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Trade Deal (A-Rank/Azure)

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Trade Deal (A-Rank/Azure) Empty Wed Jun 08, 2022 8:34 pm

Emil walks toward the village he was to do a mission in, he was told that today he was to be working with another mage of his guild his name was asure or something like that, he really never did missions with other guild members so he figures this will probably end the same the shrimp will not show up and he will just handle the dirty work himself cause it is how it always goes Emil stepping up and talking on the mission.

He wondered if he was gonna have to get his hands dirty or if this can get figured out without him having to rough anyone up but where is the fun in that this mission sounds like it is gonna be boring and if this guild mate shows up he might just get more bored with them lecturing him about stupid things that can't really have anything done about them like not fighting and hunting down the other village's leader and make them do the deal that was gonna have to take place.

Maybe he will just let the shrimp do the talking, or at least he thinks it is gonna be a shrimp with a name like uearz it does not sound like a strong mans name.

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Azure Fenic

Azure wasn't really sure as to why he had to work out a deal between two factions when they clearly had enough brains to have two different groups on the matter but at least he wouldn't be alone on this request though he did have some questions about his partner for this. As he made his way to the village on his mount the thought of playing a game with the people here seemed like a rather good idea given the role he would have to be playing. 

As they landed they spotted someone that matched the description of his partner "Emil I take it, Lets get this over with I know we both have better things to be doing right now." The man looked like he wanted to be anywhere but in this village in the current moment which was something that could have been a somewhat bonding moment with each other which had somehow become a new mission for him recently. From what he was told about them they were a rather simple man that gets the job done regardless of what it is though the information could be slightly outdated. 

It was rather upsetting that he wasn't able to really enjoy messing with a fresh member of the guild but they could still be useful in making sure that everything went as planned. "This shouldn't take more than an hour to a half-hour." Blue wasn't really sure about how the village people would actually act during the whole interaction. 


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The man looked at the mage that came flying in on his fancy mount he wonder if the mans legs just don't work or if he was just as lazy and useless as he looked on first sight and he sighed looked like he was right that this one was going to be no help to him, the man looks like a walking tooth pick with a book. What was he going to do, start reading the enemy bed time stories till they passed out from boredom, why did he have to get a bum partner on this mission.

"You must be zeuar, good to meet you I hope you are more useful than you look." The man was blunt about his displeasure at having to work with the twig man and at having to solve an issue that these two settlements could figure out on their damn own with their fists and their fighting spirits for who is the better one then make the stupid trade deal. No need to waste the guilds time in having to come and baby sit and see if it was time to burp the two big crying and wailing babies.

"You think you can fight and beat them that fast?" He looked at the stick man and his book and he wondered what this man must be able to do that he thinks he can beat this many people that fast unless he was counting him in the amount of time, Emil thinks he could fight a pretty decent time through these people but not sure it would only be an hour to an hour and a half maybe an hour forty five.

He looked to Azure as he wondered what this man had planned for this mission, or if it was all going to lay solely on Emil's back to do this mission and try to get these two factions to come together to get an ass whooping. "So what is your battle plan shri- I mean fellow guild mate?" He had a shit eating grin on his face as he feels that azures plans are all going to fall apart the pipsqueak doesn't look like he belongs and that this was a mistake that he got paired with someone as great as himself to do such a mundane job that Emil could clean up easily enough with his own fists.

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Azure Fenic

Azure looked at the man with a mixed expression of confusion and doubt as he listened to his guild mate try and pronounce his name in a rather odd way as their other comment didn't really bother him as much given that he could more than likely walk circles around him if they came to blows. "That's what you're here for, isn't mister tough guy?" he asked with a grin as he dismounted and signed for her to wait for him somewhere close for when all this was over.

Wow this guy is really something, he thought to himself as the child side of him was already thinking of ways to remove him from the equation and make it look like a freak accident somehow. It had become clear to the informant that his worst fear had been brought to life but given how much work was put into becoming a better version of himself it was something that had to be put to the side for the time being. The people of the village didn't really seem to mind either of the men at their gate, well that's what he could tell given that they had been standing in place for a good minute or so at this point. 

