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Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi)

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Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Fri Oct 28, 2022 11:37 pm

Ikazuchi was somewhat surprised by the information about Kaito that Vex shared with him. He had heard rumors about the blood god in the past, but this was the first he heard of any successfully doing so. Still, he had ultimately heard about that previously. At most, he experienced some slight curiosity as a wish is a vague concept. More than that, the fact that Kaito may have caused the invasions that threatened Earthland was what drew his attention. ‘He’s still considered a good guy?’ The fact that Kaito didn’t have a bounty higher than his own baffled him.

As for the concept of a Z-Rank, it was something foreign to Ikazuchi unfortunately. Without meeting or fighting one, he couldn’t be sure how he compared to someone like that. ‘I will just find out in the future…’ He nodded slightly after she finished speaking before commenting. “Do you mean that it would be dangerous for you or me?” He couldn’t help but smile slightly as he spoke as he wondered about how the woman rated herself, him, and Kaito. Another reason for his slight smile was his appreciation and acknowledgement of the fact that the woman properly cared for her equipment.

As the conversation naturally flowed onward, Vex asked a question that he didn’t expect during this conversation. In fact, it made him pause for a long moment in contemplation before he could respond. “My goal, huh?” He unintentionally vocalized that after several seconds of silence before he ultimately tried to answer. “It’s nothing grand, I just want to live freely. If I wish for strength, then I will strive for it. If I want knowledge, I will seek it. If I want to see the world, I will explore it. I will just do what I want, when I want.” His focus wandered through the surroundings as he spoke, his body language slightly relaxing as he reaffirmed his goal. He realized that it may not be what she wanted to hear, but he didn’t have any concrete goal to share with her. He lived in the moment, so there wasn’t a distinct goal to share. He couldn’t visualize a goal for strength, skill, or any other aspect that he could provide her. He would have returned the question, but he had heard most of her goals already throughout the conversation.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 29, 2022 6:19 am

She finally seemed to have gotten a reaction out of the man as she thinks it was probably the blood god thing that had gotten the mans attention or maybe it was the him causing the rifts to open and the darkness to creep in on this world but she was sure this man probably had already known at least something about it or at least rumblings of it cause it was in that trashy magazine that came around nearly every month that polls in were clearly rigged for it to be certain winners.

She listened to the man speak about his simple wants in his life and she guessed that was indeed a form of an answer. It seemed that he had his own path that he wants his way even though the path he is speaking sounds more like a it maybe just violently change from day to day plan for himself. She wondered if his whole guild was like this or if it was indeed just him that sought to lead such an unreliable path of actions that just because the wind blew slightly left today I will fully swap to this other shaky path held up by straws. "That is an interesting way to live I guess, just make sure you take the proper steps to make sure your footing doesn't slip and drop you into a pit you can't climb out of."

Carla looked to the man and she wondered if he had rocks for brains or maybe he forgot to train the more important muscle the one that is clearly housed inside of a concrete holding cell.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 29, 2022 1:59 pm

Ikazuchi felt that she hadn’t understood him as much as he hoped after hearing her response. It seemed to give the impression of someone who couldn’t focus on one thing and didn’t proceed carefully, which wasn’t the case at all. ‘Oh well…’ It wasn’t as if he could explain what efforts he made to achieve his ideal lifestyle, and it wouldn’t be possible to provide a goal or motivation for those daily efforts. Even if he didn’t have any target to defeat, he still gradually progressed his strength and skill. It didn’t matter that he didn’t have any item in mind that he wished to create, he simply enjoyed the process to the fullest.

