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Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi)

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Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) Empty Fri Oct 21, 2022 3:34 am

Vex had come on her way to try and recruit more to her flock in Orchidia, but today seemed to be her unlucky day as she had come alone on this trip as her right hands were handling a rite of sacrifice in her stead as she needed to try and get a stronger following in the north. She has run into some of the wild life that calls this forest their home and they seem to be in a pretty bad mood and are not very happy to see her.

Vex grabbed the bow off her back and she started running as she fired her bow at it and the shots just seem to not be doing much of anything and it is coming after her as she hops and jumps through the trees keeping her aim on the great beast as she was not looking to die here and now.



Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) Empty Fri Oct 21, 2022 1:44 pm

Like any other day for him, Ikazuchi found himself roaming through the forested outskirts for training. It was a comfortable environment for him, who spent so long secluded in the Worth Woodsea. While it couldn’t truly compare, it was pleasantly reminiscent of his times there. As it got later in the year, the already cool north only felt cooler. This was especially the case in the wooded area. The trees were gradually shedding their leaves as fall arrived allowing more sun to pierce the canopy, but the extra sun did little to warm the shaded space.

He had been immersing himself in mental training that would allow him to refine his technique when he heard the subtle sound of a bowstring. It wasn’t something extremely noticeable when heard only once, but the repeated shots were enough to draw his attention. Not to mention the distinct sound of an ongoing chase.

His attention shifted to the side where he caught a glimpse of a woman and beast as they ran past roughly ten meters away. ‘Akiza? That’s an odd name…’ He noted the various details immediately as he moved in pursuit intending to stay a certain distance away until he received a response. His speed was faster than the woman’s, so it wasn’t long before he could move into proximity and make his presence known if she hadn’t managed to notice himself already. “Do you need some help?” He asked, almost shouting the simple question in order to ensure he heard him clearly as he kept pace at a safe distance. Introductions could wait for after they dealt with the situation, assuming she didn’t chase him off.

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The woman heard a male voice speak out and she wondered who is dumb enough to ask and not just help when they see someone in trouble. She sighed and she grumbled to herself men are so useless in times of need. "Clearly I need help so I can tell you are pretty poorly trained if you can't read a situation." She takes aim and fires an arrow that flies past Ikazuchi's head and hits a second Vulcan that was coming dead in the chest which only served to stun it for a moment, as she swing her arm back from the bow to stop her fall from the tree grabbing onto a branch and flipping around it and landing on top of the branch and she fires off an arrow that at the climax of its flight turns to a hail of water arrows that rain down in an AoE on the Vulcan that was chasing her.

She hopes that this man isn't just going to be slowing her down or be the hero that is weak that showed up to brag and show off and ends up a bloody mess on the ground that she will need to clean up after.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 12:44 pm

Ikazuchi could feel Akiza’s frustrations as she spoke, informing him that she wasn’t someone like himself who valued battles like this. ‘Oh well…’ It was at this point that he noticed her aim directed in his direction. Spellcutter in his left hand was prepared in a split second as he was unsure if her target was actually him or not. He focused carefully as the arrow fired, a small part of him struggling to believe in her.

He was pleasantly surprised to have the arrow pass by his head harmlessly, his attention turned behind him to see a second creature that had appeared a short distance away. ‘You want to target me now?’ Spellcutter was immediately replaced by his new sword, Clarent, as he prepared to participate in battle. Spellcutter and Breaker had naturally been in his hand previously due to his interrupted training, it was a simple exchange for him.

Considering the fact that he had been moving until now, Ikazuchi chose not to forcefully halt his momentum. Instead, he accelerated ahead in order to pass by the first Vulcan being attacked by a literal rain of arrows. The second Vulcan that had appeared behind him had chased until it was near the area where the rain of arrows just finished on the first one. ‘How about this?’ He planted his right foot and turned his body, skidding forward as he attempted to stop. At the same time, Clarent was naturally raised in a clean arc above his head as he poured mana into it causing an ominous red aura to overflow along the blade.

