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Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)

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#1Cailyn † 

Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  Empty Mon Apr 18, 2022 11:22 am

Cailyn †
"By the gods, this is a rather important day." Caitlyn said looking at the mirror as she put on the light makeup she generally wore. Today was important on multiple fronts, the one most daunting however was where she was going, not even the city but the exact specific location was what daunted her, a abandoned building in Orchidia Street that she passed by on her way here.

The abandoned part didn't scare her thought, it was the fact that since the building was left alone to rot so long ago similar to the rest of Orchidia, it became susceptible to the elements and time itself, the building condition deteriorating enough that a rat infestation set in place, of the rather giant variety it seemed.

Why did they care? Well, Paradise Dawn was like a newborn child, weak and needed to learn and grow, and towards that front, money spoke. A wealthy man by the name of Ian Faust, that was requesting for them to clear up said rat infestation of the building for the sole purpose of repurposing it into the drug store, Caitlyn didn't ask what kind but she imagine it would be legal business..yet again she was unsure.

Ah, and the last exciting point, she was going with the man that brought them all here, People thought of him as a monarch now, but his name was Khalfani, it was time to go downstairs and meet him so they could travel to Orchidia to handle the business meant for the day, she was curious as to what kind of men, as the stories told, what kind of men was Khalfani that Aeris trusted him so? Curiosity killed the wild beast she supposed.


#2Khalfani † 

Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  Empty Mon Apr 18, 2022 1:36 pm

Khalfani †
Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  PUGLUDs

The Ascended sat in the guild hall, on their throne crafted in gold and gifted to them by the people of this land. Of course Khalfani helped them build it because that was just who they were, but mostly, it was forged by the various builders of the mountains. The Commander of Dawn sat with a cup of wine in their hands, circling their wrists as the win splashed around the glass. Ever since they had ascended, it was like the spirit of something else had compelled them. They couldn't complain, because the world had gifted them with a vision other could only dream of. It could also be said that Khalfani quite enjoyed their treatment. "Monarch of The Mountains" they called them. A title like that wasn't easy to live up to. The people of Rush Valley had no intentions of following a Monarch who was just as bad as the current and previous crown bearers, so Khalfani had to continue moving the way they had been moving.

In fact, the entire North would come to accept the Desiertan soon enough. Khal waited for a new member of Paradise Dawn to come down for a quest they were supposed to do. She was he sister of Aeris who had been in a coma. As a founder, she was safe in Paradise. As the sister of Aeris, it was only right Cailyn get the same treatment. It might have been a good thing to give her a prominent role in Paradise, but Khalfani had to get to know her first. So, the golden eyed Dragon sat patiently. Their companion rested in their lap and their shield leaned on the golden throne beside them.


#3Cailyn † 

Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  Empty Tue Apr 19, 2022 4:44 am

Cailyn †
Before she went down Caitlyn made sure to get dress because she was allowed to know what she was heading into before actually having to deal with it Caitlyn put out a rush order with the tailors of Paradise Dawn, her outfit in question? Well, using her earth magic to create a hole into the ground for Brone and the men to collect gemstones underneath to use for funds and trading resources Caitlyn kept a few. Her boots were a gray thigh high length, sporting long misshapen squares of light blue made from metal in the front, mostly around the foot and the knee area.

The actual outfit was a deeper aqua blue, something akin to her homeland priestess outfit and a touch of Fiore flare that she has collected in her memory over the years, the aqua blue dress sleeveless in design with the shirt unrestricting the arm movement yet it was tied down so it would not blow in her face. The dress abundantly covering her chest area while exposing her front collarbone, but just above that the dress reconnected, she was wearing a black neckband, a lily flower on it. Like the boots, her midsection was covered in metal but one that hadn't been colored, the rest of her dress flowing down like a sash, the underside of her dress grey.

Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  A0a14e6557626908263826ebb5d57f63

Completely ready to go now, Caitlyn began heading through the area down the halls, she could hear murmurs of the monarch relaxing and drinking wine in deep thought, some people scared what that meant while Caitlyn didn't really have a thought about it as she continued her way to the very same Monarch to join him on a quest to Orchidia.