That won’t happen. While it’s true that I do what I want, when I want to; I’m not someone who does something half-assed either.” The fact that he was one of the most skilled swordsmen on the continent while only being in his mid-twenties was a testament to that fact. If he were someone who was careless, he wouldn’t have survived until now with his lifestyle. “If we’re talking about who will face the most difficulties on their path, would it not be you who hopes to overthrow a god with one of the largest religious followings on the continent?” He didn’t mean any harm by this statement. He only wanted to express that the one who was more deserving of concern between the two was her. Even after considering her faith, Ikazuchi didn’t dislike the woman so he didn’t intend to come across as confrontational in the slightest. He didn’t even consider the possibility that it may sound offensive to her as he waited for a response.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Sun Oct 30, 2022 2:41 am

Vex heard his response to her and she giggled a bit as the man was right that she did indeed have a rather rough path ahead of her with giant mountains to climb but she also knows that she has a network behind her that if she were to stumble they will help her get back up and if need be help her limp across the finish line to the goal. "I like you mister Ikazuchi, you seem to have a laser focused line of sight and you understand that some peoples roads are gonna be rough out side of your own. Keep that wit and your good heart as it seems pure and raw which feels fitting of you."

Carla looked at vex and then back to the swordsmen and she wondered how the conversion had swapped so quickly and that she just agreed that the man's words bared fruits of truth to the road Vex will be walking. Carla feels like maybe she had misjudged Ikazuchi a bit if her mistress thinks that the boy has a good head on him as Vex seemed to be good at weeding at snakes in her garden.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Sun Oct 30, 2022 10:12 pm

While Ikazuchi hadn’t considered what he said rude, he also didn’t expect Vex to respond so positively to what he said either. He was particularly surprised to hear someone tell him that he had a good heart at this point in his life. He had killed more people than he could count at this point, and had a sizable bounty on his head that reflected the crimes he had committed. ‘How funny…’ He hadn’t heard someone describe him in such a positive manner since his parents were alive. Recalling the last time he saw them caused him to smile slightly while feeling bittersweet, unsure what to say. In the end, he could only shake his head to dismiss that comment.

In the end, Ikazuchi couldn’t help but shift the topic slightly as he pushed off of the tree he had been leaning against lightly. “We should talk as we move, otherwise we may have to deal with a curious creature coming to check out the commotion.” He was aware of this as he had been active in the area frequently since his return. If it hadn’t been for the way Vex dispatched the Vulcans, he would have already suggested this. Thankfully, the scent of blood hadn’t spread to attract anything. This meant that only the sound of the explosion from Clarent would draw their attention, so there hadn’t been a reason to rush. Still, he didn’t actually start to leave the area without confirming Vex’s intentions. He was enjoying the conversation, so he hoped to continue it if at all possible.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 31, 2022 11:43 am

Vex hears the mans concern about the other creatures that could show and she guessed he had a point about needing to move and she followed staying next to him and matching his step even if she is a fair bit shorter than the man she is walking with. "Yeah smarter to stay on the move less chance we get ambushed that way."

Carla is following right behind them as they seem to be going some where and she wasn't sure she liked the idea of leaving these two alone together.

Vex wondered where the man was leading her too on this little walk and talk. "So where are we heading to sir?" She felt like she did back when she had council training back in her younger years having to walk and talk and entertain guests to get scored on to see if she was shaping up to be made of the right stuff to be a woman to be a proper right hand to a man that she would be married off to, to handle his dirty work and make her husband look good.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 31, 2022 1:17 pm

Ikazuchi guided Vex and Carla towards a direction that would pass between the territories of the creatures residing in the outskirts. There wasn’t any particular goal in mind though, he simply intended to wander freely through the outskirts. He wasn’t particularly comfortable in the town, and he doubted the woman would be comfortable at the guildhall. He was somewhat unsure what to say when she asked where he was leading her due to that. There wasn’t anywhere that seemed appropriate, but it seemed that she wished for a destination.

Is there anywhere that you would like to go?” To him, this felt like the best response he could give. It wasn’t as if they were particularly close, so he wouldn’t make assumptions or attempt to take control as if on a date. He had the luxury of speaking to the woman in a friendly manner without any expectations, and he intended to take advantage of that to the fullest. If it were up to him, they would simply find a quiet place to sit down and talk before eventually separating. ‘I just hope she isn’t one of those stereotypical women that can’t make up their mind…’


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 31, 2022 2:01 pm

She thought for a second as she walked beside the man and she was as well at a loss for where they should head to and for what reason to head there for she had guessed when he had taken the lead that he had, had a plan but true to the thing he said earlier he was just a go with the wind type, doing what he wanted and going where he wanted in that moment.

