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All In A Day's Work [Solo/Quest]

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All In A Day's Work [Solo/Quest] Empty Mon Oct 31, 2022 2:42 pm

Maria's eyes looked over at the clock on the wall. It's slow ticking as the seconds slugged by was causing her to become mildly annoyed. Maria was waiting for her time to leave and meet up with her employer. A man named ...Fuck what was his name again? It wasn't like her to be so forgetful, but sleep wasn't coming as easy as it had before, and she was a mess because of it. Once it hit a certain time Maria got up from her chair and left the guildhall. She would walk to her destination, hoping the crisp air would wake her up and get her out of her own funk. The walk didn't take long and soon she found herself where she needed to be. Soon she would be standing across the street from her destination, and she would soon spot her employer for the day. a weird looking man honestly.


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Upon further inspection Maria noticed the man sipping coffee and checking the time far more than someone normally would. In his eyes he looked as if he was thinking about something far too hard but none of that mattered to Maria. Making her way towards him and being careful not to run into anyone, she would introduce herself to Dex who stood up so quickly it caused Maria to take a step back. His eyes bore into her before looking her up and down and walking around her. A " hmm " sound kept coming from him for about ten seconds too long before he nodded in what seemed like approval. Maria watched as the man sat back down and finished his coffee in one fell swoop before letting her know he was the lead detective on a murder case, and he needed an assistant in order to gain information from the locals. Maria didn't question him about anything because she wasn't paid to do that so all she did was nod.



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On the street they stopped an old woman and Dex proceeded to ask her if she knew where her son was. The old woman burst into tears and said he was dead for thirty years now. Not too long after that they burst into a morgue and Dex asked to see the bodies of the dead for his investigation. The workers at the morgue explained that without paperwork to back up Dex's claim they could not help him, and he promptly accused one of the workers as being the murderer. Maria had to convince Dex that they needed to leave and as soon as they did, he said he found a clue and rushed them off towards a graveyard. Now Maria had put up with quite a bit today and once they got to the graveyard, she tried telling him that perhaps there was no murder. Dex did not want to hear this and he insisted there was. Maria at this point no longer cared and all she did was follow him quietly, only speaking up when spoken to. Her silence was everything that Dex needed to hear and after five hours of bullshit Dex paid Maria and thanked her for helping him, though he didn't look to happy she did not care.


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