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The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte]

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 The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte] Empty Sun Sep 25, 2022 6:10 am

As the day dawned, Edgar was eager to get it underway. Today he and Charlotte agreed to a friendly spar in the open area of South Gate Park. Mongolians often exercised in the park, which wasn’t lethal weaponry. He ensured to pocket his wrapping bandage, which was neatly rolled up, awaiting the next time for it to be used. He was wearing his Medallion to Illumin and had his ash blonde hair tied back.

The streets were sleepy, but it didn’t bother him. He would be a little early, but it would give him a chance to practice before getting into the real deal. It would be the first time they sparred in a long time, and he looked forward to it. It’s nice to have time with her.

As he arrived at South Gate Park, he found a spot in the area that was designated as a training field for exercise and such, and as he waited, he began to go through his training motions slowly and deliberately, just as his father had taught him.

#2Charlotte Harrison 

 The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte] Empty Sun Sep 25, 2022 6:24 am

Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte yawned as she practically rolled out of bed, rubbing the sleepy dust out of her eyes before checking the time. Her heart rate went from resting to racing in seconds as she realised she was already late for the sparring match she and Edgar had previously scheduled.

In a mad panic, she began to change. Several curses later she was finally flying out the door, Gwendolyn rapidly trotting along at her heels. Swiftly, she sprinted down the street towards the park, doing her best to not bawl people over on her way, and apologising as she bumped into a couple of people. Eventually, she managed to spot her friend going through familiar motions in the training section of the park. She raised her hand to wave him down as she arrived, puffing and panting a little as she caught her breath.

Gwendolyn on the other hand looked completely unphased, this wasn't the first time Charlotte had gotten up and woken up the gryphon in a rush. Still, her feathers were a little flustered as she hadn't had time to preen them after being so rudely awoken.


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“I may be shorter, but at least I have a great sense of time and being on time”, Edgar quipped as he noticed the blue-haired girl entering the open field, late and smiled. “It’s lovely to see you, though, Char!” He stopped his motions in short order, not one to stop halfway through before crossing the distance to offer a friendly embrace as a greeting. “I’ve been looking forward to today! Time to see who’s improved the most!”

Edgar retrieved his bandaging from his pocket. Today he was just wearing his ordinary village garb, nothing special and nothing he cared enough about if it got a little torn. “Oh! Also, lovely to see you, Gwen. I pray you will ensure the spar is fair and Char doesn’t cheat!” He teased before offering the small griffon a chin scratch.

He unwound the bandaging he held and began wrapping his hands and lower arms, looking at Charlotte expectantly for an indication that she was preparing herself as well.

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Charlotte Harrison
"Yea, yea, shush it, shortie." Charlotte pouted, puffing her cheeks a little as she finally caught her breath. She, much like her friend, had chosen to sport simple attire, that was a little warmer than the last time they had met. The air had a cool touch as summer was coming to an end, which Gwendolyn relished as she chittered as Edgar acknowledged her presence. Whether or not she would actually watch the fight was yet to be seen as she promptly sat down and began preening herself, sorting out her feathers in a delicate manner.

"So, I figured it would be fairer if I didn't use my sword." Charlotte noted, as she drew her blade from her sheath and spun it in her hand, showing off a bit before sheathing it once more, "However, I brought it so I can show you some swordsmanship later, as you expressed interest in seeing it in action last time." She added as she placed the belt with the sword next to gryphon for now.

With a few quick stretches so her body wouldn't completely hate her for the strain it was about to endure, Charlotte prepared for the sparring session. After stretching she took a ribbon from her pocket that she'd grabbed in her earlier rush and hurriedly tied her hair up and out of her face before taking on a balanced stance as Edgar's father had taught them.


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“That would be lovely! It’ll be nice to see what you can do, but first, our spar, eh.” Replied Edgar as he finished wrapping his hands. “So if you aren’t using your sword, perhaps I should not use my magic too? Would that not be fair?” He pondered as he moved with practised motions, dropping into a defensive form, or hjalmstallr, as his father called the position, where the user had one hand raised in defence of the face and the other lower to protect the torso. He noted that the blue-haired girl opted to use the more balanced veida form another taught to them by his father.

His stance was solid, and his breathing slowed as he began to concentrate intently on the spar that was about to happen, he had to show her that he wasn’t a pushover, but he wanted to have fun as they used to. “Ready when you are, Char. Come at me.” He said calmly but with a tad of defiance and excitement, indicating he would not be an easy opponent.

