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Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II]

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#1Tsukishima Higurashi 

Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:35 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
Today was the day. It was Xerxes’s final day in Worth Woodsea. Despite some of the things he has had to do during his stay here, the Desiertian had really enjoyed his time. As with all good things, however, it needed to come to an end. He had tied up all loose ends and said his goodbyes except for with one person, Zimnur. Ever since the death of Gaksi, Zimnur had achieved his goal of becoming the chief of the village. Xerxes assumed that given that his objective had been completed, Zimnur no longer had any use for him. Xerxes didn’t mind it, but he did want to bid his farewells to the Neko all the same.

As he finishes putting on his equipment, he hears a subtle knock at the door to his rented room. Opening the door, he sees a woman who smiles at him warmly before handing him a flyer. “Given that you are with Sleeping Calamity, I figured it would be best to give this to you directly.” She says. Xerxes takes the flyer and thanks her as he closes the door to read. The flyer was a request for assistance from none other than Zimnur. Again, he asks for Xerxes specifically but accentuates the fact that he will take willingly anyone who will accept the quest. Figuring that Zimnur had once again put his foot in his mouth, the Desiertian sighs and begins his trip towards the Neko village.

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#2Tsukishima Higurashi 

Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:37 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
The prearranged meeting space was once again at the now abandoned wolf’s den, a place that Xerxes found very fitting. This is where his adventures with Zimnur began so it was only right that they ended here as well. As he leans up against the outside of the cave, the Desiertian spots a lone figure coming towards him. The figure was clad in armor that was not fully fastened and haphazardly dragged a spear on the ground. Whoever the figure was, it was very clear that they were not a warrior.

As the figure came closer into view, Xerxes easily spotted who was within the armor. “Zimnur?” he says as the figure stops in front of him.  “Oh, thank God it’s you. I’ve fucked up and I desperately need your help.” He says as he collapses on the ground. The Desiertian helps him up and helps him securely fasten the armor before listening to the Neko speak. “Shit!” he spouts the Neko’s heartbeat quickens. Sweat began to bead down his face as a panicked expression was plastered on his face.

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#3Tsukishima Higurashi 

Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:38 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
I thought that this would be easy. Child’s play. My first official day, I nearly got our best squad killed by sending them into previously uncharted area to expand. How was I supposed to know that it was inhabited by giants? A couple of days ago, I sent another squad to investigate some ruins that our scouts found. Everything was going well until they went deeper into the ruins and discovered that it’s the nest of a goddamned wyvern. We aren’t equipped to deal with giants much less a fricking wyvern who can kill a giant.” His expressions become exasperated as he flails his hands around. He began his usual quirk of pacing around, becoming increasingly irritated with each pass he makes.

The Desiertian watches in amusement as the supposed leader of the Neko tribe flails around. Becoming tired, he slumps against the den walls and puts his head in his hands before sighing. “And the worst part, I can’t just have you go and kill it and reap the rewards. One of the people I sent came back and asked me for assistance in front a large majority of the village. Now a few of them are going to accompany me tonight to deal with the creature and rescue any survivors. I was only able to escape and meet you because I told them I was going to scout ahead alone to see if it had made any movements towards the village.” “You know…I could just get rid of them for you along with the wyvern.” Xerxes says.

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#4Tsukishima Higurashi 

Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:39 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
Zimnur stares at him with the look of a light bulb going off in his head. Suddenly, all of the worry on his face washes away and is quickly replaced by the smug arrogance Xerxes saw when he first met him. “That’s brilliant! Kill them all in one fell swoop.” The Neko says, showing no traces of remorse in his voice as he did with Gaksi. This was a man determined to achieve his goals and maintain his position at the top by any means necessary. Though deluded, it was something that Xerxes could respect. For the next few minutes, the two of them discussed their plan. Zimnur and his group would enter the ruins and attempt to engage the wyvern. Xerxes would come in and take out the lot of them in one fell swoop. A foolproof plan, for Xerxes if no one else. After once again bemoaning his fate, Zimnur slowly walks towards the ruins.

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#5Tsukishima Higurashi 

Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:41 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
A few hours pass and Zimnur and his group head towards the ruins, the Desiertian tailing them from a distance among the trees in the dead of night. Not including their ‘fearless’ leader, it was a squad of ten. Each of them was well equipped by Neko standards. As the group made their way deeper into the ruins, Xerxes saw their target. It was a green wyvern of massive stature, able to stare at the tallest of the ruins at eye level. It had surprising mobility on the ground, slipping in and out of area with a quickness that surprised even Xerxes.

Given the overgrowth in the area and the low light they found themselves in, it was able to blend in seamlessly, which spelled bad news for Zimnur and his group. Unfortunately, the group notices the looming presence all too late as the engine of destruction pounces on the group. Two of them attempt to charge towards the beast but are instantly felled by a massive swipe of its tail. Their screams pierce the silence as all are now on full alert. As the group scramble to go on the offensive, Xerxes watches in anticipation. He wanted to see how this creature moved, how and where it would strike. All would be viable information for when he inevitably engaged the beast. As he watches the skirmish, he hears subtle yells coming from a cave a short distance away. Intrigued by who would be yelling, the Desiertian leaps down the investigate.