She looked to the man with an answer and she used a teasing tone. "To be honest just wandering around sounds nice as a I have a big strong man with me, no need to waste your potential by picking a safe place." She giggled a little after she had finished speaking, she doubted the man would even be phased in the least by this turn of event.

Carla narrows her eyes as she wondered why the mistress was acting like that around the guy was she trying to break his guard down then get him to submit and be an attack dog at her beck and call to take down those that stand against her?


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 31, 2022 3:14 pm

Ikazuchi was thankful for the fact that Vex’s intentions were similar to his own. Though, he didn’t even acknowledge the comments about himself that could only be perceived as teasing. ‘We can go there then…’ There was a particular clearing alongside a creek that he frequented for training. He had hunted in the area for so long that many creatures avoided it, and it had become something like a buffer between a few of the territories. "I have a place in mind then." He answered briefly as he slightly shifted their course.

Also, you don’t seem like the type of girl to need my protection?” He couldn’t help but eventually comment on this despite the fact that he noticed her teasing him. Whether it be her magic, her Goddess’ blessings, or even the various followers she would have as a Cult Leader; she didn’t seem like someone who needed to be protected in his eyes. ‘She even has that cute exceed following her around…’ He felt a slight urge to tease Carla as he thought this, but ultimately suppressed it for now.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Tue Nov 01, 2022 2:55 am

She followed him to the area that he had spoke of and she looked around it seemed like nice and quiet place to rest and relax and not really have to worry she sees why this man had picked this spot for them to come to. She heard the man speak and she giggled a little cause he was right she wasn't some wilting flower weak flower that couldn't defend herself rather it was a battle of wit or if it was a strategy on the battle field, but she was more of a ranged support fighter so her overall strength is a bit below average in a hand to hand fight but she makes up for that with her acrobatics and speed.  "It would seem that you already have a good read on me mister warrior man. I indeed probably don't need protecting in most things, but as a long range fighter I do still require a front line in group fights."  

She gets on her tippy toes and pats his head. He seems like a good guy but she sticks to what she said he is a pure hearted fighter with a raw potential not really a bad person just one that will do this his own way that might be seen as evil when really he is just living his own life at his own speed with his own tempo for the steps he takes he goes. She can tell he is not one for helping in her adventure to take on a god but that he does support her in spirit in her crushing task.

Carla wondered why the man kept looking at her like that and she guessed that she might be a rarity to him so she guessed that is why he kept doing that or maybe he was looking for subtle hints on something from her. She had no hints to give the man so if that is what he was after he was up shit's creek without a paddle unless he likes Vex but she doubted that the man was interested in women.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Wed Nov 02, 2022 2:11 pm

Well, that’s reasonable as well.” Ikazuchi distinctly recalled how Vex had been easily leading the Vulcan when they first encountered each other. Even if he knew that the woman was slower than himself, she was still reasonably fast as a ranged fighter. Someone like himself may be welcomed, but he doubted that it was necessary. The only exception would be the group fights that she mentioned, but he doubted she ended up involved in those often with her personality. He didn’t vocalize that though, he didn’t feel the need to point out this fact as she would obviously be more aware than himself.

When Vex attempted to pat his head, Ikazuchi instinctively ducked and sidestepped while turning his attention to her directly. He knew she didn’t mean him any harm, but it wasn’t something that he was comfortable with either. “I would appreciate it if you didn’t do that.” The idea of receiving affection like that from a stranger wasn’t something that he welcomed. It had been years since he had that kind of interaction, and he hadn’t been seeking it during that time. There wasn’t any way that he would casually accept it from a woman he met just a short time ago.