As the focus had now turned to the informant's plan explaining it would have to be in parts as he didn't want to hurt the brute small brain, "Well first lets pick a side to help and then I'll fill you in on the rest." He made his way into the village and tried to understand just why out of all the guild members that he had to be stuck with it was a musclehead but finding the answer to that would have to wait until they had conclude their work here.


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The man rubbed the back of his head then he moved to his hips and released a hearty laugh from his mouth. "At least you understand your place, I see why people say you have no friends and have pretty much left you to the way side." He was blunt about the rumors he had heard about this mage aezru, his attitude was clearly dirty poor and he seemed very self serving and rude. He watched the mount move off at the mans signal, he guessed that mans only friend is that mount that he just got off of and it seemed to respect him, unlike others that he heard of.

"Eurza you got to be a team player here, I can't just do all the heavy lifting for you, got to pull your own damn weight." The man was greatly disappointed that his guild mate and team mate was so lazy about this deal thing they were doing. He walks up and he begins to talk to the elder that is there that they are to meet with. He clears his throat and he begins. "Hello sir how can we be of assistance to you? Please do excuse my lazy partner Azure, I will make sure your quest is done to the perfection that I am known for." He does a gentlemanly bow to the elder as a sign of respect to him and his man year of experience.

The elder is taken aback a bit at the level of politeness and respect he is being shown, from the tall tough look gentleman. It was happy to see that they had sent a respectable man with class to handle this. "It is nice to see they sent such a respectful man to take on my request, and I will excuse him just don't let him mess it up okay?" Emil nods his head as he was here to please the client and to get the job done and he was not gonna let rzeua mess this up for him and cost them the respect of the people of the north. The elder begins spinning a web of a tale about how their settlements use to co-exist till one of the passed heads had accidently jipped out of something that was agreed upon but wasn't delivered and this is how this had all started and they had lost their trust, so they were needed to go and to sort it all out and hopefully be able to talk them into taking back up a trade deal with them.

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Azure Fenic

Not wanting to step to Emil's leave he didn't say a word if he did it wouldn't have been anything to help the situation as it currently wasn't going well. "Oh that's cute" he muttered to himself as he followed behind Emil. Even though they had only just been introduced to one another he already wanted to murder them which was a new record. Blue had been doing so well at trying to understand and work with his guildmates to a certain extent. 

Oh, he can say it correctly, he thought folding his arms as it seemed as though his plan wasn't going to be as effective as he had wanted it to be. The informant tapped his foot as the two exchanged words though it was more so just them making fun of him "I'm happy that we could be of help to you and your people sir." he said with a small bow to the man and clenched his first. It was starting to become clear that his plan was going to fall apart before it could even start construction on it.

Azure walked up behind his partner with his arms still folder and ran through the information regarding the mission, "Hey Emil take the lead on this and I'll back you okay?" it was one of the only options that had been left to him seeing that his partner didn't want to try and see things his way. The acting was one of the basic skills that informants have regardless of how deep they get into the job in question. From what he knew about the case it seemed as though one side simply wanted to help both sides progress and create a common ground for both of them. They had a rather nice setup but it could have been so much better if they took the correct deal but given that Emil was taking charge on this case so it was up to them as to which one was correct.


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He heard that man mutter to himself in Caelese from behind him as he had done his whole thing there with that elder and he turns to azure and he walks close to the man and he whispers. "Good now they don't expect much from you so when you blow this request out of the water the elder here will be blown away." He laughs heartily to himself it seems his plan was gonna work how he needed it too, as azure was spoken of as a great informant, which means he should be good at getting dirt and to get the other village leader to loosen up and in the mood for a deal cause there are people already talking about how Emil had treated Azure so the other leader might try to reach out to Azure to try and sink this deal and himself.

