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Gimme Ya Money [Private]

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Gimme Ya Money [Private] NeaNFKH

"Hm?" Z'Aleel tapped his chin. His mouth widened, almost in confusion as he crouched behind a tree. "Why is that man...naked?" Za asked himself. He squinted, trying to discern who the man was from afar. He was obviously unique, much different than all the other humans he came across. Suddenly it dawned on the boy. That man was Khalfani Atenhotep, a famous mage. He didn't seem all that amazing. "Whatever." Aleel thought. Nothing was going to halt him. "Hmm." The Nimulli hummed. Licking his razor sharp fangs, he stood up before walking over to Khalfani, the Prince of Desierto. Surely he was rich. It'd make literally no sense if he wasn't. Couldn't be a prince and broke at the same time, that'd be blasphemous. "Hey Mister!" Z shouted. "Gimme a million jewels. I'm poor and hungry and my family is...gone." He lightly kicked the sleeping Prince's foot. "You wouldn't wanna turn down a homeless innocent child would ya?" He poked out his lips and pretending to be sad and in distress. He didn't even look homeless.

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Khalfani †
The Lion laid stretched out across the soft grassy fields, napping as the sun lightly baked their skin. They spent the beginning of the day drinking, reading and resting. After all they had been doing, they deserved to rest at the very least. Wine filled their belly, putting them in a deep slumber. So deep in fact, that one would think they were in a coma. They turned to their side. The breeze blew through their legs, caressing the parts of their body that needed loving the most. It was finally spring and this was just one way they'd enjoy the season.Their clothes sat beside them, folded underneath a leather satchel. Suddenly they felt a kick at their feet. A voice echoed, a child, asking for money. All the Godsblood wanted to do was sleep. Still in a drunken half slumber, they grumbled. "Take what you need and go." they muttered before drifting off into a deep slumber again.

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Gimme Ya Money [Private] NeaNFKH

Zael grinned. Obviously this man was drunk, probably didn't even really mean what he said, but oh well! The mischievous child snickered and skipped to the other side of Khalfani, grabbing the satchel before zipping it open. Immediately, his eyes widened. "That's alotta fucking money." He wasn't actually poor, that was a lie of course, but he was hungry. "This is a lot of money mister... it's going to a good cause." He said with a grin as his hand snatched the money from inside the purse. Z'Aleel turned to the person one more time and just looked at em. Out like a light, the Nimulli chuckled. "I make a good scammer, don't I Mister Prince?" He asked the sleeping princess. Of course he got no response. The fallen crouched. "Its so funny. You're supposed to be like this super strong mage or somethin' and I could just eat you right now." He began, slowly extending his hand forward. "Maybe I should just..." but before his hand touched the former guild masters face, he backed away. "No...maybe another time. You might be useful again." He grinned before turning and walking away. "Thanks for the money, dumb human." He said.


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