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Tournament Arc 1 [Yumi | NQ A | Solo]

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Tournament Arc 1 [Yumi | NQ A | Solo] Empty Mon Jul 18, 2022 12:02 am

A blood curdling scream filled the air over the Great Baska Rock. Gasps and cries of horror and disbelief followed. Atop the Great Baska Rock a crowd could be seen seated in the pews watching the lastest tournament commence. The tournament had been going on for the last hour and many individuals had fought one another and many had been eliminated allowing the winner to go onto the next round. So far their had been no accidents that was until now. Down on the tournament floor stood a young woman, petite and small in nature but she wielded a giant axe that was dripping with blood. The owner of the blood was a tall giant of a man who stood three metres tall, his left arm had been cleaved off at the shoulder as it now lay on the ground still.

Yumi smirked at the fallen man as the referee charged in to declare the battle was over, but as if he could stop her in time. The axe cut through the air with ease as the heavy weapon was wielded with one hand. To Yumi it appeared light as a feather as the blade sunk deep into her foes neck. Loud screams were heard from the crowd as many looked away. The head of the giant went flying through the air and hit the ground where it came to a rolling stop at the foot of the referee who stood their stunned unable to comprehend what had happened. Their had been deaths before in the tournament but those happened on accident. While it was not against the rules to kill, most took the tournament as a friendly fight attempting to neither maim or kill one another, but this tiny woman had killed even after her opponent could clearly no longer fight back.

Ignoring the referee Yumi turned to the rest of the competitors and snorted, "I tire of this. Come at me all together so I can fight the champion already." Yumi appeared cocky as she smirked at the remaining fighters who glared with disdain at her words. The daemon glared at the referee telling him to get off. He complied and stepped off the ring and turned to the other fighters asking if anyone wanted to fight the tiny woman. They looked at each other as if trying to decide but Yumi only snorted again, "Hurry up, all of you get out here! I don't have time for this charade!" Barked out the lolita as a powerful murderous intent burst forth from her body. The vile aura manifested as if came to life as a foul black aura that surrounded the petite young woman. Horrifying screams echoed out from the aura as the crowd and competitors shivered, this woman was truly a demon. Little did they know they were in some way correct, as Yumi was a daemon who had claimed countless lives. She had entered the tournament under the false name of Yuni.

Lifting the tyrant's axe yumi tapped her foot waiting impatiently as the other competitors nervously entered the ring, their was seven of them in total. They were suppose to fight one on one until only one remained, the final fighter would fight the previous champion. Yawning loudly Yumi stomped the ground, flicked her right wrist and clicked her left fingers, creating three magical circles, oneat her back, one at her feet below and one above her head. The three magical seals encompassed one another as the magical energy blended together. An oppressive forth burst out from Yumi's tiny magic as a powerful magical aura was unleashed. Magical energy erupted like a damn breaking as it poured out like a wild tsunami.

Mana erupted high into the sky creating a tall grey tower as the phantasmal image of a giant mountain over four metres appeared behind the loli. Atop the mountain two domineering roars echoed as two  beasts took shape. The first was a five foot demon with ten foot wings that took flight and soared around the mountain. The second  image that formed was that of a towering eight foot demon with four arms and three horns. The demon went on a wild rampage atop the mountain top. The two fearsome creatures installed fear in the surrouding fighters and crowd. The three spells evoked a powerful strength within the ravenette as Yumi felt unrivalled strength flowing through her tiny body. The three buffs spells erupted with great force, the Mountain Supression Physique, Tyrannical Demon Body and Soaring Tyrant's Body.

Under the oppressive force of the three spells, yumi's foes couldn't help but cower. Snorting with disdain, Yumi stomped the ground with her right foot. The tournament stone cracked and shattered as it exploded under Yumi's might. The force sent Yumi rocketting forward as she crossed the distance between her and the other seven in but an instance. Yumi didn't bother striking with the axe as she smashed shoulder first into the middle of the group. The daemons tiny body smashed into the first fighter and on impact his body exploded into blood and gore as it splattered the surrounding competitors. It took a second for the others to comprehend what had happened before screams filled the air, but it was too late. The tyrant's axe cut through the air and cleaved through two fighters with one swing.

Yumi moved with great speed across the tournament floor, becoming an angel of death as her axe swung. Every time the axe was swung a human life was taken allowing Yumi to make short work of her seven competitors. Within less then a minute the entire ring was covered in blood and gore as Yumi's tiny feet stepped into a puddle, ignoring the fact she had stepped on someones intestines. This was the kind of Carnage Yumi lived for and she couldn't help but release a vile laugh that filled the air. A thick bloodlust flowed off the ravenette's body as her attention turned to the sound of heavy footsteps.