There wasn’t any hesitation in his movements as he naturally continued the downward slash to his left in their direction. The explosive aura swept forward in the direction of the two creatures causing a cone of destruction. Ikazuchi was naturally quick to adjust his stance to be more neutral after stopping his momentum, fully intending to stand his ground and face the creatures.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 2:56 pm

Vex watched as the man seemed to speed up and then slash down his weapon and release a blast that seemed to shake the forest a little and she nearly slipped off of the branch she was on from it, the two vulcans looks very intimated by this blast that hit them and they back up a bit as if they were still planning something. "Would seem your bite is stronger than your bark, so either you are someone northerner warlords lap dog or you belong to the guild that calls this city home." She laughed softly at how scared the vulcans now seem of him but still aren't fully retreating which means they have pride.

A white exceed is flying as fast as they can through the trees heading for Vex and she looks quite displeased that the woman had left her behind when she went off here to try to gain more members. "Madam Vex you were told not to take off alone!" She landed on the branch next to Vex and she is puffing out her cheeks as she was not happy with how Vex had stubbornly taken off without her.

Vex jumps down and lands on her feet nimbly as if she had more floated down from the tree and not just jumped down. She looked to the man and she asked a very simple question in a slightly firm voice. "You want to claim them or am I free to finish them off?" She adjusts a pack on her hip looking like she was readying to open it.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 4:45 pm

Ikazuchi was both disappointed and pleasantly surprised to see the creatures still standing after taking the attack from Clarent. ‘It’s too dispersed…’ This was his only sentiment after testing the attack properly. It may be able to hit many things, but it was clearly not able to do enough damage to finish the creatures in a single strike. He shook his head slightly as he heard the woman speaking from above, commenting on both his strength and affiliation.

I’m Ikazuchi, a member of Sleeping Calamity.” He made sure to clarify this fact as he didn’t like the idea of being associated with the guild that had attacked his own previously. He happened to notice a white figure appearing in the air a distance away, weaving through the trees at this point. ‘An enemy?’ He was wary until Akiza was addressed familiarly by it. “Madam Vex?” He muttered, unsure what to think of the speaking cat that had appeared. ‘That’s awfully polite, for a pet.’

His attention had returned to the beasts that seemed to be torn between the idea of fighting and fleeing, but he noted the graceful descent of the woman despite that. The soft, almost silent landing was particularly noteworthy for him. That was when she posed the question, who should deal with the Vulcans? “Hmm…” He was torn for a moment as he wanted to fight, but was also curious about how she would take care of them. He gave her one last glance and saw what she was doing with the pack before his curiosity finally won. “You can finish them off.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 7:46 pm

She heard the man affirm that he hailed from the guild that called Orchidia home and she heard the man seem to mumble to himself and she assumed that he was mumbling about the exceed adressing her like she was a noble or something. "Don't mind her she is too proper. I am Vex of Eternal Nightmare thanks for asking. Also you have a very strong name."

Vex upon hearing that the man would allow her to handle them focused her mana into her eye making the two vulcans disappear then she pulls out a flask that held blood in it then she makes a circle with the blood with markings around the circle in her own blood which she got from pricking her finger with her own dagger. Once she was done she stepped back and released the two creatures into the circle and the circle starts glowing with them in side of it and the light around the circle was blue with swirls of green in it.

Vex starts saying a prayer to her goddess Tutrix and the light around the circle glows brighter and as she finished her prayer water and thorny vines shoot up from the center of the circle and once the water comes back down to the ground the two creatures are gone and a fine mist from the water is in the air and blue roses in the place where the creatures once stood the circle of blood along with the marking are gone as well.

Vex looked over to the man to see what his reaction to her doing this was, she wondered if he would be shaking in fear of this or if he would be unaffected by this. "Did you like the show?"


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 11:05 pm

Ikazuchi had naturally known the information that was provided to him, but he could hardly contain his curiosity about the fake name she used to introduce herself. ‘Well, not like I can ask anyways…’ This was what he thought before choosing to focus on observing how she would handle the Vulcans. The scene where space warmed and they disappeared was distinct and intriguing, but he wasn’t quite sure how it worked.

