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Emil travels north. (Travel east to north.)

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Emil travels north. (Travel east to north.) Empty Mon Apr 18, 2022 9:15 am

Emil after returning alive packs up himself and he is family and he is gonna head for the north to maybe get a new start since he had lost his home out of no where without any warning the guild was disbanded not even by their master but by some unknown force that destroyed it without warning tearing the people from their guild even the guild master seemed bewildered by this unknown force acting on its own and ridding them of their guild like it was some simple game of house and they just lifted it and shook out all of the members like they were nothing more then garbage at the bottom of the barrel. He was hoping that maybe this guild in the north would be of the good home type for him and his family and didn’t just have an unknown force that will just uproot him and his family again like they had just been uprooted.

He keeps the children up and entertained as his wife Holly the Demi-human white wolf and his assistant Fina the shark demi-human keeps watch over them so they do not get ambushed and killed before they can make it to the north and hopefully their new home.

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