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HARGEON - Ex's Closet[Solo D Quest: Bad]

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   Nana was surprised she was here again, a street adjacent to public streets: a dark alleyway, often used to do shady business. Only recently had she come to Hargeon City, but she had taken the opportunity to make a few connections. More importantly, she had stumbled upon a terrible incident that involved her guild. She had done her best and alerted those she could contact and informed them of the terrible news. There was nothing more she could do at the time. She cursed her own lack of strength and resolve. All she could do now, was progress herself with any means to become strong enough to seek revenge.

   That was not her business for today: no, she was here for a petty reason. A man named Maxwell Buscon wished her her expertise again. Nana figured anyone would really do, but most might find this man's requests ridiculous. Surely the requests would be absurd and stupid, but Nana was a person without character and she cared little for opinions. A job was a job and she would do it to the best of her abilities.

She would find the man in his typical spot, leaned against a darkened street wall and waiting for her to chance upon him. With her approach, a nervous smile stretched across his face and he tried to dismiss his nervousness with a semi-friendly wave- to which Nana didn't respond. He wasn't one of her friends. "What did you have for me today, Maxwell?" she would ask in her usual uninterested tone, her eyes looking down upon him, but also dancing slightly with the interest that maybe... just maybe, today this man would ask for something truly devilish.

This man would betray her expectations of course. His response alone was enough to disappoint Nana. "Ahh Nana-cha.. Good to see you again. You see... there is a personal item that belongs to me in my ex-girlfriend's apartment. She refused to give it back, so I want you to take it." he would explain, then further explain the description of the item. The item in question would be a yellow storage box, small but most assuredly important to Maxwell and his apparent "reputation"

No doubt it contained personal belongings, but nothing that could ruin this man's already low reputation. The last bit of detail for this mission was what was a small challenge. Maxwell's ex kept a vicious guard dog apparently. Nana would have to find a way around the beast.

With her instructions clear, Maxwell would point to a small apartment. The destination clear and the objective verified, Nana would leave without another word. Along the way, she would stop at a nearby food stall and observe. Fortune was upon her, as this vendor was selling various meats and offering samples. The green haired demon grabbed a couple of samples and nonchalantly made her way to the apartment. The door was locked, but a nearby window was partially open to allow her pet a fresh breeze of air. Looking about, Nana made sure the coast was clear before she leaped onto the window seal and peered into the apartment.

Not so far away, was a small and adorable dog... not vicious at all. Again, Nana's expectations of Maxwell dropped again. The young woman would whistle softly to get the dog's attention after she dropped softly onto the floor. As soon as the little dog turned around, its nose would be assailed with various sweet and salty flavored meat treats. It wagged its tail and paid Nana little attention as it gobbled down the treats. The hardest part of this mission was actually finding the yellow box. "If I were the ex of Maxwell.. Where would I hide his belongings?" she asked herself out loud. Her eyes danced about the room, measuring areas where only the box would fit. 

Naturally, her eyes fell upon the closet doors. A great place to start as any. She opened the closet doors and peered on the shelves. The box was not there. On the floor was a mountain of clothing- an odd and sloppy mound. Nana kicked it and felt a solid ding. She kicked the clothing aside and there the box was. The grabbed it quickly and jumped through the window before the little dog could change its opinion of her- no doubt along with the disappearance of the treats. Nana would meet back up with Maxwell and toss him his box. he would exchange her reward to her and say nothing else about them box- not wishing to inform her of its contents through conversation.

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