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One Night In Luluhawa (Club Abyss) (Club Floor)

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#1Massimo Serrarosa 

One Night In Luluhawa (Club Abyss) (Club Floor) Empty Wed Jul 06, 2022 8:39 pm

Massimo Serrarosa

As promised, Massimo investigated the mystery at sea with Francesco and returned to the original island at question. It seemed that there was no connection between the two events, but Massimo still wanted to relay the information to Alisa and Sofia to put them at ease. Maybe they had relevant information to share with him as well.

Based on the intel that he had gathered when arriving on Luluhawa, Alisa had already made her presence known on the island. Since this was the biggest party on the island tonight, he hoped that he would find her here. Francesco, on the other hand, wasn't interested in attending the party and probably needed a break from Massimo.

Massimo brushed past the collar of his coat with the back of his fingers and then took it off to hand it over to the gentlemen attending the wardrobe in the vestibule of the club.

"Have fun tonight," the man paused before continuing, "Ser Serrarosa!"

"Thanks, but that ain't me. At least not tonight," Massimo replied.

As Massimo walked through the doors of Club Abyss, the music gradually became louder. The vibrations of the bass resonated throughout his body as he walked on the dancefloor. The place was packed. The partygoers moved their bodies as if tomorrow was not guaranteed and it could be their last night. Massimo chuckled and walked towards the bar and leaned against it. He graciously waited till one of the bartenders was available and signaled him to bring him a whiskey, double. A made-up sign language used in clubs was the easiest way to communicate with bartenders due to the noise.

Meanwhile, Massimo lit up his cigarette and adjusted the cuffs on his sleeves to make his fit look less formal. He hoped that he wouldn't have to act as a Kingsguard tonight. As he finished fixing his cuffs, the bartender placed the whiskey behind him. Massimo turned around and slid a generous amount of jewels across the bar towards the bartender. In a place this packed, the bartenders would constantly be busy, but a generous tip would ensure that word spread among them and that the bartenders would accommodate him faster tonight.

"Francesco is missing out,"
Massimo whispered to himself as he exhaled the smoke of his cigarette. He then took a sip of his whiskey and carefully looked around to observe the floor. Capacity, map, exits, everything was relevant before he could move to the dancefloor and have a good time.

"Also trying to find your friends?" A friendly voice inquired.

Massimo looked to his right and saw a gorgeous Luluhawan girl standing next to him. She had sun-kissed skin, dark hair that reached her shoulders, cute bangs, and a beautiful floral-patterned sundress.

"Not exactly, I'm here by myself because my friend ditched me tonight," Massimo replied while still looking around to finish scouting the area.

"That's a shame. I'm here with my friends but I can't find them. This place is way too big."

"I'm sure you'll find them. The dancefloor is the main area of the club. If they're not there, they'll at least find you there later when they look for you."

Massimo concluded that Francesco had either submitted their report or that they were about to be sent on their next mission. They were going to have to come to the dancefloor to get him or wait till he was done. Either way, he wasn't going to depart without dancing first.

"I guess..."

"Oh, no worries. I'll be your dance partner till we find them or till they find you," Massimo replied while placing his empty whiskey glass on the table. The empty glass immediately caught the eye of one of the bartenders. Massimo placed two fingers up to the bartender and signaled him to bring whatever the girl was drinking before for her and another one for him.


The bartender immediately placed the new drinks behind Massimo and the girl with a big smile on his face. He clearly understood that this was a big tipper. Massimo turned around a gave a friendly nod while handing another generous amount.

"Yeah," he replied, "Let's grab our drinks and dance."

Massimo quickly put his cigarette out and grabbed the whiskey in his left hand while grabbing the girl's hand with his right hand. It was time to manoeuvre to the dance floor. With the biggest smiles on their faces, the two of them danced their ways towards the central area of the dance floor. Despite the crowd, Massimo turned around and started to dance while walking backward to look at the girl and ensure that she could follow him safely. Luckily, everything was fine. Instead, Massimo's silly dance moves made her laugh out loud while she followed him.


One Night In Luluhawa (Club Abyss) (Club Floor) Empty Sat Jul 09, 2022 3:17 pm


Whoever the hell the Dj was would surely need a pay raise after this. The song that had stormed the dance floor was a favorite of Zaza's, so much so that she couldn't stop moving her body. Men and women alike gazed upon her beauty as she moved her hips and her arms, voguing down to the beat and eating every single dance move with absolute grace. Of course, the entire building knew who she was because this was her club. This was her domain, and anybody who entered bowed by default. In the center of the dance floor people clapped and shouted "Za Za!" to the melody of the track. Her silvery pink hair flipped around as she rolled her neck and dropped to the floor with her leg raised to the ceiling. That was called a death-drop. Quickly, she rolled over on all fours and flipped her hair, jumping back to her feet before laughing, still dancing, still prancing, but now with a drink in her hand.

She had grown bored rather quickly though and now needed something..or someone, to play with. Slowly strutting out of the circle she saw the most charming man casually walking her way. She didn't even bother to look at the girl behind him. It wasn't like this stranger was unknown or anything. One glance at him and Za knew exactly who he was. Judging from his attire and the whore behind him, he wasn't here to arrest anyone but who knew? The government was not always predictable. With a hair flip, Za turned around with her back towards him, her silk white dress tightly fit on her body, revealing her curves and thiccness in its entirety. She pretended not to even see him, and instead allowed the attention on her from the dance floor to speak volumes of her importance.

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