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An Offer He cant Refuse

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An Offer He cant Refuse Empty Thu Sep 08, 2022 11:57 am

Akeno was in the area to visit with his friend Nana, had rescued her from a werewolf sort of creature. Nana was not incredibly happy at him for it, but he would not let that affect him or his pride, for he saved a friend. After all she always did the hard work on their teams when they had worked together, it was nice to return the favor in a way.

While in the area Akeno got told about some quests in the area he could complete while he was in the area, so he would get ahold of the guild to find out which ones, and take one of them on. He would take on a quest he felt he could easily handle by himself. All he had to do was convince a man to move away from the location he was currently in, Akeno was quite the man to deal with, so it would likely go in his favor.


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Akeno would first meet up with the man who wanted to buy the land. Herman was his name, and this grand material that needed to be mined was his game, but upon meeting him he informed Akeno that violence was off the table, that he needed to find a more creative away to get rid of the goat herder. Akeno would have to give it thought. He would have to go and get to know more about the man first to develop a way to get the man to leave the land willingly.

Akeno would walk around town and begin to gather information on the man, it would seem almost anyone asked would say the man was a bit of a shut in, liked to keep only to himself, and barely left the land to come into town for anything if he could help it. The idea began to formulate in Akeno's Mind.


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Akeno would go back to Herman and got permission to bluff the man, and if needed, pay for some forged papers at Herman's expense to finish the bluff off. This man wanted the land desperately enough to let that happen it would seem. Akeno would than go and find someone to make false papers of purchasing the land next to the goat herders land. In fact he would be standing at the edge of the property close enough for the goat herder to hear of Akeno's plans for this land.

Akeno would go into grand detail about how many people would come to his land to experience the fun of the circus he would bring to them , and how they would likely even get known enough throughout the lands to bring people from all over the world to come and see them. That was when the Goat herder began the enevitable downfall that Akeno knew was apart of his plan.


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Akeno would shortly get the goat herders attention or rather the other way around, and he wished to know what Akeno was doing, more officially, At which Akeno would tell him in length the number and types of attractions he would being to this land. Of course that would mean a great number of people and noise as well,all of which the herder wanted to avoid. So at first the herder offered to buy the land, but the quote that Akeno would give the man would be much higher than he could afford.

That was when they split and later that night the man who wanted this contract to go just as it did came to Akeno and thanked him, letting him know that the herder sold his land to him since he did not like people to be close to him and a circus was coming to town. Akeno would take his reward and be on his way.

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