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Musical Auction

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#1Mistress Elvira 

Musical Auction Empty Fri Oct 14, 2022 10:15 am

Mistress Elvira

  • The topic takes place at Elvira's Vacation house in Luluhawan Beach.

  • You must be S rank and below to bid.

  • To start bidding, you must go to her balcony and sing her a song of your choice. Doesn't have to be the whole song, but most of it will be lovely. She will then open her doors for you to walk into her auction.

  • You must shout your bid on the mystery item when entering the topic.

  • You must bid at least 500,000J higher than the previous bidder if you're interested.

  • Bids are done in increments of 500,000J.

  • Bids may not be edited or deleted to rack up the price. You will be severely punished if you edit or delete your post in this topic.

  • The item will go to the last bidder if nobody places a new bid for 24 hours.

  • The starting bid is 2,000,000J.

  • No fighting now.~ You will be automatically booted from my Vacation home and forbidden from taking part of my future auctions for a while.


Musical Auction Empty Sat Oct 15, 2022 3:48 pm

It might have taken a bit longer for some one to show up for bidding but some one was far more curious about what could. This time in her normal attire and nothing summer related, the shadow daemon showed up as casually as she would in most places. Then walking over to the balcony she then coughed to prepare her voice, Then she would sing."Dancing on the wind up and down again."She started singing it perfectly as her mind remembered it was something she at one point started singing around Quillareine in her many attempts to annoy her.

Even teaching Suza parts of the song."Round and round the bend
Fa la la la la la."
When then rested against something still close enough to the balcony just to see how many lines she could get in before she needed to stop."From a flow'ry bed to the clouds ascend Tumble down again, Fa la la la la la."Yet as she still kept singing this song, She remembered how often when she did, it never managed to annoy her friend. But it kept Suza some what happy because of the childish manner of it and how it was like you could playful with singing it.

Then taking her time to pull out her pouch of jewel."Yet with each descent do we rise again, To our hearts' content, Fa la la la la la." Opening up the bag she was making sure it was the right amount required that she remembered to keep track of in her mind.

Then gently tossing it a few inches and catching it she would finish the final phrase of that part of the song."Fly away my friend for a day and then, We'll begin again,Fa la la la la la."watching it float there for a few moments she then caught the bag.

Looking around to see if some one would stir she then smiled a tiny to herself. Surely it was an impressive show that would gather a bit of attention right? Then she would just walk in so casually as she normally did put her shades away, Opened the door and simply just said."2 million."as she casually waited. for whatever would happen next.

#3Mistress Elvira 

Musical Auction Empty Sun Oct 16, 2022 8:54 pm

Mistress Elvira

Oh my, what a lovely unique song from a unique beauty. Never quite heard such a song before. You may join the lovely auction as my doors shall open to you. Ohohoho~.

There was only one woman who came to sing to Mistress Elvira. Disappointed as she was, she felt happy to at least be sung to by someone. Leaving her stone balcony, she went inside to witness the auction. By the time she went inside she saw the woman who sung to her win.

Swiftly, she held both of the sides of her dress and ran down the spiral stairs to go on the stage. She happily smiled and pointed towards Akuko with her hand to welcome her on stage. She gave the daemon commoner a bag that carried some potions. Elvira gave a kiss on her cheek and a wink before ending the little show as she had more traveling to do.

Tata~ Hopefully we meet again.

@Akuko  has won the Auction, winning: x1 Major Experience Potion, 1x Mana Vial & 1x Stat Potion.

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