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To the Wild Wild West [North --> West]

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#1Khalfani † 

To the Wild Wild West [North --> West] Empty Mon Jul 11, 2022 3:41 pm

Khalfani †
There was nothing more for the Godsblood in Worth Woodsea. They had been silently plotting, transforming, even hiding as they watched over Paradise Dawn. It was in good hands. Yuurei had been a great guild master and the people of the North had begun to recognize him as a worthy leader. Needless to say that Khalfani had strategically planted that seed. As the Prince of Desierto and perhaps the next Monarch even, having the Northern region secured as an ally was a great move. Sure they weren't exactly separate from the Crown of Fiore... they were still operating like they were.The people there were tired of Reign and the Monarchy of Fiore overall. They wanted something new and fresh. It made sense. Who could blame them? They had been ignored for so long, neglected and the heroes that be simply ignored them as an entire guild enslaved them. Khalfani soared through the skies on their gryphon moving towards the next location for something they needed.

Arrived (Gryphon 20% discount)

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