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Genevieve Dupont

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

Genevieve Dupont Empty Tue Nov 10, 2020 2:39 pm

Hitomi Minamoto


Name: Genevieve Esmeralda Dupont

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Minstreli

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Paladin

Race: Demi-Human (Bat).

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left rib cage, Black

Face: Morrigan Aensland - Darkstalkers


Height: 5’8”

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Teal/Green (Depends on the light)

Eyes: Gold/Green (really depends on the light)

Overall: Genevieve can be easily spotted in a crowd of people. Her tall well-built frame with all the curves and dips of a fully bloomed rose can easily distract the common man. Her most outstanding features are noted to be her long teal/green hair (changes and blends in the light) that falls just below her rear, and her yellow/green eyes (Changes and blends in the light) that seems to hold a warm gaze almost constantly.  Her skin is ivory in color and looks to be almost like fresh milk. Genevieve tends to dress for the weather, the occasion, and in colors that she fancies on any given day. Her clothing choices are simple, but she is always well put together. Anyone watching her could tell that she commands attention from anywhere when she moves even if she herself does not realize it. Genevieve is confident with each step she takes and is never seen without proper posture. Her facial expression is usually one of content and she’s never seen with a “ resting bitch face “ as a smile hardly leaves her plump, pink, petal-shaped lips.

Extra: Due to her Demi-Human heritage she has a pair of bat wings on her back though she cannot use them for flight (without the use of magic). She also possesses a slightly elongated pair of canines.



Genevieve is a warm and loving individual that does her best to help those around her. She has been raised in a very traditional setting which in turn has planted the seeds in her to grow with a sense of subserviency to those of the opposite sex, those stronger than she is, and those of a higher position. Though this subserviency is very subtle and hardly noticeable to those she does not know, those with who she is familiar with and has a relationship with beyond acquaintances can see it far more in her actions towards them. She does not enjoy her own company and would rather spend her time around others. Her very motherly approach to others insures that those in her company have their needs met and that they have her full attention.

Genevieve can be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and much more if one needs her to be. She is loyal to those who she deems her family, is not easily broken,  and although not stubborn she has a strong will and a " can do " attitude. She is fiercely protective of children, those in her care, and her family. She will not hesitate to place herself in harm's way in order to ensure their safety even if that means going against the laws set by wherever she is. Not an overly cautious person, she is prone to falling for others' lies and deception. She does not take kindly to these actions against her and holds grudges against others who have done her or anyone she loves wrong.


  • Asmodeus: The demon who saved her from the clutches of death at the hands of a corrupt town and the people within it.

  • Cooking: Creating tasty meals to share with others brings her a simple sort of joy and allows her to get lost in its art.


  • Getting Lost: Due to her sheltered history she is not a fan of traveling alone or without directions. New places make her wildly uncomfortable so getting lost is the worst thing that could happen to her when she’s out and about.

  • People following the Illuminian Religion: The same people that were willing to kill her for being a “ Witch “ are the same people who are the worst liars and most corrupt in her eyes.


  • Learning about the new world: Her whole life up until now has sheltered her from the reality of the world. The cover of deception has been lifted and now she can enjoy life however she sees fit. She wants to learn what has been hidden from her and uncover the many truths that were once lies.


  • Returning to her home village: Knowing her fate and what would happen if she went back there, Genevieve of course fears for her life if she were to ever return, the thought of it causes her to freeze up.

  • claustrophobia: A fear that has grown with her as being locked in a dark small box was often one form of punishment used on her throughout her life before she was freed from her home village.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 1

Speed: 41

Constitution: 121

Endurance: 121

Intelligence: 121


Magic Name: Cursed Earth

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Enhancement: Spell Fury

Magic Description: A magic cursed by a demon ( or blessed as Genevieve would say ). It’s non-offensive magic that is potent in healing. It also has the capacity to use other-buff and supplementary spells. Although not it’s the strongest suit it can also produce debuff and defensive spells at a steep cost.  


Genevieve was born to a human man and a demi-human woman. The man, of course, was just using the woman to satisfy his fetish until she fell with a child. The woman after giving birth fell very sick and unable to take care of her daughter handed her off to a nunnery. The village the nunnery belonged to was one that was mostly closed off to outsiders and this was due to the “ priests “ that had taken over the village. In this strange little slice of the world magic was a curse to the common folk and only those “ priests “ of the church were allowed to use it and even then it wasn’t called magic, they called them blessings for them.  Anyone caught using magic was labeled as cursed and called a witch or warlock and burned at the stake after being given a trial. Anyone not human or found to be not human was also set to burn. Because Genevieve was given to the nunnery, all her life she was taught these things and was a devout follower of the religion there.

Her demi-human features started to show when she hit puberty. This caused her despair as she knew what would happen to her not only that she had noticed that the men around her were acting very strangely, in a way that made her feel very uncomfortable. The woman who raised Genevieve did all she could to help the girl hide her demi-human features, which meant tying her wings down and putting extra layers of clothing and longer clothing on the girl. This helped one problem but didn’t keep the men away. As she continued to grow the problem with the men also continued to grow until one day a priest got touchy with her in the most inappropriate way, and when he was caught he called Genevieve a witch who used a spell on him. This caused her to immediately be put up for trial which not only caused her to be outed as a demi-human but also caused her to lose the trial, something she was never going to win anyway. As she was dragged away to the pyre and she was asked to state her last words, an explosion happened within the church causing her burning to be put on pause. From the burning church, a beautiful figure emerged and her presence caused everyone to degrade and give in to the desires they tried to hide, showing just how corrupt the town really was. The demon freed Genevieve and vanished with the girl, dropping her in a new land. The only thing Genevieve had gotten from the demon was a name, a few items that she said would help her, and that she would return for the girl....

Reference: N/A

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#2Hitomi Minamoto 

Genevieve Dupont Empty Wed Nov 11, 2020 10:10 am

Hitomi Minamoto

Scooping Juni Anastos into Genevieve Dupont:
(Death Coin)

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 406

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 41
  • Endurance: 121
  • Constitution: 121
  • Intelligence: 121

EXP: 269,000‬


Genevieve Dupont Empty Wed Nov 11, 2020 4:17 pm


This character application has been approved.

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