Turning a hall she could see a door slightly ajar, it caught her attention as she saw someone drinking wine. Walking towards the room, Caitlyn pushed the door open, "Well, Monarch of the North, we meet at last." Caitlyn said boldly as she walked up to the Monarch, sitting down on the table itself next to him as she collected a glass herself grabbing the same wine bottle and pouring some in her cup, "Surely the thought of exterminating giant rats hasn't turned you to the wine, a coin for you're thoughts before we go?" Caitlyn said now looking at him as she took a sip of her drink."


#4Khalfani † 

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Khalfani †
Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  PUGLUDs

So many things to do and so many things to figure out yet so little time for the Princex of Desierto. It was amazing to be able to see this clear, the goal was becoming more evident by the second. The whispers of what this meant for Sieghart could be heard, a raise for concern as some of the people had agreed that Khalfani was the hero they needed and others afraid of what having a Monarch meant. Of course this wasn't anything official, just a title for now. Nobody really had to adhere to their command. Although if they truly knew that the Commander of Dawn had their best intentions in mind, they would. Regardless, today was a day to ponder on such things no longer. If it was meant to be, surely they would make it happen. As they leaned on the armrest of their seat, Caitlyn approached. There she was, casually approaching as beautiful as ever.

Caitlyn's caramel colored skin tone made her hard to miss. Her and Aeris were so different. From the way they looked, down to how they operated. The Spellsinger spoke after taking a seat beside them. With a warm smile Khalfani sighed. "There are many thoughts that turn me to the wine these days." They turned their gaze to their comrade. "Monarch of the North is it? I find it hard to believe that our influence extends that far. I thought I was being called the Monarch of the Mountains. I enjoy this level of hospitality, but I'm uncertain if embracing such a title in its fullness would be best for Paradise. I imagine the King of Fiore would not respond in kind." They sipped from their cup. "In any case, It's a pleasure to finally meet you as well, Caitlyn. I hope Paradise has been treating you well?"


#5Cailyn † 

Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  Empty Wed Apr 20, 2022 1:29 am

Cailyn †
Finding her way to the hallway Caitlyn followed the trail of people speaking on Khalfani, Monarch of the mountains, some including Caitlyn herself called him Monarch of the North. "You are correct, you unfortunely do not. Not yet anyway, but I imagine if the guilds very first battle included slaying more than a hundred of the gods abominations then I see a future where the leader, you, are seen as a monarch of the north." Caitlyn said in response, rather or not Khalfani had such plans she didn't know but she found it hard to believe that a free entity like them could survive without a lot more substantial influence in the land of Fiore, even if it's just a part of its whole. People needed to trust them as well, but just enough fear to keep at bay the one's would would attempt to overstep was needed. Perhaps a sultry dream from her childhood she knew know after roaming the lands for so long that any functional governing society needed a balance of fear and benevolence.

It was then Khalfani perhaps in his wine induced state had bestowed her a bit with his troubles of embracing such a title, claiming the king of Fiore would not approve but then seemed to switch to welcoming her and asking how her stay was. Caitlyn smiled, "It has been most welcoming, from my talks with Brone to my sparring session with Yuurei it's been a blast. But lets not change the topic so fast Khalfani. The King of Fiore, sits so highly on his throne because the people fear him, and his influence is great. If you wish to topple the king's control then like a game of chess you must first sway his subjects to your side and take away his pieces, the masses will begin to doubt and we would be all the better for it, if we act accordingly that is. I have faith you picked your people well enough to achieve this."

"But enough talk, I believe it's time we go, yes?"


#6Khalfani † 

Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  Empty Wed Apr 20, 2022 10:58 pm

Khalfani †
Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  PUGLUDs

Khalfani could do nothing but watch their guild mate. She was headstrong and tough. The commander could see that within her just from one conversation. Like many people of the mountains, Cailyn expressed that she believed Khalfani to be a good fit to lead a nation. There was so many things that came with becoming a Monarch in a land that already had a Monarch. Were they ready for that? Truly? Once upon a time they had their vision set on the entire country, but as time went on their motives shifted, albeit slightly. Still, this was a broad a dangerous thing to even discuss. Khalfani was not a native of this land after all and neither was Cailyn. It was refreshing to hear that the Songbird was finding herself at home here. She had met Brone which was always a good thing. The dwarf was a lively one. It really did make Khalfani happy to see their comrades happy. In fact, Khal was grateful that someone with such a voice had graced the guild with her very presence. In that regard, they were excited to see just how she used her abilities.

