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Spies Like Us [Quest: Vyra]

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Spies Like Us [Quest: Vyra] Empty Fri Sep 23, 2022 9:32 am

Hardly what she had envisioned arriving within this place, Luluhawa Island. She had heard whispers of it while she was in Blue Pegasus, a place that had drawn quite a bit of attention, not only from the people within the guild, but also those beyond it. A vacation resort, an island that had yet to have been discovered once upon a time, and a place full of opportunity, not only for those with good intentions, but also those that were just trying to survive. That was what Vyra figured when she arrived, hoping that the island would be something that would give her a chance to make a bit of a living while not having to worry anywhere near as much as what had been presented by the situation in Hargeon. Being stripped of that burden, it was much easier to find opportunities this time around. No lacking of them either from those less savory, quickly finding Vyra and employing her on a nice opportune job, surveying a few locals, getting information that would be impossible to get by more known faces. As a fresh face on Luluhawa, there were little reason for her to be terribly concerned over being caught, instead giving her an easy means of looking around, finding what information was needed, and being able to convey it back to the person who had reached out initially. It did make her wonder the motivation behind all of this, but for the moment she was not horribly concerned, focused instead on just getting her feet wet.

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