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Charlotte Harrison
"Are you sure you stand a chance without your flashy magic tricks?" Charlotte teased with a smirk, feeling a little competitive. It had been a while since they'd last faced off and her physical abilities had certainly grown in that time. However, she was uncertain just how far his own training had taken him. Just because he was slightly smaller than her, didn't necessarily make him any less of a difficult matchup. His defensive choice of stance would make it difficult to strike him immediately unless she moved quicker than he could defend.

In one swift, fluid-like motion, she'd twist one foot as she shifted her body forward as she attempted to strike him with a quick jab on his left side. A quick fist attack to test the waters so to speak, one which she fully expected him to block given his defensive position. How he would choose to retaliate afterwards, would ultimately determine her next shift in stance as well.


 The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte] Empty Mon Sep 26, 2022 4:31 am

“Ha, flashy? Hardly!” He pouted as Charlotte teased him. Edgar observed the blue-haired girl as she made the first move, a simple jab to his left side. She was testing him, and he did not wish to disappoint, shifting his body to take the blow earlier than if he remained motionless. His father’s training was primarily muscle memory by this point, his arm in one fluid motion contacting with the girls before giving way and redirecting the force of the blow upwards rather than directly towards him. It was a typical move from any practitioner of the martial arts style the two now wielded, one she would also know.

As he attempted to disrupt the flow of her attack, Edgar hoped to take advantage of the brief moment before she could recover and brought his right arm back, hugging his torso tightly as it did so before springing forth with an open palm aimed towards the girl's abdomen to create space between the two.

#8Charlotte Harrison 

 The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte] Empty Mon Sep 26, 2022 5:08 am

Charlotte Harrison
His reactions were as sharp as ever, as he easily blocked the incoming attack and followed up by taking advantage of the opening given to him. Rather than attempting to block him, she'd allow his hand to land. As his palm struck her, Charlotte instead shifted her weight and dug her feet into the ground, allowing her to keep her balance.

Whilst this did mean he had put some space between them, her feet sliding back along the hard surface beneath them, it was far less than he had most likely intended. Letting his move strike, had in return given her a small opening. Allowing her right arm to freely move past the palm on her abdomen, in an attempt to offensively strike his right side. Using the fact she had slightly longer limbs to her advantage.

"I mean it shines brightly, wouldn't you agree that counts as 'flashy'?" She continued to banter, the tamer smiling sweetly as she spoke.  Purposely locking her amber eyes with his azure ones, in an attempt to distract his mind from her currently incoming attack.


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Edgar couldn’t help but smile in her direction as the strike landed, his palm digging, pushing her backwards as intended. He didn’t expect her to take the blow, leaving him in an awkward position to defend his right side. The girl took advantage of his current situation, and he could see her right arm coming at him in a place he could not possibly defend against usually.

He decided the best course of action was to switch forms. As the girl's fist was getting dangerously close to his side, he ducked low, the blow connecting with him as he did. He winced a little as it did. It would leave a mark, but he hoped it was worth it. His leg swept out towards the back of the girl’s knees, hoping to hit the weak point and buckle her legs ending his own form known into one known as Knyja, which suited this situation. He hoped she hadn’t been practising its counter too.

“Well, when you put it that way! I guess it does make the world just a little brighter.” He quipped in return, the banter adding to his enjoyment, and he couldn’t help but feel happy for her for the progress she seemed to have made in her physique and speed.

#10Charlotte Harrison 

 The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte] Empty Mon Sep 26, 2022 6:10 am

Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte was proud she'd managed to land even a single blow, even if it was barely as he'd switched up his form. Lowering himself to a position that would make it much more difficult to continue to strike with her arms. Legs it would have to be, however, before she could even shift her body to go on the offensive there was the issue of his counterattack coming at her in a sweeping motion.

Her mind raced trying to recall the way to counter but fell short and her hesitation was her downfall as she felt his legs collide with her own, causing her knees to buckle and bend. In an attempt to keep her balance she had taken a step forward, which only made matters worse as she lost her footing and quickly came tumbling down, toppling towards her opponent. And she could only panic as there was no way for her to avoid soon falling upon him.


 The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte] Empty Mon Sep 26, 2022 6:44 am

Edgar was surprised his strike was adequate, given the strength difference between the two. The girl attempting to balance herself by taking a step forwards was a fatal mistake. He had her. As she began to fall forwards, habit took over. The palm that had just left the girl’s abdomen as he dropped low made contact again with his left palm aiming higher towards the girl's chest to use her momentum against her, sending her sailing overhead. If she did nothing in return, she would end up slammed against the ground, lying on her back.