He felt his skin crawl as the woman clearly set up some kind of ritual. ‘She really is a full blown cultist…’ Ikazuchi couldn’t help but feel slightly strange as he observed what he would only consider strange and extreme behavior. He wasn’t particularly concerned about what her beliefs were, but he didn’t have any fond memories of those who represented their religion so openly. ‘...I’ll hope for the best.’

After she finished her process, the creatures were summoned back in the circle only to be met with the ritual that seemingly converted the Vulcans into flowers. He naturally raised a brow at the sight, particularly due to the lack of evidence that the creatures or ritual had existed. It was a somewhat eerie sight, but he also wasn’t particularly concerned. He had just seen her employ some kind of spatial technique while he knew what her magic was. Even if he couldn’t be sure of what exactly happened, he could imagine a few possible answers.

Shortly after the roses appeared, Ikazuchi heard Vex’s question from a short distance away. Ikazuchi naturally relaxed his expression as he naturally swapped Clarent back to Spellcutter and sheathed his swords while responding. “It certainly was… interesting. I’m a bit curious though, what’s a member from Eternal Nightmare doing around here?


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 11:34 pm

The woman looked at him it was clear that he was not really amazed by the showing that she did so she figured that her time would be wasted in trying to recruit him to her cause. The man asked her a question and she was really unsure how to answer it perfectly so she guessed it was just going to be an honest answer for the guy since he did in a way save her from becoming vulcan food. "I was invited up here for a date that I sort of owed someone."

She thought about it cause at current she was not with the guy as a couple but she still sorta liked the guy so she wasn't aiming to say his name or where he was or who he was in a group of people but she figured that this man will respect that she hadn't just turned a blind middle finger to him. Carla walks up and she starts talking. "She also saved my life in the sewers of this very city after I was very much just abandoned by my last partner, who left me for their new toy of an exceed cause they no longer wanted me so they just threw me away." She was clearly unhappy having to relive that memory of just being left behind like she was.


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Ikazuchi was stunned for a moment as he unintentionally recalled the details about her relationships. ‘I don’t care about that…’ He immediately dismissed that information as he slightly shook his head and looked at her strangely. “You came to the north for just that?” Ikazuchi thought it was somewhat pitiful that the woman had to go so far just for a date. ‘Not much of a gentleman, are they?’

Shortly after this, the cat cut in and explained her circumstances as well. Ikazuchi’s expression was more neutral as he listened to her, at most he thought about how strange Vex was as a result. After the cat finished speaking, he couldn’t help but look at the woman before speaking. “So, you came all the way up here for a date and only really ended up with an abandoned stray cat to show for it?” He hadn’t known the woman for long, but she had quickly become a pitiful existence that was taken advantage of in his mind. Although it may be a misunderstanding, she seemed a bit too charitable from his perspective. ‘...well, other than the whole cult leader and rituals thing…’


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She looked at the man and her eyes slightly spun. "No I also got gifts from my goddess while I was here as well. She granted me that power you saw me use on the Vulcans to make them disappear. She also granted me a new magic which I have yet to master yet but with time I will master it and get use to it."

Carla transformed into her human form and she walks toward him and she points her finger at him. "Who are you calling a stray cat you Vagabond!" Carla looks very angry at this man.

Vex starts giggling a little as that was some extra fun to add to what had been going on lately as she was fine with her time being a bit wasted as she also gained some followers in the north and gained some info as to who this man is or was she thought to her self she wondered if the rumors of the leader of the north's dark guild was true that she is a sort of hopeless loser that got her guild destroyed as well as attacked Paradise Dawn and got man handled by the dwarf she had seen get his feet done during a sleep over night of pampering and taking on the stigma of a lone woman at a mans slumber party.


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Ikazuchi wanted to sigh as he listened to the woman speak about her god and the blessings they received from her. ‘Well, at least this one isn’t greeting me with a sword.’ Still, he wasn’t particularly rude, so he kept his thoughts and beliefs about gods and religion to himself. “I see.” This was all he could think to say after she finished speaking, not really able to muster any interest to inquire further on the topic. In the end, even after the definitive proof of existence, he couldn’t give any faith or trust to a deity. In his eyes, they were simply stronger than average individuals so he was always unsure how to interact with those similar to Vex.