He didn’t say anything else though, Ikazuchi simply added to the space between the two as he returned to leading Vex and Carla forward. The uncomfortable feeling he had led to an awkward silence. He didn’t feel like returning to the previous conversation, and he didn’t care to ask why she attempted to touch him. He vaguely felt that it was something of a habit ingrained in the woman due to her position, but that wouldn’t make him more accepting of it.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Wed Nov 02, 2022 2:55 pm

Vex smirked at the man ducking and dodging like she was a leper of some sort and she thought up a something to say. "My guesses on the movement like that is either you hate women, you feel that kind of affection degrades you as a man, or you just don't like people touching you." She wasn't worried about it as she knows the man probably didn't mean any harm with it as she did just try to do that without his consent.

She looked around as they walked and she wondered if she could make a home out in these parts or if it would just really get ransacked by the pieces of shit in the north that hate wood elves so she should probably stick to the woods that are safer for them and not just rampant with racists and thieves that will take anything that isn't hammered and nailed to the ground.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Wed Nov 02, 2022 6:49 pm

I’m just not comfortable being touched, especially without warning.” He spoke evenly as he responded to her comment. He didn’t mention that if he had less self control then he may have drawn his sword out of habit. In the past, if someone had suddenly approached him in that way, he would have lashed out defensively before he recognized the intent. Thankfully, his self-control had increased alongside his skill so there wasn’t an awkward incident where he suddenly struck Vex due to her harmless action.

The sound of the creek could vaguely be heard ahead as they continued to move. “It’s just up ahead.” Ikazuchi didn’t bother to explain the area as they would soon arrive. The wide clearing with trees and boulders covered in scars from his swordsmanship would be plainly visible. The fact that the clearing hadn’t occurred naturally, but had been formed due to his own efforts would be apparent as certain areas on the ground were uneven due to the removal of trees. In some, gravel from shattered stones had settled due to his training. It wasn’t a beautiful location, but there was a sturdy stone table with benches on either side next to the creek that he had carved where they could sit and talk. There weren’t many creatures willing to approach the area decorated with the markings of his swords, so he wasn’t concerned about any pursuit as he motioned towards the table and spoke. “We can sit and talk here, if you don’t mind.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Wed Nov 02, 2022 8:05 pm

Vex guessed that he had no real woman pull power as he seems a walking beacon of I am a man but I am not your man nor do I want to be. "It is fine I take the full blame for it." She just kept following the man after saying that as she figured it was just easier for her to claim the blame so the man doesn't feel bad for it.

She looked around the area and she wondered why he asked like that of course she was going to sit and take the time to relax and enjoy her time with him even if he isn't enjoying his time with her as she sees the place as lived in and well used which is just normal from her days living on the streets, she still sees the beauty of this place as well even though she guessed most wouldn't.

Carla looks at the man and she hazards to guess if he had been the one that had caused all of this damage. "Why would you damage nature like this?" Carla was displeased that the man had harmed the forest and the woods with his training.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 03, 2022 1:05 pm

Ikazuchi took a seat at the table and made himself comfortable as he turned his attention to Carla who didn’t hesitate to express her displeasure. He simply smiled at her as if dealing with a child before speaking. “You arrived a bit late, so I can understand the confusion.” Ikazuchi was sitting on the side of the table closer to the open space he trained in, so he raised his hand as he turned and straddled the bench. “Watch closely, okay?” He didn’t stop smiling throughout the process as Clarent appeared in his raised hand and the aura surged to life.

In the next moment, without hesitation, he swung the sword in a controlled manner causing the distinct red aura to surge away from them. He naturally avoided swinging near Vex or Carla in order to not threaten them, he even focused his control in order to only cause the wave to surge just above the ground. Faint cracks still spread, but the possible damage was minimized.

