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No Stone Unturned [Q]

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Just a few requests in and Kaiser was already getting the hang of things back again. Today, she was continuing the request of Mattoro who had recently asked her to blow up a mine and now needed assistance in locating three contractors as the second part of his mission. The woman had rented out a villa in Baska City for her stay there because she knew it was going to be longer than just a few days. Together with the villa she also managed to hire a maid to keep her company as well as the place clean—and at times be her living blood bag. To her surprise, the maid was very chill about being her blood bag and even seemed to enjoy it sometimes. The vampire could only conclude that the reason for such strange behavior was because she was either bisexual or a lesbian. The act of feeding not only caused the victim to feel faint but in most cases aroused too.

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Another fact she enjoyed about having the maid around was because of her humor. She was a simple minded commoner, enticed by the thought of being paid more, so if Kaiser wanted something done outside of her job description, all she needed to do was shower her in jewels and it would get done in no time and at her maximum capabilities. Due to privacy and safety reasons, when she hired the maid, she was not allowed to know her real name and the nickname she requested to be addressed by was Winona. Kaiser didn’t like wasting breath addressing people with names having more than two syllables, so she shortened it to Nona, which was completely fine by the maid.

So the agenda for today was to stalk the contractors Mattoro was interested in in broad daylight and find out what they looked like for whatever reason. Kaiser wasn’t interested in what Mattoro’s aim for this mission was, at least not yet, since the reward was still quite an undesirable amount. She was just doing it for the sake of regaining the experience of taking requests and familiarizing herself with the ins and outs of the city she used to frequent a lot in the past.

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No Stone Unturned [Q] Sigbys10

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Nona had prepared a refreshing lemonade for her before she left the villa, which she downed in a second as if taking a shot of tequila and departed from the establishment feeling like a helium balloon—just really jumpy. It was no difficult task to stalk the targets as requested and after just an afternoon of doing so, she had gotten all the necessary information that was required by her client. And so she returned to the arranged spot, passed on all that information and collected her reward. All in a day’s work. After that, the vampire returned to her villa to ask Nona about whatever she knew about Baska City and what had happened here in the past two or three years since she was a resident of this place. Kaiser believed she would have all the inside scoop because who else would have such juicy information besides curious commoners?

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No Stone Unturned [Q] Sigbys10

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