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Many things had happened in a very short course of time for Nana. Not just Nana, but the whole of the Eternal Nightmare guild. The young green haired daemon woman knew that she was lacking in strength. The fight between her deceased guild master Odin, and the Blue Pegasus guild master Alisa... such a display of power and resolve had shaken Nana to the core of her being. She had questioned her own purpose and her potential. Yet even in her darkest moment of life thus far, the dark forces of demons and their ilk had reached her heart. They promised greater strength and potential. Nana had accepted the pact of a certain demon, but she couldn't simply rely on a devil to uphold their end of a bargain.. No. She needed to go about her own way and make that power her own.

She had done similar with the demons' obscura that she had been born with. Although daemon, she had wrestled control over her demonic essence from the demons and now her power was her own. She intended to do similar with her devil's pact- if possible. Granted this devil had placed no expectations upon her, nor any rules.

She was in this shop today to browse weapons. Her steel daggers did the trick for most simple things, but she needed something more... magical. Word had gotten around on the streets that an upcoming blacksmith was quite talented. His talent was not just in armors, but weapons as well despite his only recent dabbling. She was here today to inspect his works and maybe purchase from him.

Nana hadn't been in the shop too long before she recognized another customer. A child Nana had known in the slums- a thief and murderer like herself. It was none of her business what this young man did, but she just hoped she wouldn't be included in any of his mischief. After all: it was unlikely that by his appearance, that he could afford anything from this shop. Looks aside, Nana would go about her business and approach the blacksmith at his counter. "I'm looking for a specific weapon. Daggers, smooth and elegant. Easy to grip and change hands." she would say and the blacksmith would be eager for the company of the pretty woman.

The blacksmith's smile quickly faded however and Nana thought maybe she had done something wrong. Just then, the blacksmith slammed his large fist on his counter and began to yell at someone just passed Nana. "Hey! Those are meant to be bought! You thief, get back here!" said the tall man, his anger flushing his face with a soft red hue. Nana looked over her shoulder to see her acquaintance stowing a weapon under his jacket and rushing out of the door. She sighed, but honestly.. She didn't mind too much. the only rub was, this area was well known to be near Eternal Nightmare territory. "Hey dark mage.. Go after that thief and bring them back to me so I can talk to them. I'll reward you for your work!" said Godfrey.

Being paid to hunt down a childhood associate? It didn't cause nana to blink or hesitate in the slightest. She was first and foremost a member of Eternal Nightmare. If someone was requesting her assistance, she would "help" depending on the gains. With a nod of her head and a twirl of her heels, she turned from the counter and dashed after the thief who was sure he would get away. He hadn't even bothered looking backwards, else he might have witnessed the fast approaching Nana on his heels.

It wasn't until Nana was right behind him, that the thief noticed her. With no intent to stop and fight, the thief simply clung to the sword under his jacket and tried to outpace the daemon girl. 

It was only a matter of seconds before Nana overtook him. Her daggers magically appeared in her hands and she didn't even bother giving the thief a warning. A quick swipe from the dagger in her right hand: across the thief's lower thighs, sent the thief tumbling to the ground after a loud gasp of surprise and pain. A line of blood trickled from his legs, but that didn't stop Nana in the least. A slight recognition went through the thief's eyes as he remembered Nana as a child. he tried to speak to her in protest, but she punched him while on the ground, right in the mouth. His teeth knocked loose and his senses rattled from the strength of her punch.

She picked him up as her daggers disappeared. She searched his person for hidden weapons but found none. She retrieved the blacksmith's merchandize and brought both back to Godfrey. "Oooh! You caught him. He's got a pretty mouth now too!" said Godfrey as he laughed and motioned for Nana to bring the thief into the back of his shop. She easily lugged the limp man into the back and ignored the ramblings of the thief as he pleaded for Nana to understand his situation. 

As Godfrey instructed her, she tossed the thief into a sturdy seat and the blacksmith used nearby leather wraps to tie the man down. "I'll teach your ilk to steal from me!" Godfrey shouted, his face becoming more red. he reached into his forge and retrieved a poker. The tip was bright red from the forge. "Allow me to give you a reminder of what happens when you steal from a hard working blacksmith!" said Godfrey as he firmly pressed the bright red tip of the power against the thief's face. 

There was a high pitched scream, followed by the smell of burning flesh. The thief fainted from the pain and Godfrey replaced the poker back into the forge. "Thank you for catching him. I apologize you had to see a dark side of my business. Glad to see you aren't shaken though. Here's your pay." the blacksmith offered and Nana took with thanks. She took one look back at the thief, unconscious still as the blacksmith was unfastening the binds. He would throw the man out in the streets. It did not bother Nana in the slightest, no. What bothered her, was that she could easily see herself in that chair if the members of Eternal nightmare hadn't taken her as one of their own.
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