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Tournament Arc [B rank Quest]

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Toma stood on the great rock as the cheers of the crowd were livid. The majority of his day was spent knocking out pretend warriors and has-beens. But now, he was set to take out the champion of his bracket as there champions of varying levels. He looked at his opponent from across the way, who was boasting and pumping up the crowd. He was a tall burly man with a shiny bald head. Toma was anxious with excitement as he tapped the ground with his right foot. He was happy to go all out and fight someone worth his time.

"Hey bald boy don't get too excited!" He called out to the man while yawning. There was no need to stretch as he was warmed up already from earlier.The big man snapped around before walking towards Toma a stupid grin on his face. He was chuckling like a weirdo and started to loom over Toma. As normal he was completely unbothered by the man's advances.

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Seeing that his scare tactics had no effect on Toma the man turned to the crowd beginning another spectacle. "I'm gonna beat this chump to a pulp for all you great fans!" The crowd started to roar as Toma looked to the ref who started to run out towards the two. "I'll kill you then you disgusting pig." Toma let the words slip out of his mouth. It caught the bald man's attention as his demeanor changed for a second but he couldn't get a word in. The ref beckoned Toma and the bald man over before asking the usual." If both of you are ready take your stances." With that Toma took 3 steps back and simply crossed his arms. The bald man dragged a foot back and had both his palms at his sides while laughing manically. "BEGIN!" With a slash of his hand through the air, the ref signaled the match.



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The bald man bull-rushed Toma and attacked with wild punches. Toma was confident and not cocky. He clearly could tell the difference in strength. As such, he simply kept stepping back to avoid the strikes. It would be foolish for him to trade blows. But he had no martial skills whatsoever. All of his attacks were over-exaggerated and easily readable. As such, he saw his knee start to come up as Toma stepped inward toward the man's right side. Spinning on his left foot as the pivot, he spun out of the way.

Toma followed through with the rotation snapping as he crouched midway and threw out his right leg. The following resulted in a reverse sweeping leg kick to the man's foot. And with Toma's whole body weight and the off-balance center of gravity, he knocked the man's feet from under him, causing his head to smack against the ground. The crowd was shocked and went wild at Toma's quick and simple counterattack.



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Toma was still on the ground after halting before a green magic circle appeared in front of him. Caught off guard, he was suddenly attacked with a volley of wind which had sent him flying 10m. Tumbling across the ground, he recovered to watch as the muscle-headed idiot rise to his feet. Stupid maniacal laughter pouring from his ugly dome.  Toma dusted himself before cracking his knuckles he was saying something. But he drowned everything out and saw only red. Smacking his hands together, a yellow magic circle appeared underneath him.

Yellow sparks of lightning covered his arms, granting him a C rank strength buff. Toma then started to run around his opponent, thinking of the best way to take him out. Seeing as he was now dealing with a wind mage he had no disadvantage or advantage.  The wind mage shot a hand sending out a flying blade of wind towards Toma as he ran circles around him.


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Seeing the path of the wind blades Toma halted and bent backward. Cartwheeling backward, the wind blades flew by him and dispersed. The crowd started to slowly back away from the action. Toma corrected his posture and ran straight toward the bald man.  Another green magic circle appeared before the man as he kept laughing. A spiraling burst of wind shot out as Toma took in a deep breath during his dive in. He jumped 2m in to the air over the attack which was level with his chest.

His timing was impeccable as he flew over the wind catching baldy off guard. His back towards the ground as he grew closer before the wind dispersed. Rotating to be right side up Toma cocked back his right hand before slamming his fist into the man's face. Having the force of his entire body slammed straight into his nose. A spray of blood and the feeling of a broken nose as the force knocked him to the ground.





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Toma miscalculated, however, and the man had gone with the force of the punch. Bending backward, Toma started to fly over his stomach resulting in him snatching him out of the air. The man, despite blood running down his face, grabbed Toma in a bear hug before pulling himself back up and squeezing him. Toma screamed out in agony resulting. It felt like his bones would break. However, Toma had his arms free and despite the pain, he created a yellow magic circle. Right arm extended he shrouded his right arm in lightning magic. "JAVELINl" Toma screamed before jamming his hand in the neck of the bald man.