Her cat, Carla, thankfully cut in at this moment and saved him from any awkward situation that may have occurred. “Ah, I’m sorry, you’re not a stray anymore. What’s your name then, catgirl?” Ikazuchi couldn’t resist the urge to tease the transformed cat. Even if he could understand the strong reaction, he still found it more amusing than threatening. He naturally noticed Vex giggling to the side at the antics, so he wasn’t concerned that she would be offended by his words.


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The 'catgirl' looks very displeased at being called by that term. "My name is Carla and I am an exceed not a 'cat' you would be wise to remember that!" She turned back into her cat like form and straightened out her dress and she went back to Vex's side and she then crosses her arms.

Vex looked to the man and she wondered if he had seen or heard of her target being in the north. "Have you heard any rumblings of a tall mage with a mask, strange sword that changed forms, he is from Fairy Tail guild and uses dragon magic being around in the north as of late? He also has a mouthy little cat like thing like I do." She makes sure that her bow is safely placed back on her back again so not to risk it becoming broken or damaged. She doubted this man had heard anything about her target but she figures that if she does need help to take him down that she could probably use this mans help as he is a dark guild member and from how he acts and that shockwave he must know his way around a fight unlike Azure who seems to keep his nose stuck deep into his work and lets his summons do the heavy lifting.


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Ikazuchi restrained a laugh as he watched the upset exceed express her displeasure. “I see, I see! It’s nice to meet you, Carla the Exceed.” This was the best response he could give Carla as he was doing his best not to tease her. Even with her standoffish attitude, he couldn’t help but think that she was quite cute after meeting her. His attention shifted between Vex and Carla momentarily. ‘She picked up something fun in our town.’ After that, Vex asked about another mage that she was looking for. The description matched a man that was well-known even in the North, something that even Ikazuchi had noted despite his lack of interest. It was someone that he hoped to fight one day in the future.

I’ve heard of him. Well, I think everyone has at this point. You’re talking about Kaito, right?” Ikazuchi stopped to think for a moment about whether he knew anything more than the man’s resounding reputation, but he was stumped. He found himself surveying the area as he responded. “I know of him, but I haven’t heard anything about him being in the north.” His attention returned back to Vex as he added on to what he said. “Information isn’t exactly my field of expertise, you see.


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Vex had figured as much as she didn't think he would really be the one with his ear to the ground, she wondered if she had given him too much credit, he might still just be a muscle head with nothing but air flying through his ears. She wondered what this man might still have to offer to her if she asked. "So I guess since I am here I might as well ask. Where do you stand on the brewing war that might take place between the west and south from the sound of the rumors I hear that Alisa of blue Pegasus killed my guild leader."

She looked at the man and the exceed holds on to the back of her leg as she is wondering if this man might be a friend or a foe to them if this war was to break out, was their guild on their side or would they remain out of the fighting and not do anything but watch the fighting or would they just pick off the winner, cause rumors have it Sleeping Calamity liked to fight but their record seemed to be zero wins and three losses when it came to guild fights. So were they worth having as an ally or were they just simply dead weight as a guild.


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Ikazuchi realized that what he said could be easily misunderstood, but Vex didn’t show any negative response to what he said. Instead, she continued on to inquire about his opinion regarding the war that was likely to occur in the future. ‘Eternal Nightmare and Blue Pegasus, huh?’ He hadn’t given the topic much consideration as he didn’t have connections to either side. At most, he had only ever briefly encountered Alisa in passing when he purchased Damocles in the past. ‘I wonder if I could fight her now?’ He was silent for a few moments as he mused about the possibility. His attention naturally drifted slightly to the side and upward as he attempted to recall what he knew about her, an urge for battle surging as he did so.

Hmm… Where do I stand, you ask? Personally, I’m pretty neutral since I didn’t see it as my problem.” He paused as he turned his gaze back to Vex. “If I had to say though, I would like to fight Alisa...” A genuine smile spread across his face as he considered it further. “...Yeah, that sounds like fun.” His expression gradually returned to normal as he recalled a particular piece of information he decided to share. “Ah, by the way, you shouldn’t misunderstand. You’re asking the wrong person about Kaito, I only returned to the guild recently and have been too busy to concern myself with rumors like that.