It would seem though, that their attempt to shift the conversation proved to be futile. Cailyn reminded Khalfani that the King sat on the throne- not because he was chosen by the people. It was a game of chess, she remarked. She wasn't wrong about anything she said, but the truth of the matter was that while the people of the North preferred to be separate from the crown, only Sieghart truly wanted liberation. The rest of this country could either be easily swayed to Reigns side or had already grown to love him and for good reason too. "Mmm~" Khalfani sipped their wine. Cailyn broke the convo by reminding them that it was time to go. Their eyes watched the singer closely. She was interested and seemed to be fond of the idea of Khalfani ruling. Imagine that; the Princex of Desierto ruling a portion of Fiore. Their Grandfather would be proud. "Right. Let's go." They said as they left the hall. They wanted to ask about Aeris but perhaps that was better for another time.

"Another day cleaning Orchidia. I think it's time we actually give this city the help it needs. Something sustainable. I'm growing tired of killing rats."


#7Cailyn † 

Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 6:16 pm

Cailyn †
Not one to allow her thoughts to be restricted for the most part besides her own doing, Cailyn spoke her mind since Khalfani had shared his own a bit, she couldn't tell if he was power hungry yet, but she imagined someone's whose guild went against the crown as free agents wouldn't be content with being told what to do, not a tyrant that wanted complete control, but rather one that strove towards true freedom, she could respect that.

Sharing her own thoughts about her initial feeling on Khalfani and kind of waging his chance of really being able to rule the north, Cailyn herself ended that talk as she only wanted him to think about the conversation once there company was not in each others. The mission was still on for today and she imagined Khalfani wouldn't miss a commitment he made as well. Khalfani taking his final sip of wine, Cailyn would bow ever slightly and wave her hand in the direction there carriage was waiting for them.

Upon leaving the room Khalfani mentioning making sure Orchidia got the care it properly deserved, a complaint about killing too many rats, "Ah, I suppose this has happened before then. No matter, in my homeland I was trained to fight against tigers and lions, a few dozen rats is of little thought to me now. Those rats really need to meet Yuurei, they would never step out again if that's who they have to fight to death." Cailyn said while sweating a bit remembering her own encounter with Yuurei and how the sparing ended up.

Anyway, upon walking outside Khalfani might have found himself confused a bit, there was a carriage but there was no horses, just a empty harness. "Oh sorry I forgot to tell you, I been really training my speed and strength lately just in case the gods decide to try and forsake us permanently again. So today I would like to just run to Orchidia at full speed and see how long it takes me." Cailyn said attaching the harness that connected her to the carriage without hesitation! "No need to be shy, you're be helping me out." Cailyn said finally. Now, hopefully if Khalfani got on the carriage Cailyn would do exactly as she said, run at her full speed and power, Cailyn running down the road already increasing to a speed of 30 m/s straight to Orchidia and the location of there quest.

It had been nearly a hour or so, the carriage stopping right in front of the gates of the old abandoned building where rats were everywhere. Cailyn detaching the harness she was wearing and turned towards the house, "So how shall we enter? Front door? Smash through the windows? Im down for anyway you like, I'm impartial.


#8Khalfani † 

Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  Empty Fri Apr 22, 2022 11:58 pm

Khalfani †
Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  PUGLUDs

"Oh, then these pests will be like a walk in the park for you. I agree. Akin to many people, those rats would shiver at the thought of facing Yuurei." Khalfani chuckled. Cailyn was right, Yuurei was indeed a formidable man both in power and simply in the way he carried himself. He practically radiated talent. "You said tigers and Lions? So Seven really is that kind of country hm?" Khalfani doubled back. Naturally they were curious to hear more about Cailyn, but the duo soon approached an empty carriage. No horses, no rider, just a carriage with wheels attached. The Commander's eyebrow raised as they turned to face Cailyn, curious as to what she was up to. In the moments to come the Lion learned why there was only a vehicle without the engine; Cailyn would be the engine. Apparently she wanted to use this as a moment to test her limits, and Khal could only respect such a notion.

