad of emotions played on all of the children’s faces. Some shocked, others confused, and even an angry one. A pretty good response to her entrance if she had to say so herself.

You’re our teacher for the day?” Raising her eyebrow at the boy who spoke, Chie turned herself to face him before responding. “Yep, you got a problem with it?” Popping her p, she waited for the boy to say his piece. And judging from the look on his face, she could already tell how this whole exchange was about to go. “Actually I do, there’s not much a woman can teach us after all. Be a waste of time.”

Nodding her head, Chie let out a deep sigh before beginning to stretch. Ignoring the confused looks on the faces around her, she made sure all her limbs felt fluid before lunging at the boy in front of her. As he attempted to jump backways, she twisted her body before slamming her foot into his midsection, punting him across the park. As he soared through the air with a scream, she turned to face the other children watching. “Does anyone else have any complaints?”

As the boys shook their heads, she waved them to follow her before heading towards the one she punted. She didn’t use all of her strength, so he should be fine. If he wasn’t, maybe he should try picking a different occupation? Kicking the boy groaning on the ground lightly, Chie waited until he picked himself up before pushing him to the other children. Nodding her head in satisfaction, she cleared her throat before speaking with a grin.

“Alright! Now that we got that out the way, the real training begins. Let’s start with some laps, and if you’re too slow you’ll get some slaps from my stick. Now get going! We have a long day ahead of us.” And with that, the training day began. Running the children through her daily routine, she let them feel a taste of what awaited them in the future. Surprisingly, none of the group had complained after that and did their assignments diligently. Perhaps they might actually become rune knights one day?

Once the evening arrived, she sent the sore children home before leaving herself. The ground wasn’t too messy, and she was sure the wind would blow away the rest of the stuff. And if not, it wasn’t her that did it. It was time to get paid!

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