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We're All Family [Raeden]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

We're All Family [Raeden] Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 5:45 am

Daiko Flayme
All in all, the cuisine at the Sardina Restaurant had left the Fire Mage sated for about an hour – special cuisines rarely filled his belly, which had been so desensitized to rough, charred meat over the years. Still, what the dinner didn’t fulfill in volume, it sure fulfilled in taste – and would you look at that, Daiko hadn’t bent over to any Ventre Crocodilis yet! These were good tidings, and he’d definitely visit the restaurant more often from now on.

Hargeon was starting to heat up again. It was in the middle of spring, so it was more than called for, but the increase in temperature also meant that migration birds returned to their shores. Plenty of white and black and brown covered the skies, almost pushing away the clouds as they dove into the ocean waters.

Well, before he’d decide to return to the guild, he’d need to be a bit productive today. A quest or two would do, and it did come to mind that he hadn’t tried going on a quest with his sister before. Wait, that also meant that she hadn’t seen Blue Pegasus’ guild hall yet- their day wasn’t over yet, either! He suddenly felt like he was in haste, needing to get these things out before forgetting.

“Hey, Sis, do you want to come and see our guild ha- C-C-C-C-Co-C-Coda-“ his voice braked poorly at the sight of Coda having left the sanctuary of his shoulder and, instead, rested on Raeden’s with her feathery face rubbing all around the dark girl’s violet hair. “C-C’mon, Coda, you always ditch me… p-please don’t annoy my Sis-“

As if capable of expressing human traits, Coda managed to open her beak and sort of stick her tongue out at Daiko in a mocking fashion before cuddling with Raeden’s face. That hopeless lesbian had broken Daiko’s heart once more, leaving him defeated on his knees with a grey cloud hovering over his head. “W-Why are you always like this…?”

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We're All Family [Raeden] Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 6:18 am

She stretched out her arms as she felt hungry as ever. The food that was devoured at the restaurant didn't hit at all as she could probably eat the whole kitchen. Her light brown eyes looked at her little brother and that bird beak of a friend. Raeden's hands were in her pocket as she walked beside the one who use to be short. Now he seemed to be growing older within every moment of her being. Someday, he'll be taller than her and she's going to hate it.

Her violet hair loved the feeling of wind as it raced against her dark bronze skin. Her skin was flawless like smooth milk chocolate. As she listened to her little brother she smirked, "Haha! Sure! I'd love that," she lifted up one arm to position it so she could pet Coda. "Looks like she has favorites," she teased Daiko with a toothy smirk. She has heard of this guild. Full of beauties and strong people, but was it for her? She left Fairy Tail because she thought that was for her, but it didn't turn out that way. She did enjoy the company of Judith, but it wasn't enough. Perhaps being with her little brother will be. Plus, the attractive ladies that were there.

Her head tilted towards Coda to let her cuddle against her face, "Awe, poor Coda, is Daiko being mean to yooou?~" Raeden chuckled as her eyes looked at Coda and then Daiko who she enjoyed teasing. Hopefully, by then they were going towards Blue Pegasus and was almost there as she had an itch to know about this place.

#3Daiko Flayme 

We're All Family [Raeden] Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 10:35 am

Daiko Flayme
Ow, damn you Coda! You were giving her wrong ideas now! Daiko had treated Coda with nothing but respect, love and dedication to her craft – he was a full-fledged falconer, through and through, and Coda sure had nothing to complain about, right? So why was she so unrelenting, huh? Where did Coda get this trait from?!

“It’s more like she ditches me for any female in the vicinity, at this point…” he expressed, glaring at Coda with defeated, heavy eyes, “It does remind me; she tends to eat male birds whenever she gets the chance to, as well. Something’s up with her, I bet.” Coda was, in the end, a strange specimen. Some kind of androphobic maneater – a humanoid Coda would’ve fitted well in Blue Pegasus, really. Still, they had a bond, and Coda was likely just very, very, very, very, very… uh, what was the term again? Tsun?

