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A New Mine [Q]

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#1Venus Rosé 

A New Mine [Q] Empty Wed Jun 08, 2022 9:46 am

Venus Rosé

After receiving a letter from Mattoro, the vampire had slipped through the night into nothing but shadows. The rendezvous location with her client was at an abandoned shack where she was given the details of her nightly duties. It seems that she was going to be blowing some things up tonight, a low, sly smile was casted on her lips just beneath the shadow of her hood. This kind of task was more interesting then hunting some random creature in the middle of the sea or chasing down some ghosts in a church, she thought. Although, before she left, she was given a warning to not kill anyone inside the area, which she immediately reacted with a quick roll of her eyes.

”Fine, fine. I get it—no food for me tonight.” She waved behind her nonchalantly with explosives carried around her slender waist. As a rogue, stealth and speed was her expertise so there was no struggle for her to stay hidden when she reached the mines. Though to her surprise, she wasn’t expecting that there would be this many miners at the location. She figured she’d have to disguise herself as one of them, which should also be another easy task for her. The red rose grabbed the nearest miner to her and knocked him unconscious (careful to not harm him) and stole his clothes. Her hair really was a pain to hide amongst these boring, old colours in the mine, especially when her hair was bright red, so she’d tied it up and hid it thoroughly behind her hood.

Amidst all the men in the mine, Venus was the only feminine figure so naturally she had to be to be extra careful to not get caught. Though she received some suspicious glances, but none questioned her—perhaps from the exhaustion that they suffered from the hard labour or even simply because it was just dark. As requested by her client, Venus stealthily placed the explosives in all different locations in the mine, further away from all the miners and quickly escaped once she was done. Repositioning her in a short distance from the mine, she’d watched through the bushes as she set off the explosives, the reflection of her eyes glistening with the vibrant colours of red and orange.

[30% WC Reduction from Guild Lvl 5]

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