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Spies Like Us [Quest]

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There was a bit of money to be made in Luluhawa island. Vacation usually meant no work but for the Nimulli, money was the most important thing right now. Despite his body being in an immense pain after undergoing what could only be described as spiritual surgery, Z was quickly getting better. Oddly enough, he still felt the connection with the evil souls and spirits dwelling within the grand void. Alas, he was certain that soon enough that connection would fade. The souls he had consumed had finally grown content as the merging process presumed. The connection that had been sowing the four other souls with his own was a fifth soul known as Khalfani Atenhotep. The Prince of Desierto was the piece that made it all work. The Nephilim still found it strange that a prince, someone who was an heir to land would willingly agree to partake in such events.


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Perhaps it was because the Prince knew that what the Nimulli was apart of something that superseded something as simple as kingdoms and lords. Nonetheless, this was who Z'Aleel was now; something better, perhaps even something more superior than a simply gateway for evil spirits. The Nephilim kept his thoughts in a safe place deep within his mind for the time being. Right now he had to focus on the quest at hand. He wore a tropical tee shirt and khaki shorts. A bucket hat sat comfortably atop his head. His eyes bounced around to look for any changes regarding the guards on shift. It seemed like every thirty minutes they moved to another location. There were about 30 of them scattered in places where they could clearly watch over the people, all while not being all down their back. All the same, they were human guards and so their presence alone was irksome.


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Aleel wanted to stick around and watch for a little while longer though. To be frank, he was a thorough person most times so he didn't want to leave just yet. However, he was sure that his time here would be cut short very soon. Apparently there was a man watching him, a darker skinned man who seemed more like a boy than a man now that he looked at him. Aleel raised an eyebrow, but quickly glanced down at the map in his hand, moving away to put some distance between him and the man. He was onto the Nephilim, this wasn't good. His client specifically said not to bring into too much attention, so this was his cue. Soon the brow skinned man begin to walk towards Za and so pretending to follow the map he turned his back and nodded. He pointed in a direction, pretending to have found the way he wanted to go and began moving. The wind picked up, the trees swayed and the crowd continued to move. They served as a good way to blend in and move on quickly. In a matter of moments the Nimulli disappeared.


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