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She leaned against a tree and she looked at the man and she listened to him speak and she agrees it was not his problem but more that this was a bigger issue than just a dark guild leader being killed off but she guessed that she should ask him something else and she wondered something. "If Kaito was to take down your guild master and flattened your guild would you run or would you come to hunt him?" She figured that this man would probably say something like his guild master could handle herself or something along those lines but she figured that he will have some strong man line about not backing down and he would take a fight against him head on or something, men are pretty predictable at their base.

Carla wonders if she can do anything to get Vex info on this Kaito in the north or if he is still as Vex says in a constant movement never stopping to set up roots or seek love, Carla thinks that he is looking for strong woman across the country to take under his control and breed him an army of children to train and take out people of power and replace them with these children and take over the country with his cursed blood.


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Ikazuchi naturally moved to a tree that was a short distance from Vex and leaned his back against it while crossing his arms as he listened to her new question. He had to consider his relationship with the guild and his guildmaster due to it, and whether it truly was something he would fight for. Before his seclusion, the guild had simply been a matter of convenience that he didn’t care for. After returning, he felt discomforted to discover that it had been trampled during his absence. There was a slight sense of guilt and responsibility as he was one of the stronger members among the guild, so his presence could have made a difference. As for recently, he had started to integrate with the guild and come to accept it as a place where he belonged.

Jikan, huh? Her fights are hers alone, but I would step in if someone were after her life. If she fights Kaito, she would need to deal with that on her own.” Ikazuchi was about to express himself regarding the guild, but he recalled another point that he wanted to add. “Ah, I would naturally help if she was being attacked by a group though.” He added this because he wasn’t one to pass up a chance to fight, and assisting in that situation matched his beliefs. It wasn’t impossible that he would fight another dark guild member alongside a light guild to balance the sides. “As for the guild itself, I like the place. I would fight to protect it, no matter who comes. I think that’s a pretty normal answer for someone who’s a part of a guild, right?

Ikazuchi couldn’t help but grow curious after hearing the woman mention Kaito to this extent. It was clear that she had a large amount of interest in the man for him to have come up once again in their conversation. “I’m curious, what’s Kaito to you? Why are you so curious about him?” He knew that he could be stepping on a landmine by asking this, but he was simply too curious to restrain himself, especially after she questioned him multiple times.


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The woman sees that he is firmly loyal to his guild and that strange master of his and she sighs she hoped that he would show some distrust in the guild he now served but it seemed that she was not that lucky. She wondered if maybe he was in the female guild leaders pocket or more her bed.

She heard the man ask about what Kaito was to her and so she guessed she should tell of what happened even if the man didn't believe a word of what she said. "Oh the eve of the new year into the new year, I did a grand sacrifice to my goddess and in the water of the sacrifice I was given a vision of a target for her ultimate sacrifice a man donning a mask cloaked and the mark of the fairies with wind and frost at his back." She looked up to the sky through the branches of the trees around them and she sighs softly. "He is a blight that my goddess seeks to cleanse from this world."

The woman looks down from the sky and back to the man she was speaking to, she looked for what his reaction to this story would be, she things it will be a laugh and him not believing her and she knows he has no reason to believe a word that had just come from her mouth about Kaito or her goddess.


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Ikazuchi was somewhat surprised by the fact that Vex’s reason was entirely due to divine revelation. Like most people, he acknowledged and accepted the existence of gods in the world. It was impossible to doubt them as they had long since made their presence known in a variety of ways. While he personally didn’t have any particular faith, he wasn’t ignorant enough to deny their existence outright. His lack of respect wasn’t something he would force on others, so he was simply neutral as he listened to the woman reveal her circumstances. Even if the words she said weren’t entirely true, his blessing informed him that Kaito truly was an enemy of Vex.