It was one of his weaker attacks, but still, the blade-like qualities let him dig into his neck. The bald man yelled as the attack weakened his left arm, loosening the grip on Toma, who promptly kicked off his chest. He chased Toma down with a kick, still clutching his bleeding neck.





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Toma used the man's leg as a springboard, jumping and flipping over the leg. With one hand only leaving his body open to throw a knee to the man's face. This entire match was about to become a one-sided murder. He let go of everything fear, pain, and anger. Despite being completely consumed by it all. Landing back on his feet, the big man tumbled but didn't completely fall back over. Circling around him, Toma cocked back a palm creating another yellow magic circle. Striking the man in the back, a burst of lightning sent him flying 10m, rolling into the ground, darting towards his body. It was finally time to end this game. No one could deny his victory, and surely after this, his fame would skyrocket after such a display.

Toma jumped up and into the air 2m. He would then stomp and drop into a crouch slamming his weight into the bald man's chest. He felt his chest cave in still staring at him with a blank face. Another green magic circle appeared as Toma easily sidestepped out of the way still keeping his foot on the man's body. A gust of wind blew past him, which he completely ignored. Out of pure spite, Toma stepped on the man's neck wound, prompting him to cry out in pain. But he ignored it as he continued to torture the man. It was always a quickly decided match when it came to hand-to-hand combat.





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"Where did all the bravado and confidence go?" Toma spit in his face seeing as he was too weak to move. His head snapped as he noticed the ref attempting to move. Toma gave the ref a calm and cold glare forcing him to stop in his tracks. How dare he try and stop the match before it was even finished. Everyone was silent, and no one could stop him.

Toma rolled his shoulders and wiped the blood from his face. All the while, the lightning around his arms would cease due to him releasing his spell. He had no need his physical buffs anymore. Feeling the strength leave him was always a weird sensation. But one he was accustomed too none the less.There was only one way to finish this fight, and that was with a glorious finisher.

Stepping back some to stand over his chest Toma raised his right hand and made a claw. A yellow magic circle appeared shrouding his hand in lightning before swiping across the ground. This released a 2 m-sized arc of lightning that would slash the man's stomach and the surrounding ground.

"This next one is only a prerequisite to my final spell. Be honored you will die by it and by my hand." Hopping backward 2m and then taking another step back to distance himself. A large surge of magical energy built up inside Toma as he made two claws with both of his hands. He made the palms touch each other before raising his arms to aim his hands toward the bald man. Could not miss at point-blank he thought with a small smirk.

A yellow magic circle appeared as the head of a 2m sized dragon formed before he pushed his palms forward. The spell traveled at speeds of at least 40m/s and it would had obliterated his opponent in a fraction of a second as an explosion followed soon after from the collision sending a wave of dust. Toma stuck his hands in his pocket after leaving nothing but a mangled corpse in his wake. Finally, he was done here. The crowd was too stunned to react as they all looked on in horror. Toma yet again walked up to kick dirt on the corpse. And then spit on it once again. After all, soil and water were needed to be big and strong. Now he could go be big and strong in hell or wherever the foolish were meant to be. All in all he meant his end so it didn't really matter at the end of the day.

Toma looked to the ref who was scared to walk forth but did so anyway. "Get on with it." Toma snapped at the ref, who jumped from the words. "The winner is contestant Toma. He has now been crowned the new champion!!!" Toma embraced the silence as that was what he was going for. He wanted to leave an impression, especially on his rise as a dark wizard. He accepted his purse for the winning activities and was on his way. Tucking the money away into his hoodie and walked past the crowd. Everyone making way and not wanting to cross paths. Some of the contestants from earlier gave him a look as well. But when Toma would glance their way they looked off into space. He had more business to deal with here. Now it was time to recover and go make use of the spoils.

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