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Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir]

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#1Amir † 

Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir] Empty Sun Apr 03, 2022 10:56 am

Amir †
The feel of the warm spring sun on his face felt heavenly. Amir was not one to enjoy being outside normally. It was odd that he was enjoying himself more and more in the outdoors. He could feel a call in his spirit from the nature around him. It was a great feeling that Amir had inside him. It was hard for him to describe.

The mage was waiting at the edge of the forest. He had a short walk ahead of him to the village in question. He was waiting for his lover to show up. Amir was ecstatic to have some alone time. He had to go to the village to work on a trade deal. Bringing the most prominent mate in his heart was a bonus. Amir could use the muscle. Bandits and monsters were often in the forest. Amir’s weak body and unusable spells made him a prime target. Becoming monster food or a captive was not beneficial for anyone.

“Come on love. I know you will make it here some day.” Amir was speaking to himself. Looking at the beautiful flowers and vibrant life. The spring season had freed itself from the vestiges of frost. It made the entire place feel more animated than normal. The birds were singing in harmony with the other sounds of nature. A beautiful song of the forest was playing all around him.


#2Khalfani † 

Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir] Empty Mon Apr 04, 2022 9:32 am

Khalfani †

The days went by so slow for Khalfani. His life had shifted dramatically. Not only had he given up his aspirations of becoming king of Fiore, but he was in a position where his leadership skills determined the fate of hundreds of people. No longer had he been using the Morningstar surname because of its negative reputation, and now his goals were more aligned with the Zharian gods. His powers had elevated once again and it was no thanks to Amun. He had lost weight, gotten a little paler and the Sun Eater Apep had chosen him to carry a specific legacy that aligned with his own. His eyes were no longer golden. He cut his hair, and really he was a lot less happier. It was one of the sacrifices necessary to forge the world he envisioned. People from all over the world were coming to North Fiore under the protection of Paradise Dawn. Word spread fast about their influence, but that was to be expected since their influence had been growing so fast in such a short amount of time.

All in all though, as Commander, Khalfani found himself struggling to create time for the love of his life. Both of them had been so busy since Paradise's Inception. Such an entity wasn't easy to sustain. Nonetheless they were doing their best and it was working. With a dull expression, the Light Dragon Slayer trekked through the forests of Worth Woodsea upon his horse, making his way to Amir who had requested his presence on a certain task. Khalfani wasn't exactly aware of what it was, but he learned early on that when Amir asked you to do something, you do it. The Minstreli was not one to be played with despite his often kind demeanor. Plus, apparently this was important for the guilds sake. Up ahead he saw the brown headed Captain of the Medical division, one of the wisest people in the guild. Someone Khalfani loved with all his heart, though it may have been hard to convey as of late.

"Sorry I'm late baby boy." He said dourly with a tired smile as the horse stopped beside Amir, leaning over to kiss his lover. Bruises and scratches all over his face, it would be obvious he was drained.

"You alright?"


#3Amir † 

Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir] Empty Mon Apr 04, 2022 2:10 pm

Amir †
The feel of the spring wing traveling through his jet black hair was exhilarating. Previously he did not experience spring like this before. Minstrel did not have as many flowers, trees, and nature in the area he stayed in. The oasis growing up did not have as much green either. The green there was primarily used for vegetables. The air and feeling of this place was much different.

Amir could hear the sound of the horse trotting along before he could see them. His lover looked gallant upon the stead. His change of looks due to the beating of time did not change the way Amir felt about him. Amir believed the mage looked as noble as they always did. He accepted the kiss on his lips. The sweetness of his love gives Amir an imaginary honey taste to his lips.

“You are not too late. Besides, you are busy. I fear you are working yourself too hard. Look at your beautiful face.” Amir felt bad seeing all the damage done to his love. He was working hard on fixing the issues with his mana. Even now he was unable to cast spells. It was a growing thorn in his own heart. The old him could have fixed the scratches with ease. Now he could only look at it. The best he could do was make some medicine from herbs. The medicine would lack the same easy use as healing magic. “I am alright but you do not look like you are. Anyways, We can talk on the road. We need to get to the village as soon as possible.”

The Scholar of the Ancient Wilds did not want to hurry his mate too badly. One of the villages in question was depending on them to get the deal done quickly. The village was running out of meat and other necessities. The stuff that the village needed was going to be traded by the other. Part of the reason the other Village chief was holding out was to get more benefits. The benefits the village A did not have. Getting to an agreement faster would allow village A to come back from their current strife faster. Food was always a needed item.

“When we get to the village. You can ask for the chief for me. If you play the part of a knight it will make me look more important. The boost to status can be used as a bargaining chip.” Amir gave a brief blurb to his love.

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#4Khalfani † 

Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir] Empty Mon Apr 04, 2022 9:29 pm

Khalfani †

One thing was for certain; Amir had a hold on him so tight it made it almost impossible to breath when he was around. The emerald colored eyes of Khalfani's beloved peered into his soul, his gentle voice mitigating whatever pain he was harboring up until that point. The Slayer's nearly dead expression looked into the lively eyes of the Minstreli monarch for a brief moment as he mentioned the scarring on his face. It was good to hear that he was okay, of course if he wasn't then the commander would be first to know, but it was always good to hear it from the source. Still, Prince was adamant on acknowledging Khalfani's palpable emotional state. "I'm fine my love, don't fret. It's my burden to carry. I'm just glad you're alright." He said softly. Only around the Desiertan would his voice ever become this warm. They all had their roles to play right?