As Vex’s attention returned from the sky above to himself, Ikazuchi simply nodded in acceptance. “So, your Goddess, what is she like?” He wasn’t someone willing to follow a god himself, but he was curious about what could possibly earn the faith of someone like Vex. He considered inquiring about why she served the Goddess that she did, but he felt that it may be better to at least wait to see if she were willing to share about the target of her faith. ‘Well, what cult leader wouldn’t want to share about their faith?’


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She saw the man seemed from what she could tell unimpressed with what she had said so she thought about what she can do to maybe get this man that seemed to be stricken with a permanent  scowl donned on his face to maybe show another emotion. "Tutrix is a kind and loving god, like a simple mothers touch, she is a goddess of dreams which is why she wishes to have those living nightmares given to her as they ruin others good dreams. She is a woman clad in water and vine. I will help her gain the power to take down Illumin as elementally she is superior to him." She smiled.

She doubted that he would be be impressed by even that but she at least got through the whole thing without being interrupted and Carla is staring up at Vex starry eyed as the way Vex had said that was so elegant as if it was a leader telling those that had not the slightest clue the simple way to the light that they dearly sought so restlessly only to be shown it by this woman.


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Ikazuchi was somewhat disappointed by the response he received from Vex. It was roughly the kind of seemingly rehearsed response he would expect from anyone who believes in a particular religion. It felt somewhat impersonal for someone that he thought would interact directly with their goddess frequently. One thing that she said did make him smile though, the mention of taking down Illumin. Even after a few years, he couldn’t forget the frustration he felt dealing with Tempris and that frustrating sword.

She sounds like a good Goddess, and I sincerely hope that she can crush Illumin with your help.” Ikazuchi naturally spoke his mind as he gave the woman genuine support for her goal. “How long do you think it will take to achieve that goal?” Hearing about her goal, he was naturally curious about it. It wasn’t often that you heard someone bravely mention challenging a god, especially one as powerful as Illumin.


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She wondered why this man seemed to have beef with the big god in the sky, had he like her bee mistreated by a family that worshipped that monster in the sky. She is stunned for a minute as she was unsure how long it would take to gain that power as Tutrix had only been unsealed truly like 8 years ago so there was probably a long road ahead of them and their cult to make those steps in believers to power that sort of take down. "I am not so sure how long it will take for her to come into that power need more followers and maybe Kaito scarified to her to get that down faster." She needs to really find out how long it will take that way she can answer that question not she doesn't think that even Tutrix knows how long that task will take for her to gain that kind of power.

Carla is surprised that Vex didn't know the answer to that question.


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Ikazuchi couldn’t help but nod as the answer was something he expected. He hadn’t personally met a deity, but he was somewhat aware of their powers that exceeded comprehension. He was already reasonably strong, even when considering the entire continent, but he couldn’t truly grasp the concept of a deity. ‘I wonder if it’s even possible to gain enough followers for that goal…’ The difficulty of the task was something he couldn’t grasp as he wasn’t involved in religion, but he was aware of the various religions gaining traction throughout the continent ever since the war between heaven and hell.

How strong is Kaito for his sacrifice to have such a great effect?” Despite hearing rumors of the man, Ikazuchi wasn’t able to truly understand the strength that Kaito possessed. He hoped that Vex could enlighten him on the matter. Depending on what he heard, he may even seek the man out for battle in the future. ‘Come to think of it, I heard that he’s the one who ended up with my old sword?’ Truthfully, there had been a time when Ikazuchi attempted to replicate the effect of that sword but was unable to do so fully. It was a truly mysterious weapon that he hoped to encounter again, even if it was in the hands of an enemy.


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She looked at the man and she laughed softly. "From what I have heard that sinner has summoned a blood god and got a wish, he may have caused the issue facing this country as of now. Beyond that I think he is a Z Rank Mage so he will be dangerous to face probably." She took off her bow and she starts to clean it off and she wonders what the man will have to say about what they had said, she didn't expect anything that she said to surprise him at all but she figured she'd wait to find out.

"What is your goal sir?" She wondered what this man's goal was as she was looking to raise an army and she knows that he would be a fine member to join her cause and see the end of this road and she wondered what this man will do and if she can maybe use him.

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