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Underground Associates (Neutral C rank)

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Underground Associates (Neutral C rank) Empty Fri Aug 26, 2022 2:46 pm

Dan looked around as he adjusted the hooded cloak he was wearing as he walked down the streets of Hosenka city. Dan ahd been hired to infiltrate a prominent group of less then reputable of gentleman. Which was just a fancy way of saying he was to spy on a group of criminals. Dan watched as men went in and out of alley ways carrying brief cases and bags to side entrances of buildings. Dan was about to follow when he saw a man pull up and step out. Dan had seen this man on a wanted poster earlier in the day and knew he was the boss of the group he was hired to infiltrate not wanting to risk the man seeing him he walked behind a nearby dumpster and activated his ring allowing his body to shift into a pitch black Raven with red eyes. Now no longer at risk of being seen Dan flys onto a pole down the alley.

The man walked over to a nearby thug before slamming his hand onto the wall of the alley "What's this rubbish about the shipment being delayed until the day after tomorrow we have customers that need their fix." The man shouted in a rage as the thug began to stammer out a response "Sorry boss the emerald shadow was delayed because of a storm at sea but we will have boys at port waiting to transport it to the city." The man only snarled before going back to his vehicle and speeding away. Dan now with this information flew away to write a letter to the captain of the local rune knights and flew into his office through a open window.

The man who looked to be a older gentleman was busy with paper work when a black Raven flew into his office. "Hmm what's this?" The man asks as Dan offered his leg to the man. Upon opening the message he read 'Sir this is Dan the mage you hired I have information for you. In two days at the nearest port a ship called the emerald shadow is bringing a shipment of drugs in for the group I'm currently watching.' As the man finished the message he quickly began to mobilize a squad to intercept the shipment before it arrived. Now seeing that his message was delivered Dan flies back out the window to his hotel room.

As the sun rises the next day Dan once more transforms into his raven guise and flies out into the town to try to get anymore information for the captain. Seeing the thug from the day before he decides to follow him in hopes of finding something. Dan watches the man for a bit until he ducks into an alley that was well hidden from the street. Dan perches on a line connecting the two buildings and waits. Though he did not have to wait long only a few minutes after they arrived Dan watched a rune knight approach the man. Dan watched in confusion as he was not expecting a rune knight to show up. "Do you have the money?" The knight asks as he looks around nervously. The thug nods and hands him a duffle bag as the knight checks it Dan can see it's full of jewels. Nodding his head the knight hands the thug a piece of paper.

Dan now curious waits for the knight to leave before swooping down and grabbing the paper before flying off ignoring the thugs shouting in distress. Flying back to his hotel room Dan reads the paper only to find the plans for the raid on the emerald shadow on it. Knowing what this meant Dan quickly writes another letter before flying off to the captain again. As he enters he sees the captain speaking to the knight in question before landing on the desk and offering his foot to him. As the captain reads the note he looks at the man standing in the room with him. 'you have a leak I saw one of your knights giving a report on the drug bust to a member of the group I was not able to see his rank but he had short blue hair and red eyes.' Quickly before the man can move he is arrested. Dan now knowing there is nothing more he can do flys home after he gets his reward.

736/700 (30% WC reduction for Hermit Aura+Guild Rank 2)

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