Still, it tickled them. With a laugh they sighed and nodded. "You're a wild one. I'm a fan." They said as they stepped into the carriage. "Don't hurt yourself~" they said in a motherly tone as Cailyn took off, bringing them to their destination far quicker than any horse would. Truthfully, the Prince was pleasantly surprised. When they arrived, Khal hopped out of the carriage and laughed, for a brief moment embracing their inner child. It's been a while since they did something that random and just...fun. "I tend to be straight forward." Khalfani remarked as they walked up to the buildings doors and simply kicked it open. Rats scurried all around the building as the light beamed through. "I can't...every time?" They cringed. "We clear the building out, report back to whoever the hell, and we're done, right? Easy enough. Hope you like Rats."


#9Cailyn † 

Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  Empty Sat Apr 23, 2022 4:06 am

Cailyn †
Cailyn gave a rather toothy smile as she watched Khalfani laugh, pleased her joke landed while revealing her vampire fangs. Sometimes she actually forgot she has them but she suppose a home filled with multiple species such things didn't matter. "Oh yes, Sevens is much like Fiore, vast wildlands differentiating by the direction you go to. However the wild animals of Sevens are much more aggressive, the warriors of Sevens or any fighter has been trained on the foundation of being able to fight a wild animal at a single notice, the by product of that is that the animals are naturally more hostile. You could say the way of the Sevens is to fight to the death, and in the opponents death you shall enjoy a hot meal." Cailyn replied to Khalfani question about her homeland, the Sevens.

Reaching outside Cailyn swiftly explained her plan to test her limits by just running to Orchidia, using the carriage just to carry Khalfani there. "That too is the way of the Sevens~" Cailyn replied as she was in the midst of attaching the harness, Khalfani mentioning don't hurt herself. "It be fine~ It be fine~" She said finally all attached up.

Running like a mad lass, she got a few stares on the way there but that was to no matter as she kept going straight to the location, reaching the destination swiftly Cailyn stopped right in front of the building, unattaching the harness, asking Khalfani how he wanted to go about this. Khalfani response, well he was straight forward as he just kicked the door open, also asking if he should be so all the time, "It's not wrong to be, but if we gotta come back again I'm definitely walking into the building in style, that way the rat's that survive and there children will fear me even more, or become more violent, anyway sounds like a good training session." Cailyn said walking up to the building beside Khalfani as she seemed to be doing some rather basic stretches in preparation of hopping in.

Plan was as simple as could be, exterminate, head back and report it and get that paycheck for themselves and the guild, "You got it, and no not a big fan but I ain't squeamish around them either~" Cailyn said as her irises began to turn crimson, "I wouldn't try drinking there blood, it's absolutely vial, it was a dark time in my past. Anyway, Yuurei tested me when we sparred so how about you witness my abilities for yourself. A King, a monarch or whatever you prefer to be needs to know his pieces strengths and weaknesses right?"

Looking towards the rats now Cailyn started humming as she let her mana leak out from her body into the air around, "Look to the stars, beyond the mountain and the wild sea~ Follow you're dreams, wherever they me lead~" Cailyn song loudly as her mana started to pull on the crumbling pieces of stone and dirt around them, the pieces swirling in the air as they made there way to her hands, forming makeshift claws "The gods~ Will only favour! Those who stride, right to there destiny~!" It would be at this point between the light and Cailyn singing the rats would notice her and begin screeching at her as one of them got bold and began attacking.

Pressing down on her right knee while continuing to sing, "In the distance, a beautiful  island I can see, bathed in, the rising sun~" Cailyn said as she zipped forward going at about eleven meters per second, as she swung her right arm forward towards the creatures legs, and then upwards in a crescent moon fashion, tearing into the creature's flesh easily as it ran past her, skidding across the floor in a bloody mess as more began to screech and attack en mass. "Fate and will guide you, to lands of great unknown~! But never forgot, the path you take back home..~" Cailyn continued singing as she leapt into the air just over an attacking rats head, then immediately kicked it down to the ground at full force cracking its skull as it's body bent unaturally as it was shoved to the ground, Cailyn running across the creature's back to it's tail, grabbing it with her left back hand as she then began spinning around using the dead rat's body as a giant mace to hit the rats surrounding her.

