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Utopian Demise

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Utopian Demise

"Beware the things that go bump in the night"

Hidden deep in the shadows, where many dare not look, they have always been there. Beings of great power, shunned simply because of who they are. Vampires. Werewolves. Daemons, fallen Nephilim, humans corrupted by the abyss, demi-gods cursed as a result of their mistakes or the past of someone else's being blamed on them. Whisperings have began to emerge from the shadows, people who wish to see those touched by the darkness to rise up against the tyranny they have suffered.

And those whisperings have created a group. Formed from those who wish to see the time of the creatures of darkness come, bolstered by the power of dark mages, Utopian Demise is a shadow. They act without recognition, keeping under the radar of the King and his cohorts as they build their army. An army filled, not only with the dark races who have suffered, but with humans who believe in the cause and have been shunned and abused by the higher people. All who wish to see the world change are welcome, and all can make a difference. Utopian's main meaning is finding information about every being and do what they wish with it; selling it, using it for their own purpose while destroying their enemies from the background till it's finally time to assassinate their target(s).

It is time for the world to hear our voices.


  • Members may not take Good quests.

  • While the Overlord has the final say in all guild matters, The Hand ranks above the Harbingers and the harbingers rank above ordinary members.

  • Support the cause.

  • Hide in plain sight.

  • Leave no trace.

  • Be free.


Deep beneath the catacombs of Sagrada Church, further than any dare to explore, lies a forgotten, underground castle. Preserved by the magic that created it, it now serves as a home, and base, for Utopian Demise. Any who have navigated their way through the labyrinthine deep and found the ancient castle should turn back while they still can, as only darkness awaits them.

The interior of the castle has been stunningly maintained, as if the years spent beneath the surface has done nothing to mar the beauty of the ancient structure. Dining rooms that would incur the envy of kings, bedrooms larger than any noble could possess, the castle is filled with everything one could desire. Entire wings of the building remain unexplored, begging its inhabitants to discover what could lie within.


Quiet, calm, and collective, Quillareine isn't at first one for conversations. She comes from a background of a Priestess's life and she has a vast amount of war experience within Joya. She likes to watch her surroundings and is very blunt when asked to speak. In battle, she is known as an actual Reaper, killing her targets and leaving no trace of the body afterwards. She isn't scared of many things, and her innocent look can trick those who are easily fooled. The daughter of the Shinigami of Joya is quite unpredictable in how she will react to situations. The woman is open to new ones; they are cruel or good towards the people as long as she sees justice in them.

The Hand

Second only to the Overlord, The Hand is a highly regarded member of Utopian Demise. Dubbed as the "Ace" of the guild, they are incredibly powerful and influential. The Hand is respected, loved and sometimes even feared by the members of Utopian Demise.


These 3 members are second to The Hand and are always the most influential in the guild. They do not necessarily need to be the strongest (although power is important) but they have shown their determination towards supporting the goal of the guild. Any member can become a Harbinger, but their number is always kept at 3. If there already exists 3 members, a potential Harbinger must prove why they deserve the title. This can be through combat, acts of service to the cause, or simply by proving their case in front of the Guildmaster. The Harbingers command the utmost respect from the members, to disrespect them is to disrespect the Hand & the Master.

Guild Spells

  • Name: Nightfall
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Type: Debuff
    Element: Darkness
    Range: 100 Meters
    Cooldown: Once Per Month
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user gazes at the sky and calls out to the darkness by raising one of their hands into the air. Almost instantly, the sky turns completely dark, blinding their enemies fully till the user stops sustaining it or they run out of mana. During Nightfall, the enemies can no longer use their sensory capabilities of sight (heat,aura, etc.) as Utopian Demise members are attuned to the pitch dark, as if becoming one with it, seeing as if it's day.

  • Name: Black Death
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Type: Offensive
    Element: Darkness
    Range: 100 Meters
    Cooldown: Once Per Month
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user reaches their hand out towards where they want to begin the spell or it can come out from the mouth as it'll release thick black/Velvet smog that covers the whole 100 meters. As it almost instantly releases throughout the whole area, anyone within it that is found as an enemy of the darkness will take S rank damage. The smog will go into the person's lungs, causing irritation and making you feel like you're choking in the smoke. After the first post, as long as it's sustained the enemy will take damage. Once the sustain is over, the damage will decrease by 1 rank per post.

  • Name: No one Knows
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Darkness
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: Once Per Week
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The guild is filled with spies and people who live in secret. Before entering a topic, the user has a choice to pay up 1000 mana to change their appearance for the remaining of the topic. It can hide everything about yourself such as reputation, bounty, and identity as a whole, but it doesn't give any special capabilities otherwise. Once knocked out, the spell deactivates.


Level 1:
  • Wolves Hunt Together: Members may bring along guild members to do quests that are within two ranks of the lowest ranked member.

Level 2:
  • Vampiric Seduction: The user receives an additional 10% jewels from completing Bad and Neutral quests.

Level 3:
  • Hidden in Shadows: By tapping their guild mark, the user makes it disappear which hides their identity by nullifying the descriptive effects of reputation. Users with a bounty instead have the effects of their reputation reduced by three tiers.

Level 4:
  • Speed Daemon: The user receives a 20% word count reduction on completing Bad and Neutral quests.

Level 5:
  • Eyes of Utopia: The user, due to their underground connections, has been able to gather information about people all over earthland. Because of this, the user can see a brief description about someone as if their reputation is increased by two tiers.


  • Overlord: Quillareine

  • The Hand: Achlys

  • Harbinger of Execution: Toge

  • Harbinger of Fa├žade: Akuko

  • Harbinger of Reckoning: Valeria Hildegard

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