He makes sure to stay next to Azure while he wore a big stupid smile on his face as he thinks Azure will be able to handle the next leader with ease as they walk closer to the village that seems to have the issue with the one that had sent them on his mission to come back with results. He hopes that Azure can handle this village's head with at least general ease. He walks in with Azure and he starts looking around for someone that could lead Azure to them so he can get to making words make sense to them and get it going in the right way for them to get this all solved on this side of the battle lines.

"Good luck Azure I believe in you." He gently pushes Azure and gives him a thumbs up it was Azures turn to shine and get this deal as good as sealed, he must be as good as the rumors say he is right? He wants to test them to see how they will do not he is throwing them from the pan to the fire.

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Azure Fenic

Not that I like throwing titles around but who does he think I am? I help found this guild damn it, he thought to himself as he tuned in for just the first and ending half of Emil's little thing that he was doing. Azure had started to think about a certain Elf that was still in the area but at the same time also wanted to finish up this job and hope that he didn't have to murder Emil in the process. They walked through the village most of the people they passed looked rather annoyed to see both of them, some of which made it clear that they didn't want him in the village or so it seemed to the untrained eye. A few of the people were clearly on the other group that was on part of the deal which would make some things easier for him. "What no...I know but not now." a few of his summons had some rather strong opinions on Emil but hearing them all at once was giving him a headache. 

Watching Emil play his role of meathead made Azure sick to his core but the mission had to be concluded first before anything fun could happen. "Welp I guess this is another type of trust? I'll do my part so just make sure no one tries to attack me in the process." his child's side was still distracted with thoughts of the elf while they gave walked.

Blue quickly scanned the area to see if he could spot the leader of the group "I gotta check on something real quick." wasting no time he made his way over to the other leader and see if he could try and plant some seeds for another time. This would actually be the second time that he would have to play two sides but this time was different on the count that he had a partner. "Hi let's just cut to the chase, shall we? I have a plan that will help you so listen carefully." he went on to explain his plan to the man and given that both he and Emil were on the same page, for the most part, pulling off the plan should be no issue. After the explanation, the informant made signaled for his partner to start heading back to the first leader.


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Emil started to pick his nose as he followed azure to protect him to really sell the he is an idiot to the people looking at him, he is finding this kind of funny because they probably think he is some sort of brain dead gorilla of a man and that Azure is the mouth piece and brain of the team because that is what Emil wants them to think but he knows that isn't fully true but he knows Azure should really be able to do well but it is a two heads are better than one type of deal for these people that could really be rewarding to the two people and their settlements.

He sees Azures sign that he should be heading back to the first settlement and he hopes they will not attack Azure the second that he walks away and he figures that this should be an okay thing to do. He removes his finger from his nose and then he bows his head then makes his way out of the settlement to go back to the first to try and bring them together with Azure as his man on the other side for this and he hopes that this will come together fine and not be a blood shed and he makes it to the other settlement and he talks to the first head and he has him and a few advisors come with him and he figures the two sides will meet half way and get the deal done and signed but this could still go wrong so he is ready for the event that could still indeed take place.

When he arrives at the spot he has them take their spot on their side of the line and has the advisors stay back cause if Azure screwed up he knows he is gonna have to fight to defend the client against what the other side has and he figures Azure will help defend as well if he can make it in time and they hadn't murdered him in cold blood, but he does have a certain respect for Azure and he was not gonna give it up to them quite yet cause he likes the boy but he needs not to to spoil the boy as he might be one to get a big head fast and he can not risk that at least not yet.

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Azure Fenic

As his partner made their way back to the other group he turned back to the other leader and wrote down a script of sorts, "Follow this to the letter and I'll help you flip this whole thing over." the man simply glanced at the paper and nodded which filled the informant with joy as he was about to create a game that he had full control over. Some of the people gave him the look of death which was something that he was all but used to at this point. The plan was rather simple to agree to the deal while also placing themselves in a position of power that would allow them to break the deal with a rather large sum, this was all assuming that they didn't mess up in some way. 