Edgar didn’t want to hurt her, and as his hands began to make contact with the girl, he altered the direction of her momentum, attempting to let her roll off to the side rather than slam on her back. However, his hand slipped against the soft tissue, causing her weight to bear down on him entirely, catching her in a position reminiscent of an embrace buckling slightly under the weight.

“Sorry! My hand slipped, Char.” He said, a little embarrassed as he attempted to stand up and reset.

#12Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte felt him grab her, her eyes clenched shut, fearing what was coming, soon she would be eating dirt and have to claim defeat. However, it didn't come, instead, she felt his hand slip, causing a light dusting of crimson upon her cheeks as it had resulted in them being in quite an intimate position.

"Oh my, I had no idea you had become this kind of man, Ed." Charlotte teased, acting far shyer than she actually felt over the ordeal. It had after all been an accident, one that when sparring had always been a possibility. It wasn't as if he had meant anything by it.

"Ugh! GWEN!" Charlotte had gone to shift herself, in an attempt to alleviate her weight upon him, only for Gwendolyn to lunge onto the two. The gryphon had been upset she was not a part of all the fun they seemed to be having at this moment and had decided to force her way in. Her added weight was in no way helping the situation.


 The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte] Empty Mon Sep 26, 2022 8:08 pm

“Oof,” Edgar buckled under the weight as the gryphon bounded in, partially collapsing to the ground. “I did not e-expect t-that, ” his voice strained as the effort of keeping Charlotte, her companion and himself off the ground began to take its toll. “That's c-cheating g-wen, I w-won’t l-l-lose,” as he strained further, he started to push back against the two as he grinned. Though the situation had become a little awkward, he was determined to show them.  

His body did not agree with his will, and the weight overpowered him, collapsing to the ground in defeat. “Y-you got me… Cheaters.” His breath laboured from the sudden physical exertion. While it was a bit of a surprise that Gwendolyn had gotten involved, it wasn’t out of character for the Gryphon. Edgar remembered other times when she had done so when she was much smaller.

He couldn’t help but burst out in laughter at the situation.

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#14Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte's eyes grew wide as she felt Edgar's body begin to collapse beneath her. A moment of sheer panic before they clenched shut once more, this time the expected crash coming to fruition as they were crushed together beneath the young gryphon. Edgar's laughter was quickly contagious as Charlotte found herself laughing hysterically alongside him, which only amped up the gryphon to continue.

"Ow ow... OW!" Charlotte cried through the laughter, as she felt sharp talons pierce her through her shirt, the gryphon excitedly clawing her along with the occasional nip of the beak as she 'played', "Gwen, oh my go- AH!" Charlotte chuckled as she tried to wriggle around so she could push the little beast off of them, "You.. hahaha... win Gwen... ow... I surrender... hehe..." Charlotte managed to cry out in her struggle, eventually shoving the feathered creature off of her and managing to pick herself up. Offering a hand down to Edgar to help him up as well while the gryphon gloated over her victory, puffing out her chest, rather proud of herself.


 The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte] Empty Tue Sep 27, 2022 3:18 am

Edgar accepted the helping hand from Charlotte as the situation died down. He held onto the hand a little longer than he intended while getting up. “Hahaha, I guess she showed us… ow.” As he watched the gryphon puff out their chest. “Yeah, puff it up. How about a round two? Just you and me?”

He watched as the gryphon pranced and gloated about its supposed victory before turning back to Charlotte and seeing he was still holding her hand. “She didn’t rough you up too much, did she? Feel like she doesn’t know her strength,” again looking to the gryphon, “or size, she’s grown so much since we left the village, huh.” As he looked over the girl, he noticed that her shirt had a few new holes that definitely were not there before, his own garb sporting the same.

“I’ll get you for this Gwen!” He said playfully before attempting to let go of Charlotte, his spar forgotten. It’s time to teach the small gryphon a lesson, whether or not the girl also let go he was determined to ball over the gryphon in retaliation.

#16Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
"Ah, I'm alright, just a little sore." Charlotte noted with a small chuckle, far more anxious that Gwendolyn might not hold back her full strength if given the okay to attack Edgar, the little creature could definitely pack quite a painful punch these days. However, Edgar seemed keen to give her a go, and she'd release his hand as she began checking her own body, nursing her scratches and bruising locations. No doubt her body would hurt a little more than usual upon waking up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn had leant forward, bringing her chest low to the ground as she stuck her butt up to the air, in a motion not dissimilar to that of a playful puppy. A low purring growl began erupting from her chest as she prepared to launch an attack or dodge his upon Edgar's signal. A game they had played many times in the young griffin's life, however, she had always been much smaller than she was now.