Name: Gaea Rythme: Wild Priestess
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Earth Magic
Type: Buff(Self-Buff)
Element: Earth
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Cailyn opens her mouth widely to cast as she starts to sing at E4 and raises her singing voice to G1 as a 0.25 magic circle appears underneath her, lifting granulated rock pieces to surround her hands and feet, the rocks shaping into sharpened tiger   claws up to a inch in length on her hands and feet that change the nature of her damage to sharp and boosting her overall power up to D-rank effect.
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#10Khalfani † 

Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  Empty Wed Apr 27, 2022 4:54 pm

Khalfani †
Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  PUGLUDs

Cailyn was more on the lively side. It was a pleasant surprise to see how outgoing she was compared to all the reserved type of people Khalfani met. They hadn't considered themselves an introvert, but they also hadn't considered themselves and extrovert. Like the supreme being they were, there were no labels that could correctly describe them- like gender labels, for example. One thing could be said for certain though; Khalfani's entire essence was mystical. As they gazed upon Cailyn everything became clearer. Khalfani knew damn near everything about their comrade from their magic, down to their political line. She aligned with Khal in many ways, some ways she did not, but that was of course to be expected from someone so different. As Cailyn spoke Khalfani learned how similar Seven was in comparison to this hellhole known as Fiore but they also learned how different it was. Cailyn seemed to have a rough upbringing, a lot more hands-on than most people in this godsforsaken country.

As they entered the building and the rats scattered, Khalfani shivered. The creatures were so plump and squirmy, their claws tapped upon the surface of the floor at the same time sending a chill down the Lion's spine. Although naturally these critters were nothing more than prey to the Commander of Paradise, never in their life would they actually feed into their beastly instincts to the degree of eating a damn rat. Cailyn seemed to share the same sentiment. She was a vampire after all and apparently she had tasted the blood of such vermin. Khal understood though. Desperate times called for desperate measures so who were they to judge? Khalfani's eyes simply widened as his friend's response, surprised that she had endured so much. For Khalfani, their own past was like a dream, they remembered it all but it didn't actually feel like it happened. Almost as if it wasn't an actual part of their life at all.

Cailyn was the first to start to kick off the series of events when it came to attack the creatures within the building. She began by singing a beautiful melody. The tone of her voice was calming, almost threatening by how soothing it was to the ears. In the future, her magic could prove to be a serious problem for enemies. Khalfani already knew that with her majestic voice she could manipulate the earth, but what more could she do that their god-like vision did not see? Could she manipulate a person's thoughts? Was that what was happening with the rats before them? It seemed that these pests were also feeling some of the effects. They once scattered away out of fear of the light, but it appeared that Cailyn's voice had also somehow calmed them. Some of the vermin stopped scattering away, instead turning to see where the beautiful voice came from.

There wasn't a thing that the Ascended needed to do at this moment. Cailyn seemed to have everything under control until a rat decided to leap towards her. Perhaps this was their way of saying that they actually didn't love her voice at all. Instead of jumping in to help though, Khalfani watched their comrade deal with the creature, moving forward and hitting it with pure strength. Easy peasy Khal thought to themselves. Cailyn was physically strong too. Paradise Dawn seemed to have secret power houses these days, a pleasant discovery indeed. The Desiertan simply stood, watching Cailyn do her thing without any complaints. She fought Yuurei and if she fought him with this type of strength it was possible that she put up a fight. Then again, Yuurei was a monster in his own right.

"Oh, there's one coming on your left" Khalfani said warmly, warning their friend. After she had blatantly obliterated one of the rats, the others seemed to be enraged. There were about a hundred of them, but the question wasn't whether or not she could defeat them on her own, it was whether or not she could do it and remain unscathed. Clearing the building was easy on its own but imagine coming back with rabies? Or worse, a newly discovered disease called Covid or something? Khalfani's golden eyes scanned around the room, looking for anything out of the ordinary, keeping guard in the case that these disgusting animals actually had the wits to sneak attack or something.


#11Cailyn † 

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Cailyn †
Running down the rat's tail she had just cracked the skull of, Cailyn grabbed it's tail end and began swinging it like a living mace against the other rats, sending quite a few of them in the air to hit against the walls of the building. "Oh, there's one coming on your left." Cailyn heard through the skittering and screeching of rats, it wasn't just the left, it was the right, up, and down she was surrounded. This brought upon a memory, the moment neck deep in battle, possibly deadly, perhaps even guaranteed the chance of dying. The Sevens was not a place of weakness, it was not the place of mercy or where easiness could live..easy.