The attack harmlessly dissipated into the open area, but it gave a clear example of how the damage could occur. Not to mention, while training it was natural that his surroundings would receive strikes. After the aura completely faded away, Ikazuchi simply returned Clarent back to his storage ring before speaking again. “As you can see, it’s unavoidable that the surroundings will be damaged when I train. That’s why I focus on training in this specific area, and also the reason for the clear space that you see.” His attention that had been focused on examining the results of the attack returned to Carla as he turned back to the table properly. “I don’t like to damage nature either, but it’s bound to happen when you get stronger and train yourself.

He glanced at Vex after this hoping that she would understand and be willing to assist if this explanation wasn’t enough for Carla. Much like talking to a child, he wasn’t sure that such a logical explanation would be reasonable to her. It was at this point that he recalled the woman’s magic and the nature element that it possessed. ‘She wouldn’t be feeling the same way as Carla, right?’


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 03, 2022 6:05 pm

Vex gets that damage must be done to prove things even if her magic has nature too it she isn't really worried about it that much as nature finds it's own way to carry on after it breaks or is harmed he was just showing his power and what he can do so she didn't see any problem with the way the man was doing his thing and spending his time on training.

Carla did not look to like the fact that she said something then the man decided that he would just harm the land more right in front of her and she went to voice her complaints to the man and Vex puts her hand in front of her to stop her as this is not a hill that the exceed needs to die on. Vex looks at the man as he finished and put his sword back away. "You have a point the stronger you get and the items you gain you will do more damage, just remember the land you scar is the land you live on." She figured her saying this will help calm Carla down a bit as well so she will respect that she was stopped.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 03, 2022 7:47 pm

Ikazuchi nodded after hearing Vex’s comment about nature. If he simply didn’t care about nature, he would have directly blown a hole in the ground. He hadn’t done that though, he had specifically released the attack in a way that minimized the destructiveness as a demonstration. “I haven’t ever forgotten that, and that’s why this particular area was cleared.” His attention was directed to Carla who still seemed dissatisfied after responding to Vex. “While it’s true that the area has been damaged due to my training, all of that damage is focused here in order to prevent the spread of the damage.

After saying that, he realized that there was another detail that may be able to appease the exceed. “Also, I assure you that the trees weren’t simply destroyed. I processed most of them for various uses, I believe part of it was even used to repair some of the damaged areas in the town.” He patted the table as he continued. “Even this table is something that was made by cutting a boulder that had been in the area.” Ikazuchi appreciated the understanding that Vex had shown, but a part of him hoped to provide a proper answer to Carla as well. “While it isn’t pretty, I tried to make sure nothing was wasted.” At this point, he felt that there truly wasn’t anything else he could add to change the exceed’s opinion. If she were to still be upset, they would have to agree to disagree and move on.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 03, 2022 10:12 pm

It would seem that the man was one of many talents outside of the swordsmanship, seems he is some sort of craftsmen as well as it looked like it was well crafted and well taken care of even if it seemed odd for him as she was more sure this odd man was nothing more than a man that was crafted into a sword and used as if he was one by his guild. The craftsmen thing was a good surprise for the day as it meant he was more useful later on if she was to need anything made as she could probably turn to him and at least ask tips to help get it all cleared up or something like that.

Carla was unsure how she felt about this man and they way he was talking but she sighed as she was not going to sweat it if she was not sweating it at this given time and she hoped that there was going to be a good out come to this.

"I see then you are a man of many hats are you?" She giggled softly as she took a seat with Carla and she looked around a bit more for anything in the tree line.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Sat Nov 05, 2022 11:12 am

Ikazuchi was able to take Carla’s silence as some sort of acceptance and comfortably move on from the topic. It was at this point that Vex and Carla took a seat across from him at the table while the woman spoke. ‘Many hats?’ It was an expression that he hadn’t heard before, but the context implied that it was a reference to his skillset that he had briefly touched on. “It’s only natural to expand the number of your skills as you gain experience. In my case, I have developed several to support my role as a swordsman.

