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Many Sneaky Cold Fingers.(Melina)

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Many Sneaky Cold Fingers.(Melina) Empty Wed Nov 09, 2022 12:37 pm

How of all places these two ended up in iceberg meeting one another is a generally interesting question. But at this point maybe people where a bit better not asking questions about why a half spider was here, As well why Akuko was still around more than she needed to be.

But she got some what use to the cold of iceberg she was not just bundled up so much she couldn't really have her face seen at all. But she was just Akuko in a large amount of winter attire making sure she did not freeze too badly here."Now if only they had cigar here for me to pick up."Akuko said in her own kind of general mention but then again she was walking around and see what iceberg was like at her own time and stretching her legs a tiny bit, Iceberg could have many things for her to learn.

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Melina Ainsworth
Fancy a smoke, love?” A voice came from above Akuko, its owner a monstrously large woman, her upper torso that of a standard human but from the waist down she was but a spider. It should come as no surprise then that this half-spider was firmly attached to the wall above Akuko, taking advantage of the abilities her physicality offered to seemingly ambush the demon below. Still, means of traversal besides Melina’s words were not simply hollow. In her hand, she was holding a cigar, one that was now offered to Akuko, clutched firmly in the Drider’s chitinous grasp.

Ah but of course, what brought the Drider to Iceberg? Such a cold land, even for one wrapped in many thick layers of thermal clothing as Melina happened to be, was hardly suitable for her kind. She was a bit more sensitive to the extreme cold than your average human. It may have been balanced out by her greater tolerance for high temperatures but ah well, you win some you lose some. Still, why was she here? A simple question with a not so simple answer.

What had brought Melina here was a request from her eldest sister. Meeting with some distant friends, collecting a package that postal services couldn’t be trusted with delivering and then returning home. At first Melina had thought it would just be a drag but her dear sweet elder sister had bribed her with the idea of it being a holiday. She had even covered the expenses of travelling all this way and back. Anyway, that was why Melina was here, in this foreign and alien environment to what she was used to.


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With all of the cold, all of the snow and everything even if she was some what getting use to all of this, one things that could easily be counted on at times when Akuko was being offered a gift from a stranger for the most part she was pretty cool about it. There in some manner would be other things mentioned by Akuko before she really did say her eventual answer."You can....keep them lit here? I must be doing it wrong."Akuko mentioned casually in her currently relaxed manner. After all if anything Akuko was trying not to stir up trouble just yet.

At least now she would learn into her answer oddly polite considering how many people might actually know of her later on."Well, If you are offering I won't say no."Akuko in a round about way was saying yes, One did get lost in thoughts of the area while around here, Because it was a general way to relax about things around her that she could see anyway."So, Thank you for your offer I will accept." She was polite enough to not just rush to reach out waiting rather for them to just show where it was to grab.

So just to keep it interesting rather then normal greetings."I have been having troubles keep things i smoke lit, how do you achieve it with the cold here?"It was a simple question. Then again there was a fair amount more she could ask like why a giant spider woman was roaming around in a winter lands such as things, But Akuko didn't tend to ask the question that where more simple and easily guessed."Then again might I ask how cold it gets for you? After all I assume your entire bodily system works different then I."But Akuko did not seem scared of the spider lady at all, She was oddly welcoming to her.

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Melina Ainsworth
Hmmm.. I believe so. I’ve seen others smoking. Guess it’s just a matter of keeping them out of the wind.” The Drider’s response was a simple one, a straightforward answer for a straightforward if confusing question. Had Akuko not tried and just assumed? Or was Melina just missing something? Maybe there was something about Iceberg that rendered open flames unsustainable or impossible to ignite in the first place. Melina didn’t smoke and had no reason, so far, to light a fire. She was warm blooded after all.

A pretty odd question to ask, you know? I’m as much human as I am a spider. If your line of thought is that I should be cold blooded due to being part spider, then surely the line of thinking that I should be warm blooded due to being human makes as much sense?” Melina’s answer was not an answer. It did illuminate a vital fact though, if one was willing and able to understand it anyway. The Drider climbed down from the wall she had been standing upon, coming to stand before Akuko.

Perhaps ask the locals…or…hmm. I’ve seen the locals just using their free hand to shield what they light, at least when it comes to smoking. It’s a filthy habit really, one I don’t exactly indulge in. One of the locals just insisted I take that. Ah no matter, do you have a lighter?” That was the best the Drider, her voice a soft and rather placid tone, could really do. She’d seen the locals just shielding their cigars from the winds when they lit them so perhaps that was the trick?

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So she had been doing it wrong, Well figures when the two lands where different. Both were not nearly as cold and snow covered as this. But Akuko did like learning things."Hmm...I will have to try harder then." Akuko. It seemed honestly the right way to think about it in her case she needed to just try a bit harder, It was not too hard to light up smokes in other places she had been at so just adjusting the cold and knowing what else to do was so plain she did not think about it.