His mature side had finished running through all the possible outcomes of the deal from the actions that they had taken thus far though it was difficult to account for Emil being impulsive. I think this can work he thought to himself unfolding his arms and placing his hands in his pockets. Even though Azure was partly in the dark on just why something like this would even need outside help to start with given all the facts. He made his way back to the Emil with a smile on his face as whistled a rather joyful tone. Walking up behind his guildmate quickly changed his expression from that of joy to worry as he folded his arms and tapped his foot as if to say that things might not have gone well. 

"All players are set on the broad," he muttered tapping his shoulder as the faint sound of people marching from behind them could be heard along with what could only be war drums. Azure turned around to see just what was heading their way and sure enough, it was the other Son of the other leader, No! why is he here?! Game!" he thought as the plan was more or less close to falling apart once again. 


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Emil looked at Azures smug look and he feels this could only mean trouble as he looked far too happy then he whispered something to him and he is getting chills and then he hears it the drums thundering off the trees, the sound of peoples feet hitting the soft ground, something had gone wrong and now they were gonna have to fix it. Emil walks toward the people that were coming his way and he wonders if maybe the accident were the one side got shorted might not have been an accident and it was a set up, but no way these people could have done any of that right?

He raises his hand palm flat out toward them. "This is a meeting of leaders and it is protected under the trade rights pact of x666 you can not interfere or you fall under the eighteenth and five quarters distract law of the land and be set to stoning." He keeps a confident look at the son in front of him leading these people and he acts like he hadn't just pulled that completely out of his ass to just try to spook the boy into back down and taking his people and heading back toward his settlement. He hopes Azure has an idea if this all falls to shit from this point on cause this could get blood bathy real fast.

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Azure Fenic

Azure looked at the man in shock as he didn't really know how to react to such an asspull of a random law but also was rather proud that they finally pulled their brain out of the jar. Not wanting to ruin this great moment for his partner the informant took the lead and stood between the two factions. "No I'm sure they don't want to fight us correct?" he asked seeing that the meeting was supposed to cover all possible outcomes he could predict. 

Not wanting to have the plan fall apart the informant rushed over to the other group and grabbed the man pulling him in close, his normal composed self had been tossed out the window as this whole mission was a huge waste of time  "You don't get to kill all my hard work just beacuse you feel like its unfair got it?!" it was a rather rear event that he showed any murderous intent in his eyes and voice. 

Everyone behind the man slowly backed away as Azure let go of the boy and dusted off their shoulders as if nothing had just happened. Turning back to Emil he smiled with a cheerful thumbs-up "They just wanted to escort their leader here to sign the agreement." the smile was the only expression that he could think of to hide the urge to smash their faces into the ground.


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Emil hears Azure coming close and he can sense a blood lust about Azure as he spoke to the man and he wonders if he might have seen something that the man usually keeps buried under the surface so no one sees. Emil is happy to see Azure shine as this was their first meeting but he thinks he could easily be friends with Azure maybe. Though he kind of gets the feeling that Azure is not very ready to take that step with him quite yet to being friends.

He walks over to the two leaders and he bares witness to them agreeing on a deal and a friendship. He just wonders how long it will last once the son takes over for the father or by then maybe they will have come to truly see the light as well he was lucky this was his first mission he took with a PD member and he is glad he got Azure who seemed to break the façade there. "Thanks you came in clutch there Azure sorry I gave you such a rough time to start." He gives Azure a thumbs up as he watches the leaders both split off.

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Azure Fenic

Adjusting his shirt to be more evenly aligned the two leaders agreed to the deal even though it took a little more effort than he wanted. The informant never really showed his rage very often if not at all when work was involved but the current state of things called it. Not wanting to miss out on any new information he quietly activated the magical bugs that he placed on the kid during their talk. "Now that's just lovely." he muttered taking in every single detail of the signing. 

"Yes this was a thing that took place," he replied fully regaining their composure even though at this point heading back to the guild and just taking a break from any request sounded really nice.  It wasn't as though he didn't like the job it was more so the amount of work that was needed to accomplish it without getting dirty. It was nice to see that Emil was only playing a role for this mission or else they would really have to reconsider working with them again. Azure whistled for his mount to come and take pick them up to officially leave this day behind them. 


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