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Tournament Arc 1 [Yumi | NQ A | Solo] FIXCi2K
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Tournament Arc 1 [Yumi | NQ A | Solo] Empty Mon Jul 18, 2022 12:15 am

Crimson hues turned locking onto the owner of the heavy footsteps, a six foot six inch tall older male in his mid to late forties. The man wore thick heavy armour that covered all but his face, as he carried a large greatsword. The armored warrior stepped into the ring and glared at Yumi, "You have disgraced this most honoured tournament with blood and violence. I shall take your life here monster! Even though I have retired from the Rune Knight's I still uphold their most honourable ideals and as such I shall bring justice to those you have slain!" Yumi snorted, this man was the previous champion some retired rune knight, the daemon didn't particularly care. All she knew, the reason that Yumi even had bothered with the tournament was to kill this man at the request of the client. Yumi cared not for the reason, but she would happily do so.

Yumi needed no reason to comit slaughter, she would happily massacre without one. At least for this slaughter the daemon was getting paid, and most generously at that. Releasing a demonic laugher Yumi eyed the man, he was at least a few grades above the other peons she had just squashed. Despite this, Yumi still intended to crush this man, he was still grades below her. Laughing the demon lunged forward a powerful aura bursting forth turning evil and twisted. Yumi's crimson hues were died a deep purple as a violent evil aura exploded outward forming a pair of bat like wings from her back. A long black spear tipped tail grew out from her spines as black shadows coated her limbs. Yumi's hair parted as a pair of long horns grew that curled back. A malicious laughter rang out as Yumi flew towards her foe having undergone her daemon transformation. The ravenette felt like letting loose and intended to let the man just know what he was fighting.

Shock filled the champions eyes as Yumi appeared before him a fist smashing into the front of his armour. Metal dented as the tiny fist impacted and sent the retired rune knight skidding backwards to the end of the ring. The knight quickly regained his bearings, raised his greatsword and charged towards Yumi swinging the giant blade downwards to cleave her in twine, "Have at thee foul beast! Your life is mine this day!" Roared the middle aged man as he swung the blade down. Smirking in amusement Yumi swung the tyrant's axe upwards meeting it head on. The axe smashed against the greatsword and a powerful shockwave travelled through it vibrating the man's arms as he almost dropped the sword from the impact. The force behind the petite daemon's blow was incredibly strong and he had almost lost his grip.

Taking advantage of the situation Yumi's axe swung out again cleaving through the front of the man's armor like a knife through butter. The armor absorbed alot of the impact but blood was still drawn. The impact knocked the champion back once more as he winced from the pain. A shadow loomed over him as wing took flew and descended quickly striking again. A foot planted into the back of the knight's head smashing him face first into stone tiles. The floor caved in and collapsed as the knight was face planted. Yumi reached down picking the knight up by the scruff of his neck. The man's nose was broken, lips busted as blood coated his face.

The daemon yawned in boredom and proceeded to twist her waist and smashed the man back into the ground without mercy. The champion cried out spewing up blood as he was smashed into the ground, break breaking and spine shattering. Laughing Yumi stomped down once more on the man's head. The skull gave out as the man's heade collapsed under the stomp spilling brain matter everywhere. The crowd and referee screamed out in horror. Before the referee could step up, Yumi appeared before the man a hand shooting forward. Silence filled the air as the crowd was stunned, Yumi had attacked the referee her hand shooting through his chest and pulling out his heart. Laughing at the act Yumi turned her focus to the crowd and attacked.

Appearing in the crowd of viewers Yumi smashed shoulder first into a young man. The man was unable to resist the force of the blow and exploded on impact covering Yumi in blood and gore. Screams followed as the crowd began to flee, but Yumi intended to slaughter to her hearts content. Lashing out the tyrant's axe was thrown with great force. THe axe spun into the crowd slicing threw five different members turning them into mince meat. Wings flapped and Yumi appeared by her axe ripping it out of a corpse and swung again going on a murder spree. Blood curdling screams filled the Baska Rock as Yumi rampaged slaughtering everyone in her way. Hundreds of bodies soon lay atop the giant rock as Yumi stood amongst the corpsesd covered head to toe in blood and gore. Licking her lips Yumi laughed, the feeling of killing was exquisite, she had truly missed it. Wings flapped as the daemon took off to find her client. Perhaps he would have another mission that would allow her to go wild and cause a voilent massacre.


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Tournament Arc 1 [Yumi | NQ A | Solo] FIXCi2K
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