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Under The Surface: D-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes]

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#1Tsukishima Higurashi 

Under The Surface: D-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes] Empty Wed Aug 17, 2022 11:02 am

Tsukishima Higurashi
The cool breeze of the air felt refreshing as the Desiertian was still shaking off the effects of the alcohol he consumed just hours prior. Thankfully for him, alcohol wore off quickly though he still had a terrible migraine. He walked along the streets back to the Sleeping Calamity Guild house, taking in the magnificent night sky of Orchidia. He had grown to appreciate the city and all of its inhabitants and sincerely dreaded the fact that he would have to leave it behind for a time while he explored the rest of Fiore. He needed to spread both his own name and the name of the guild, after all, Sleeping Calamity was going to be the herald of his future ascension.

Oh my. Wishing to rule the world, what an ambitious dream.” A feminine voice rings out. Xerxes turns around and sees a woman walking towards him, a seductive smile on her face. Her long purple hair flowed in the wind as her piercing violet eyes never left Xerxes’s gaze. The man stood mystified as she inches closer towards him, lightly stroking his face with her soft hand as she nears. “How did you know…. a mage.” Xerxes sneers as he quickly moves his face back. The woman lightly chuckles as she lets her arm dangle to her side and smiles. “My name is Awali Ustacia and I have a job for you.

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#2Tsukishima Higurashi 

Under The Surface: D-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes] Empty Wed Aug 17, 2022 11:05 am

Tsukishima Higurashi
Xerxes raises an eyebrow inquisitively as he looks as the still smiling woman. There was something about, the aura that she gave off, that unsettled him greatly. How did she know what he was thinking? Was she able to read minds? Xerxes realized that he needed to be wary about her. “And just what kind of job do you need me to do exactly?” Xerxes says with caution. “I need you to follow a man named Wugeth Skyline and track his movements. See where he goes, what he does, who he talks to. Report it back to me and I’ll reward you handsomely.” Xerxes sneers as he takes a step forward past her, his eyes focused straight ahead. Something was amiss, he could feel it. “Curious. Why wouldn’t someone such yourself be able to accomplish this task? I’m sure information comes easy for you, especially with whatever powers you have.” The woman laughs again as she traces a finger along Xerxes’ shoulders. It was obvious what she was attempting to do. “Powers? Whatever do you mean?” She chuckles.

Deciding to ignore her words for the moment, Awali and Xerxes discuss the terms of the job at length. She informs him more of his supposed target and the entourage who will undoubtedly flank him. Agreeing to her terms, Xerxes turns to complete her task but is once again stopped by her words. “I’ll be waiting here when you return Sharyar.” “I never told you what my first name was.” Xerxes says with trepidation. The woman’s soft laughing could be heard as the man leaves the area to complete the task at hand.

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#3Tsukishima Higurashi 

Under The Surface: D-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes] Empty Wed Aug 17, 2022 11:13 am

Tsukishima Higurashi
One hour later, Xerxes returns to the spot where he originally met Awali for the first time, seeing her with a mischievous smile on her face. “You were successful?” She says coyly. “Why do I have the feeling that you already know everything I’m about to tell you?” “Humor me.” She says as the two find a small bench to discuss. Xerxes explains what he witnessed in great detail from the black car approaching to Wugeth retrieving a black suitcase. Awali’s eyes darken as she hears the details regarding the car, even more so once she receives the information about the suitcase. Gone was the mischievous woman whose words seemed flighty and mysterious. In her place was a woman who radiated an aura of intensity and seriousness. One that should not be crossed by any means. Without removing her gaze from Xerxes, she slides a small bag of jewels towards him. “I appreciate the information. If I require your assistance again, I’ll contact you.

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