By the time Cailyn was ten she had already killed a man, the priests told her to hold life dear she ought to know what taking one was like, the man she murdered was frail and weak, and wanted for thievery but she felt the weight of one life, heavier than her own flesh. "Through Storm~!" Cailyn said  her voice dropping down two octaves while singing as her mana dripped off of her like brown visible vapor as she slammed her foot on the ground as a two meter diameter followed by a eight diameter magic seal and circle appeared, although nothing outwardly happened, Cailyn senses were firing off on all cylinders as the world around her felt a little dimmer, a little further but in her mind eye each step of the rats was like a rain drop falling on a larger water surface and causing a ripple, each individual ripple telling her where each rat was located and how they were moving.

"And battles fought under the raging sky~"

Using that to her advantage now Cailyn eyes turned a deep crimson and silted as she contracted her leg muscles as she bent down and took a giant leap between the least number of tremors she was sensing at 30 m/s, her leap ending in a axe kick to a rats face, "Through watchful eyes, Fearless we breathe,", the rat body itself being ragged dolled as it smacked more than a few rats on the way to hitting the wall. Catching herself Cailyn outstretched her right hand towards the ground as the rats tried to surround her again, Cailyn spinning on the ground as her legs kicked outward, Cailyn using the dusty old building floor to keep spinning as she kicked the rats that got to close before she got back up onto her feet.

"With silent whispers through the ancient trees, The battlefield where legends grow and vermin will die, a song as old as old man time~" Cailyn said as she kept slamming the rats one by one using a mixture of acrobatics and her vibration sensing to dodge more quickly by sensing the rats direction in relation to where she was.

By the end of Cailyn fist were well covered in blood and she was breathing a bit heavy, "Wow, I hate to be the one the guys going to hire to clean this mess up. Hey, how about we take a few things, if he ain't been in here how he going to know we took something valuable? By the rules of the Seven, the one that is strong enough to kill or defeat the enemy takes a prize of there choosing."

In either case Cailyn would be ready to take Khalfani back to the guild when there business was done, even after all that she would still run all the way back.


#12Khalfani † 

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Khalfani †
Elimination by Dawn(Caitlyn/Khalfani)  PUGLUDs

You know, it almost felt like Cailyn was putting on a spectacle worth far more than a quest that had to do with measly old rats. Khalfani merely watched as their guild mate continued singing, causing the building to tremble from the sound of her mighty voice. She was nothing short of amazing and then some, for sure. Khalfani could only crack a smile as they watched Cailyn go. "Go go go!" They shouted in a joking tone, although they were sincerely being the cheerleader their friend may or may not have needed. Such a bad ass, Khal thought. Each rat would meet their demise as the beautiful Sevenese Songbird faced them. It wasn't only her voice that proved to be formidable, but also her brute strength and endurance. She seemed almost to be in a trance, only paying attention to the enemies before her. The rats squealed and squeaked each time Cailyn landed a blow.

There was no need to feel bad for such creatures. Once, upon a time Khalfani had to live amongst them in the forests as they were on the run. As a child looking for companionship, they had never found it around vermin like these. They were not friendly creatures. Selfish and mean, they fended for themselves as they amongst each other. In their own little meaningless communities it was the battle of the fittest. These rats were nothing like Cailyn or Khalfani, nor would the two of them ever stoop so low. The More Khalfani watched their comrade go, the more she reminded them of how they had once been. It probably wasn't wise to assume so much about a person just from one instance, but this bronze toned foreigner seemed to be a battle driven and a battle-ready mage. Although her abilities seemed soft and gentle at first, She proved that they were formidable if she chose to utilize them that way.

Were Aeris' abilities just as deadly? Perhaps the Helios Dragon Slayer would never be able to figure that out considering she was still in a coma. The aroma of blood filled the air. The stench of rat guts lingered all around them. Their Dragon Slayer senses picked up on nearly every single scent, causing the Commander to nearly gag. As the building shook and the rats faced their demised delivered to them by the beloved and beautiful Cailyn, Khalfani noticed a yellow envelope over in the corner. Whistling as the Songbird fought, they strolled over to the corner, and snatched the package before returning, but when they did they noticed that all of the rats had been...killed. Khalfani's eyes widened as Caily spoke, apparently she wanted to do a quick sweep of the place in case there was treasure to be found,

Little did she know that Khalfani already found something. With a smile the commander raised the envelope. "Already ahead of ya." They chuckled evilly. The Job was finally done. It was easy enough considering Cailyn did all the work.


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