While Coda chirped away at Raeden’s words, the white palace that the guild hall looked like now came to view further down the road. “See, I’ve seen Fairy Tail’s guild hall too… a-at least from the outside, and I think Blue Pegasus overwhelms them in the pretty category. Then again, that’s pretty much what Blue Pegasus excels in… in all aspects, actually. That’s kinda our shtick-“ he explained. Blue Pegasus was an overall pretty guild, and quite a handful years ago, Daiko wouldn’t have been able to see himself in their ranks – not with his… sometimes animalistic tendencies. He was born and raised a rough woodlander, a ranger who sustained himself with the northern shrubbery and the fragrant silence of the trees.

He felt like a foreigner, sometimes.

But his time in Blue Pegasus, the events that unfurled, and his resurrection, they had all contributed to strengthening his ties with his guildmates and giving him a new home to reside in after the fall of Lamia Scale.

“So this is our guild hall from the outside; I often spot creepers trying to climb up on trees nearby, so I kick them down like this,” he presented both Raeden and the willfully ignorant Coda by walking over to a nearby cherry blossom tree. Then, with a solid flat kick to the trunk, two dudes fell flat on their faces and crawled away at lightspeed.

Like a true gentleman – thanks for the tutoring, Alisa and Sofia – he held the doors open for her to enter their lounge and bar, packed and supplied with only the most demanded of delicacies and a shelter and refuge for exhausted Blue Pegasus mages to recover their strength and vigor. “Take a seat! I’ll fetch ya up something real good, unless if you got something in mind already?”

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We're All Family [Raeden] Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 10:46 am

She listened to her little brother by the corner of her eyes she watched him as well. "So that's why Fairy Tail received no members. Kind of depressing, man," she sighed disappointed as she felt bad for the guild she left, but maybe for her own good reason. "Coda? Eating birds? Damn, didn't know she was cannibalistic with her own kind," she chuckled. It didn't bother her one bit as it didn't do anything to her. As long as she didn't get some bird companion that was a male. Daiko showed her the tree stuff with kicking down perfects and laughed at them falling, "Good, they deserve it,". It was funny though since she didn't mind being a pervert herself.

They went inside and her eyes wandered around. It was color schemed light colors as she expected it to be due to the theme color being blue and all. "Damn this place is pretty, sure everyone is in here too," she spoke to herself out loud. Finally, they found seats as she sat down and looked at her brother, "Yea! I'll take something to drink. Pretty hot outside," she leaned back and put her feet on the table as her arms rested behind her head. Her head tilted the way Daiko left towards as she wondered what he was going to get her to drink.

#5Daiko Flayme 

We're All Family [Raeden] Empty Tue Apr 12, 2022 12:36 pm

Daiko Flayme
It was equally sad to hear that Fairy Tail wasn’t getting any members. Daiko had spent much of his rehabilitation years here in the south, and he didn’t particularly recall any close friends from that guild other than dear older sister Raeden here, but it gave him reminiscent nostalgia of Lamia Scale’s state right before the demon wave. Hopefully, they would meet a different fate.

Coda was a proud bird of prey, in the end. Her chirp was deep and clicky in response, as if pulling a smug look or smirk on her beaked face. Daiko pouted and turned his face back to the drink that he was pulling up – she just needed something to cool down with, so the alcoholic beverages were put on hold for now. There was a time and place for everything, Daiko.

A strongly-colored orange juice should do. Daiko brought back to the table where she sat two cups of local orange juice, a little toast and refreshment after the not-so-satiable meal they had. “Hmmmh… wait, I- hmh…” Daiko appeared to have something to say, but he braked himself and reconsidered his words. With a hand scratching his chin – and with Coda’s glare burning into his skull – he thought things through before taking a sip of his juice.

“… Have you… heard from your mother lately? You think I can meet her soon?”

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