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“Glad to hear it,” He turned to the gryphon, who was now wiggling, ready to pounce. “I see you are ready!” He dropped into a defensive stance again. He knew full well that he could not match the small gryphon in strength and speed, but he had his magic if things got out of control. “Illumin give me strength,” he muttered. He charged the small gryphon intending to wrestle her into submission. “Hope you are prepared!~” Edgar exclaimed as he bounded towards the Gryphon.

Given the speed and strength difference, he decided if she did try to claw him in retaliation, he was prepared to shield himself if need be. It wouldn’t do to worry Charlotte. Who he could see looked a little anxious. He gave her a warm smile as he rushed past her towards the small snowy gryphon. Now was his time to play and perhaps shine, as Charlotte said.

#18Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
A shrill screech erupted from the gryphon's lungs as she grew impatient to begin. The moment Edgar bounded towards her, she'd wriggled from side to the side, holding her playful puppy position as her beady little owl eyes tried to determine where he was coming from. The moment he'd attempt to grab her she'd lunge to the left in an attempt to avoid immediate capture. The thing is... Gwendolyn always lunged to the left in moments like this. If Edgar remembered any previous little tussles he'd easily be able to predict her movements.

Charlotte watched on, honestly a little interested to see how things would go. Gwendolyn was one to act first rather than think. The gryphon was simply the brawn and she, as her tamer, the brain that guided her during hunting. Hunting was the only sort of actual practice they had in fighting other than playful bouts like this one. The tamer pondered if it was perhaps finally time for some more formal training.


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Edgar ducked to the left at the last second, anticipating Gwendolyn to do as she always did. She was faster than he anticipated, “Drat!”, He exclaimed as they sailed past each other, he had little chance of matching her speed he was confident of that now, even with the advantage given to him of knowing the small gryphon’s tell. He decided to switch it up a little, planting his hand on the ground as he turned, lowering himself to the level of the gryphon in anticipation of the counter from the small snowy fluffball.

“You’ve improved!” He said excitedly, holding back, watching what his opponent was now trying to do. Gwendolyn had other tells he was aware of but wasn’t sure it would help him now that she outclassed him so severely and even Charlotte as far as he could tell. It was to be expected gryphons were known for their strength and speed.

#20Charlotte Harrison 

 The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte] Empty Fri Sep 30, 2022 3:50 am

Charlotte Harrison
Gwendolyn's speed and strength had never been something to sniff at, even when she had only been the size of a kitten. Now, the size of a medium dog, it was even more overwhelming, even for someone with Edgar's martial arts training. In a split second, the agile gryphon was already behind him, lunging forward, towards his back, aiming to bawl the light mage over and pin him beneath her.

It would be clear to Charlotte, standing on the sidelines that Gwendolyn was not attempting to seriously injure him, nor going for a full assault. She was holding back her full strength, being as careful as she could. While her claws would still more than likely dig in a little and bruise the mage's flesh should they manage to sink in, it would be unlikely to draw blood. The tamer was rather proud to see that the gryphon knew it was simply for play and not for real. Edgar would be easily able to heal any minor scratches or bruising she caused during their tussle.

Once the two were done with their little play fight, Charlotte would do as she promised, showing Edgar some of her swordsmanship skills and even allowing him to test it for himself if he wished. Going through some of the basic stances with him and how to both attack and defend, just in case he ever found himself in a position where he had to pick up a sword, although the chances of that were mighty slim. Where they went after training, however, Charlotte would leave up to Edgar.



 The Lovers Tarot: Edgar [Social | Charlotte] Empty Fri Sep 30, 2022 4:06 am

“Agh, you got me.” Edgar fell over playfully, indicating he had had enough. Gwendolyn was much more agile and robust than he had thought initially. Early in the fight, Edgar used his magic defensively to keep up with the small gryphon. After he yielded the fight, he bowed to the gryphon, his scrapes and cuts plain to see. They weren’t so bad as to use his magic to mend the damage. It would go away in time itself.

As the sparring came to a close, Charlotte showed him her swordsmanship, which was impressive for someone who had picked it back up again. It did not feel like she had lost her edge. After the display, Edgar clapped for her, and she was terrific. He then suggested they get a bite to eat and spend the rest of the day chatting about the two friends' past, present and future. Edgar wished to follow her to the Central Regions in a short time. He enjoyed their time together and thought it could be fun there, too.


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