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Investigate the Weed- (Quintis/Private)

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Investigate the Weed- (Quintis/Private) Empty Sun Oct 30, 2022 12:20 pm


It was raining as Quintis made his way down to the location where the Inspector had summoned him—the street was mostly empty. Despite the leaves of that terrible tree covering the city, which should have shielded them from the rain, there were a few gaps between the leaves that allow rain to collect and fall in greater drops. Fearing that the water was corrupted, people scrambled for shelter and refused to come out. Quin himself used both an umbrella and a defensive spell to defend him against any potential corruption, curse, or sickness. The tree has made life a bit difficult, and hard for the people of Orchidia, and for that reason, decided to aid the Inspector and his team in an attempt to solve the issue and get rid of the horrendous tree.
Quintis eventually arrived at the edge of the forest. There he found that the handsome Inspector Nilan was surrounded by a team of scientists. The Inspector looked a bit bored, or overwhelmed, honestly Quintis couldn’t tell, it could have honestly been both. Nilan smiled as Quintis approached them, which caused the young magician’s face to turn a unique shade of red. Admittedly, Quin had grown close with the Inspector, and well, could not deny how attractive Nilan was, however, he doubted that Nilan was interested in a geek like him. 
“Ah, about time you got here!” Inspector Nilan said with a cocky grin. “It seems that you were right about the sickness being magical in nature, these nerds confirmed that, and well, also theorize that the cause is wild magic within the forest.” 

“See I told you!” Quintis allowed himself to grin a little, taking joy in his small accomplishment. “My medical and magical skills aren’t so bad aren’t they?” 

“Yea, yea Quinn,” Nilan shook his head in amusement, “Anyway, I have another job for you if you are up to it.” 


Investigate the Weed- (Quintis/Private) Empty Sun Oct 30, 2022 12:26 pm

“Let me guess, get you some samples? Don’t you have some sort of lackey to do that stuff? Or do you just like seeing me running around doing your dirty work?” Quinn sighed in a dramatic manner, he noticed that there was a magical barrier surrounding Nilan and the group of Scientist- he stepped in, feeling like he had momentarily emerged into a pool of water before quickly surfacing. After noticing this he asked, “Is the water corrupted by the overgrowth or wild magic?”

“Well, it wouldn’t be as fun nor secure if I got some lackey to do it, plus, I figured you enjoy the socialization.”  Nilan smirked. “But to answer your question, they don’t know but are concerned, so we've decided to issue a warning, and encourage people to stay inside …. Unless they have an escort or protective gear ….. But it is a concern …. In all seriousness, you're the only one I can trust with this kind of work ....”

Nilan blushed, and Quintis’s face reddened a bit more.

“Okay, just give me the sampling stuff,” Quintis said, tucking a strand of his long blue hair behind his ear. Nilan cleared his breath, nodded, and demanded that one of the scientist give him a sample kit- which Quintis took. “I’ll be back soon, don’t get sick or anything while I’m gone!”

Quin traveled deep into the forest. He collected any plants that seemed to have been odd or out of the norm, specifically, dark colored plants that appeared to have been corrupted or imbued with some sort of insidious magic. Vines that had been chopped and hewed quickly grew back, with an unnatural quickness and hunger. The young magician noted this but progressed nonetheless, as he traveled deeper and deeper into the forest, he felt weaker and weaker. A sickening aura surrounded the forest, and Qunitis finally realized that something was feeding off his mana and life force.

“Quintis….” A disembodied, ethereal voice called out to him. Feeling a sense of dread, Quin quickly left the forest, return the samples, informed Nilan of his experience, and received his reward.

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