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Baska Questionable Recruitment Practices [Quest D Rank | Solo]

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 Baska Questionable Recruitment Practices [Quest D Rank | Solo] Empty Fri Jul 15, 2022 3:24 am

A pair of crimson red hues looked over the grassy fields of Baska and sneered. The town was just way to peaceful, but Yumi was now here to bring chaos. Wherever the Witch of Carnage went know where was safe and would soon erupted with blood and destruction, as she left a trail of bodies in her wake. Smirking at the thought the daemon raised a mission quest up to her eyes and read the requirement. A necromancer by the name of Cain had sent out a quest asking for someone to deal with a group of adventurers. One of Cain's acquantances need test subjects and there just happened to be an adventurer group suitable, one that was looking to raid a new tomb. Apparently Cain's friend didn't want them raiding the tomb, most likely it belonged to this friend. Yumi simply shrugged her shoulders and rolled the quest up and stuffed it into her bossom.

Yumi hadn't earned any jewels in the last two years and she had gotten a bit rusty. Plus she needed to let all remember the name of the witch of carnage. Jumping down from the cliff she was on Yumi descended towards the ground. The giant axe in hand swung and dug into the sides of the cliff slowing the daemons fall as she crashed into the ground with a bang just outside of town. Before the daemon stood a group of young adventurers, a group of a dozen fresh youngsters at that. Craning her neck the tiny daemon eyed the group who appeared on edge.

A vicious smirk formed on Yumi's lips, "Sorry, but i'll be sending you to your graves." The tyrant's axe was gripped tightly in the daemon's right hand. With a flick of her wrist, Yumi's foot stomped into the ground with excessive force. A powerful burst of magical essence erupted from the tiny daemon as two visages appeared behind her. The form of a giant mountain manifested the daemon accompanied by a winged demon atop it. An oppressive force crashed down around the daemon as the winged demon roared. Yumi exploded forward as the ground shattered beneath her. Left fingers snapped as a four armed demon appeared atop the mountain image and went on a rampage. The three powerful bodies overlapped with one another combined with yumi's earth shattering step as she charged the group of adventurers.

The tiny daemon slammed head on into the youth's smashing them with her full might. The axe swung out brutally cleaving a man in half. Yumi only needed a couple of intact bodies the rest could be killed however she desired. The axe slammed down smashing into the earth shattering it as Yumi's tiny left fist crashed into another adventurer. Blood flew from her mouth as the adventurer went flying back crashing into cliff side cracking it. Turning around another fist lashed out, a magical circle forming on the back. A giant magical fist slammed into the next adventurer followed by yumi's fist. The burly man went crashing through into baska demolishing a nearby house. The daemon made short work of the twelve adventurers and out of the group picked up three to contribute to her client. Smirking she vanished as the earth shattered beneath her step. Yumi left to find her client and retrieve her pay.


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 Baska Questionable Recruitment Practices [Quest D Rank | Solo] FIXCi2K
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