What about yourself, what kind of skills do you have?” Ikazuchi naturally asked this after a moment as the conversation had seemingly shifted in this direction. He knew many things about her due to his blessing, but he wasn’t willing to accept that this alone gave him all of the knowledge he may need. ‘How lacking would someone be if he could learn everything so easily?’ That would be his sentiment if he were able to truly discuss this power of his.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Sat Nov 05, 2022 12:45 pm

Vex wondered how much she should really tell this man as he may just turn on her or Eternal Nightmare as this man may go rouge as he seemed to have the qualities to be an anti-hero that might go honor of his own if he is wronged in anyway but her or the guild and she shook her head and she was going just to be honest about her self. "I am like I said a marksmen and a healer. I also have my eye and I also have a dagger that packs a punch if I connect with it." She was not going to be rude to the man and lie to the man as she figures that she may need his help later and her telling him now might help her out later as she will not have to explain her moves so they can non-verbally fight and focus their mental energy on what or who they are fighting to make it count as that was what would matter in the end.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Mon Nov 07, 2022 12:48 pm

Ikazuchi wasn’t sure what to say when he heard the woman’s response. He welcomed the explanation about her skills, but it also wasn’t quite what he meant. He already knew most of her skills related to battle, so he wasn’t particularly surprised by the information. The mention of her eye made him curious, but he didn’t inquire further about it. Had she wanted to elaborate, she would have done so already. “It seems that you can always find a place on the battlefield, unlike myself. If I can’t engage someone in close quarters, then I can’t show my strengths.” He paused for a moment as he considered what he knew about her more before commenting. “Ranged, melee, and support abilities would make you highly valued on any battlefield.

Ikazuchi couldn’t help but smile at this point though, fully aware that what he would say after this may come across as teasing. “While that was very informative, I was asking about your skills more along the lines of myself being a craftsman.” His expression slightly at this point. “What kind of skills have you developed outside of combat?” At this point, he was simply making conversation with her. It wasn’t particularly important to him what she was capable of, he simply felt more comfortable asking about the skills that were less harmful for her to share. It wasn’t as if he could use the ability to make a delicious pie against the woman, so he imagined she would feel more comfortable discussing that as well.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Mon Nov 07, 2022 3:43 pm

She feels slightly embarrassed by her mistake there and she recollects herself and she stands up straight and proper. "My skills out side of the battle field are, sewing, cooking, cleaning, writing and speaking nearly all languages I am very book smart as well as I think a natural born leader. I was raised to be the perfect wife to carry my husbands burdens for him on and off the filed of battle. No I do not have bed room experience but I feel that I could adapt quickly to it." She wondered if that was the better answer to the mans question.

She looked at him and he waited for his approval or disapproval of what she said for working for what he had asked of her or if he needed her to go into a deeper detail about what she can do and what she could probably quickly learn to do to further add to the list or prove anything that she had said that she could do.

Carla was nodding along to the things that Vex had listed and smiled till the woman spoke about her lack of bedroom experience and Carla's face went blood red with embarrassment at Vex saying that out loudly to the man even if it was her proving a point or making a point to have that known.


Odd Friends in odd places. (Ikazuchi) - Page 2 Empty Fri Feb 03, 2023 11:43 am

Ikazuchi couldn’t help but smile awkwardly as he heard Vex’s final statement. He couldn’t have guessed that the woman would be confident enough to boast about her ability to perform in the bedroom to a man she just met. ‘Is she hinting at something?’ He wasn’t sure what to make of the sudden shift in the situation, and there didn’t seem to be an appropriate response available to him.

Unwilling to make a move on the woman, Ikazuchi stood from his seat across from the woman and finally responded. “That’s an impressive list, you seem to be a very talented woman.” As he spoke, he straightened out his gear while subtly avoiding making eye contact with the woman. His gaze only met hers once he decided what excuse he would use to leave. “It’s been nice chatting with you, so I hope we can do this the next time we meet. I just recalled that there is someone waiting for me at the guild, so I can’t hang around chatting.” After expressing his intention to leave, Ikazuchi took a half step back before adding a farewell. “Until we meet again…” After saying that, he immediately turned and left feeling slightly awkward as he nearly used her true name at that moment.

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