Moving on from easily guess."I know it is odd. But the plain questions bore me. At least from personal experience from being a bit something different."Akuko said in return. After all she knew she asked strange questions but she did not start with them at least."At least rather than assume, I prefer to ask. I would like to make sure a person i am with doesn't risk getting too cold."So even if it all could be been worded better. was showing Akuko was more doing it to see if she was cold just merely in a around about way. Annoying games Akuko tended to play.

Akuko had heard that question opened her coat for a moment pulled out a lighter."I do have one, it should still work."Then she then offered it too the accompanying person she was talking with."How human live in this cold is some times a question I am unsure I want to know the answer too."She chuckled for a moment. This was implying Akuko was not human or could be taken as an overall general statement of wonder. Since for the moment Akuko could just be a lady from Joyan far too use to warmer weather.

Many Sneaky Cold Fingers.(Melina) Shenhe10
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Melina Ainsworth
Melina took the offered lighter and rather easily lit the cigar, having shielded it from the biting winds of Iceberg with her hands. Surprisingly easily really, given the impression Akuko had given that it was in fact rather difficult to light fires here. Curious…but of absolutely no consequence. Melina, satisfied that she had done a good deed for the day, turned to leave. Her arachnid steps carried her through the snow, leaving behind little indentations in the snow from her pointed limbs yet the Drider would stop suddenly, turning back to face Akuko, an expression of deep thought upon her features.

Hmmm…try not to get yourself into trouble. There is a blizzard in the region, you know?” Whimsical and devoid of worry Melina’s tone may have been but there was an element of concern to it, a genuine notion of hope that Akuko would not end up trapped within the blizzard. Iceberg’s weather was its greatest enemy and greatest asset all at the same time. It made the country a hard place to live in, limiting options in growing crops or rearing animals but it also did the exact same thing to any who sought to invade it. No military theorist was Melina but even she could tell something so basic.

Still, off the Drider began to walk back into the city, her steps carrying her back to the port that had brought her here many moons ago. She knew she was rather early, many hours in fact, for her trip but there did happen to be a rather nice little bar she had spied by the docks. A dock worker’s haunt by any stretch of the imagination but it had still attracted Melina’s curiosity. She did live in a port town after all. Sailor’s pubs were not a foreign sight to her.


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If anything in most situation telling Akuko of all people to not get in trouble was pretty funny, But she could kind of agree with it."Me trouble?...never."She then honestly whinked at her because well that was just how often kid around while not doing anything super risky."Besides, I should focus on other casual things at this time."which that would be whatever she felt like at the time really she would find something.

But if she was internally honest with herself, It was a horrible idea to exactly cause trouble in places she might not be able to live in unless some one else she knew was around.But a part of her grown more interested in her casual conversations with this lady merely just kind of followed just she would not wanna making it too apparent after all she did not wanna seem like she was stalking or going to do anything illegal to this woman, she in fact really enjoyed the fact she was so friendly up front to this strange joyan woman not sure how to do things upon these cold lands.

But she would just make sure to catch up to the lady after having a moment for herself."So...why don't you come join me for something to drink, it will be my treat?"She would say only because no one else was around that she could see, most likely because it was far too early in the morning or too late in some manner to any one else really to talk too. Thus her offer.

Many Sneaky Cold Fingers.(Melina) Shenhe10
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Melina Ainsworth
Hmmm~ I find the ones who say they never get into trouble tend to be the ones ending up, or causing, the most trouble….oh? Hmmm. Thank you for the invitation but I already do have some plans. Perhaps if we meet again I may be able to accept your invitation but alas, being as desirable and cute as myself very much eats up your schedule~” A cheeky little grin, an amused tone of sing song voice and a casual wave defined Melina’s actions as she walked away into the snow, heading back into town to get some food and drink before catching her ride back to Fiore.

With that, she would take her leave. The Drider went back through the snows, darting inside that sailor’s haunt for a bit to eat, before ultimately taking a ride back to Fiore. It may have been a little bit rude for her to just dismiss Akuko’s invitation out of hand like that but in truth? She did not trust them. They were a stranger and Melina was in an even stranger land. Distrust was to be expected. It was why she had restrained herself from providing her name.


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Even if she was told no in the end Akuko was not all that bothered about it at all."Oh well, maybe another time."Akuko mentioned then seemingly went off on her own. Akuko was one to handle rejection pretty well when she was not trying to be a pain in the butt. She would just leave them to be on their own."Farewell then, Don't get too cold."Then she would just quietly leave herself. it was strange to witness or know that once you know Akuko and that she left quietly with out worry it was one a person might not believe.

But Akuko would eventually just quietly finish up whatever business she had here, collected her things and went back to Fiore with out a word. Something about this was just different and relaxing after all she knew her life was not entirely about tricks and gags.


Many Sneaky Cold Fingers.(Melina) Shenhe10

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