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It had been quite a while since Sia had been on a boat. It felt like ages, truly, since the witch had seen the ocean. She had longed for it more than she knew, but in no time at all the voyage was over and Sia found herself in the lovely little city of Astera. She found it lovely most immediately, and quite to her liking. Soon, she began looking for work, and wondered into a tiny little import company store by the pier. They had many wonderful items of Desiertian make, and Sia conversed with the shopkeeper for a while, inquiring about work.

Sia continued to chat with the workers for a while, before finally the boss came out front, a beautiful Desiertian woman with bright hair not unlike her own. "Hello there, my name is Sia, I was hoping I could find some work?" She spoke in Fioran and shook Ikanbi's hand firmly.

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The work had been going swimmingly at the Astera Pier shop. Desiertians far from home were the biggest supporters, often buying snacks and baked goods that they couldn't find elsewhere in Astera at Ikanbi's little shop, set up conveniently located in the shade of the nearby larger buildings. From what one would call a marvelous view of the beach and the ocean, you could also see the pier, and the tables outside that ran along sparcely were decorated with the cutest little umbrellas.

Some of them big too, Ikanbi and Kirari noted, and the two of them finished cleaning the tables in their shop as Sia entered. Silently, Ikanbi observed and made her way to the back room as Kirari and the others attended to Sia's needs and everyone conversed for a bit. "Hmm. Yes, we could use a courier actually. There's a lot of need for delivered goods here." Said Ikanbi finally, and with that, an arrangement between the two was made.

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