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A Day in The Life With HAPPY

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#1† Aleja 

A Day in The Life With HAPPY Empty Sat Sep 03, 2022 2:57 am

† Aleja

"Look what iiiiii got~" Happy chimed as he walked through the door of the home. Alejandro had been laying on the couch, watching broadcast from headquarters on their Lacrima device. The device on their wrist had been ringing all day, but they simply paid no mind to it. It was their mother, and of course their father gave them a rung here and there but really, Alejandro just didn't want to be bothered. It had been about two weeks since they spoke to them. It wasn't like they were upset about anything, they just...finally felt some sense of freedom. That, and they had changed a lot since absorbing The Orb of Magi. Happy slammed the door behind him. The aroma of seafood filled the air, but it wasn't just fish. Alejandro turned their head to watch the Exceed carry the giant platter inside. "Oh my fuuuuuuck~" Alejandro bit their lip.

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† Aleja

"Right?! I went down to Halawai town to see if maybe I could buy a weapon or somethin', since ya know, we almost die like every day — but then I saw this restaurant with a giant fish on it and I just had to try it. At first I was gonna stay and order, but then I decided to buy a whole fuck ton so we could eat it together. Aaaaaaaand, it's not just fish." Alejandro couldn't believe their ears. Sure happy was considerate, just not when it came to food. Alejandro's mouth practically turned into a water fall as they followed Happy to the counter. "My hero~" Alejandro's eyes watered as they stared at the bagged food. "I was starving." they said. The two tore through the bags and papers like wild animals who hadn't eaten in days, digging for the golden treasure. "It's...." The Dragon Slayer coudn't believe their eyes, drooling. Shrimp, crab legs, lobsters, clams, and muscles, this platter had everything a girl could ever want. "Beautiful..." their pupils transformed into hearts. "Okay, wait, I'm gonna go wash my hands. Make me a plate, I'll be right back." The elf scurried off to the bathroom to tidy up.

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† Aleja

In the household they came from there were two things you always had to do before eating; wash your hands, and thank the gods with a prayer. Ale wasn't all that religious, so they usually slacked on the prayer. Sometimes they forgot, especially when there was food that smelled as good as the food in the kitchen in front of their face. Happy quickly made two plates; one for himself and one for his best friend. He couldn't keep his fingers from wandering though, so he began to pick off his own plate one, by one. The thing about happy is, he ate fast. Alejandro would tell you that Happy hardly swallowed his food. Alas, there the blue cat was, just munching away until there was no more food on his own plate. The Exceed still couldn't control himself though, it was like his stomach had a mind of its own because when Alejandro returned — "What the-" Happy had finished all the food in the blink of an eye. Every lobster, every crab, every muscle, every shrimp and every clam. "I think I ate too much food again..." the exceed said holding his stomach.

"It's...all...gone...I..." Alejandro dropped to their knees.

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† Aleja

Alejandro had been betrayed by happy, the world and the gods all at one time. Their mouth watered for the food brought in by the exceed, their belly prepared to consume the freshwater seafood that Luluhawa island had to offer. The Knight fell to their knees and slowly brought their hands to their face. They were in complete shock. Suddenly tears started to flow out of their eyes. They didn't eat one thing all day and they were starving. How could happy be so selfish? The Exceed moaned and groaned as he leaned over the counter. His stomach was in knots but that's what he get for being so damn greedy. "I'm....sorry....I can get...you more..." Happy said. "You'll just eat that too." Alejandro whined before turning and laying flat out on the floor. They were crying on one end, Happy was dying on another and the food was gone. A day in the life with Happy.

- END -

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