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#6Tsukishima Higurashi 

Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:43 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
As Xerxes drew closer, the frantic screams increase in pitch. Xerxes finally makes his way to the cave, seeing that its narrow opening likely made it the best option to avoid the creature. Xerxes slowly enters, keeping his hand on the handle of his weapon just in case. Before long, Xerxes discovers the remaining few Neko clinging to life. All of them were badly injured and looked as if their bodies were barely holding together. “Thank God…someone is here to help.” One of them says as they spoke Xerxes from the corner of their eye. “Of course…I’m here to help." as Xerxes moves closer with weapon drawn. “Let’s go chief!” One of the men yell as he draws a massive blackened sword from behind him. Zimnur, his true colors finally showing, runs away as the creature pounces on the Neko. Zimnur runs and hides behind a downed wall as the screams of his comrades filled the area. Blood stains the area as the creature gnaws on the bones of the last Neko, leaving only Zimnur alive.

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#7Tsukishima Higurashi 

Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:45 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
The Neko cowers behind the wall as the green behemoth slowly slinks towards its next meal. Xerxes, having returned to his perch and seeing enough of the mayhem, finally drops down and appears right in front of Zimnur. “It’s about fucking time you got here. I thought you were abandoning me.” Zimnur says in a panic. His words betrayed his demeanor, he still petrified. “You did say to leave no one alive right? Figured I’d have our friend here to the dirty work. Make it believable in the event you have another Gaksi on your hands.” Zimnur sits in silent contemplation as the Desiertian draws Jotunn’s Fang. “Stay here and try not to scream so much. Just in case there is another one around here.” Zimnur quickly places his hands over his mouth as Xerxes moves towards the Wyvern with a smile on his face. He had never faced a creature such as this before and hoped that this would be a significant challenge to his prowess.  

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#8Tsukishima Higurashi 

Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:46 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
The wyvern quickens its pace towards Xerxes who quickly dodges its initial snap of his jaws. The beast attempts to follow up with more strikes, each calmly dodged by the Desiertian and quickly followed by a small poke of his weapon. As each strike passes, the creature becomes slower and slower with its movements, the effects of Jotunn’s Fang quickly rearing its ugly head. Xerxes increases his strikes against the creature, slowly losing himself to the euphoria. Before long, the wyvern’s breathing becomes labored and its eyes become glazed over.

Such a disappointment.” The Desiertian says as he spins his spear towards his right side. “For something to singlehandedly wipe out such a platoon of warriors, I expected much better. Does not seem that you’ll be the one to provide me the challenge I craved.” He says as he runs towards the creature with the intent to kill. Using a downed wall as a springboard, the man leaps up and begins to spin as he comes down along the wyvern’s neck. A loud splash of blood could he heard as the wyvern’s head is cleanly separated from its body. The now deceased creature crashes down on the ground below as Xerxes lands on his feet with a bored expression on his face. He quickly flicks his weapon, knocking the blood off of its blade before sheathing it.

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#9Tsukishima Higurashi 

Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:48 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
You can come out now.” Xerxes says towards Zimnur who slowly peeks out from behind the wall. He stares in amazement of the carnage laid out in front of him, unable to tell if the blood he saw was from his now deceased comrades or from the wyvern. He picks himself up, adjusting his armor quickly as he slowly walks towards Xerxes. The closer he moves towards the Desiertian, the more his eyes widen at the display of brutality. “You are a goddamned monster, you know that?” he says as he reaches him prompting the Desiertian to chuckle. “You’re free to think that. Let’s just say I’m very good at my job.” He says as he begins to walk towards a cavernous entrance and beckons Zimnur to follow. The Neko stares at him in confusion before quickly following. The pair walk in silence before they enter the cavern. “Why are we going in here?” Zimnur says.

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#10Tsukishima Higurashi 

Sole Survivor: A-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:49 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
The initial party you sent here had survived their encounter with the wyvern. They came here to hide out until you arrived. Just wanted you to see that they’ll no longer be a problem.” Xerxes says as the deceased bodies of the forward party are fully revealed. Zimnur kneels down, getting a good look at the deceased, before returning his gaze towards Xerxes once more. “I stand by what I said. You are a goddamned monster but you’ve helped me out in more ways than one. For that, I thank you.” He reaches inside his armor and pulls out a pouch which he quickly tosses to Xerxes. “Here. Your pay. You should get out of here. The village was supposed to come en masse if we didn’t return in time. I figured it would be best for them to see my display of power first hand.” Xerxes chuckles as he catches the pouch of jewels before bidding Zimnur farewell, hoping to see him alive and well once his visit comes to fruition.

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