If Amir became too concerned with Khalfani then he wouldn't be able to fully focus on his own duties and each of them were pieces that worked in conjunction to serve a function; A system. The commander extended his hand for Amir to take so that he could occupy his black steed along with him. If he'd take Khal's hand then the two would ride off towards the direction they needed to go. If not, then he would simply trod beside his lover as he began speaking about the mission at hand. The Captain already had a plan. Khalfani was to act as his Knight and he would appear more important in the political realm of the North. "Alright, sounds good, but uh...What's all this about? Mind giving me the rundown?" He asked as the horse galloped at a moderate pace. "I've been meaning to establish Paradise's presence here. Glad you got to it first."


#5Amir † 

Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir] Empty Mon Apr 04, 2022 10:14 pm

Amir †
“We are here to help establish trade. One of the villages needs food and other resources. Resources that are abundant in another. The village in need of resources has a mineral that the other village wants. The crux that is holding up the trade is the village that is supposed to give out resources. The village chief got cold feet and decided to back out. We have to convince him to stick to the original agreement.”

Amir answered the question passively. The information was something he had already known in depth. He figured the information did not need to be classified. Amir did not think for a second that Khalfani would lose their cool. The fate of an entire village and their guild reputation hung in the balance. This was the type of work Amir could do. It was the reason why he wanted to do it. Until his magic became more ready to use he had to rely solely on his mental capacity. It was why he was taking care of the guild administration.

The duo would ride on to their destination. Amir got down from the horse when it would stop in the village. He would allow Khalfani to introduce the both of them, and find the village chief. Amir would stand up to meet the man after the chief would arrive. “Village chief. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am the representative sent from Calderfern Village.” Amir would keep his shoulder square, back straight, and make ample eye contact. The battle for negotiations had started before Amir even entered the village. “I assume you have a place to talk negotiations with.” Amir was doing image work to make them seem important. The more benefits it looked like they could bring, the more benefits they could reap instead.

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#6Khalfani † 

Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir] Empty Wed Apr 06, 2022 10:13 am

Khalfani †

The village wasn't anything Khalfani had expected it to be. It was huge, and all of the citizens had been busy doing whatever it was that was important to them. Khalfani had heard of the villages in Worth Woodsea, but if they were all this size then it was best that he start to make connections now. Amir was on top of that, a good call on his end for sure. The Village Chief approached the duo as Amir hopped off of the horse. The guards with the chief waited for the commander to step off of his steed before grabbing the reigns and pulling it away. The leader of the village was a tall man with silver hair. Come to think of it, everyone in the village had silver or white colored hair. The chief wore a circlet and hardly anything on his body besides some rags to cover his private areas. With a smile he shook Amir's hand. The mission today would be about securing a trade deal. Context clues allowed Khal to easily figure out that the Calderfern village was the one trying to bridge this connection. Khal had only heard a little bit about the village but apparently they were in shambles.

The Dragon Slayer nodded at the village chief, lightly bowing as the man returned the formal gesture. "Pleasure to meet you Lord Amir, and you Commander Khal. I've heard lots about you two." the chief said before nodding. "Yes, follow me." He said before turning to walk somewhere more private. The rogue prince wouldn't say a word. Instead he would allow Amir to take charge and follow beside him like his Knight as he so requested earlier. The commander would glance around the area, his moonlit eyes dancing back and forth absorbing the scenery. Many eyes landed upon the two Paradise Dawn members. In the North they were already famous. Still something Khalfani had to get used to considering his role these days.


#7Amir † 

Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir] Empty Wed Apr 06, 2022 5:04 pm

Amir †
Amir did not pay any mind to the people looking at them in the village. He was here to help and did not consider any of them to be a threat. The scholar had absolute faith in the power of the Golden Dragon. He believed the Commander could wipe the village off the map with a sneeze. Having Khalfani around made him more relaxed then he normally would be. His mate was a sheer boost to his self confidence. It was why Amir had no doubt the negotiations would be successful. Amir had faith the two of them could change the world.

The village chief led the duo to a small room. Amir had adjusted to the opulence of the main cities. He could barely keep the grimace of his face when he saw the look of the place.  It was a ram shack of a building that showed how poor the town was, if their style of dress was not enough of a give away. It was the moments like this that made him stay humble. Going into negotiations he had to put his best foot forward. He sat down on one side of the table that had two dingy chairs at it. It looked like his heart would have to stand for now. He would wait for the chief to sit down before going in.

“It is time for us to discuss. The conditions that Calderfern put forth were more than enough to satisfy the greed of this town. Pray tell. What more would you be looking to get out of stalling? Even all of your fellow villagers are not happy about it?" Amir went straight to the heart. His logic was not making way for bs excuses. He wanted to see what the crappy little mayor had to say.

The silver haired chieftain sized Amir up. He grimaced when he met Amir’s stern gaze before returning one of his own. “The issue is more complex than just trading with Calderfern. It is not something I can expect a city dweller like you to help with.” Amir simply raised an eyebrow. How could trade between such simple villages actually be complex? Was there information he was missing? Amir was not pleased to be left in the dark about any details. It left him with more information to try to gleam.

An explosion went off on the edge of the village. People started to scream and the face of the chieftain went snow white. “This. This is a part of the problem.” The chieftain ran out of the room. Leaving the two behind. Amir simply stood up and started to follow. The edge of the village showed five people. They looked to be from another tribe and their faces held evil intentions.

“Can you handle this garbage babe? Just try not to kill them in case I have questions.” Amir would let his mate have free reign on the battle to come. Cleaning up any aftermath was more Amir’s speed.

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#8Khalfani † 

Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir] Empty Wed Apr 06, 2022 5:59 pm

Khalfani †

It was interesting to take the backseat for once. Khalfani had been plunged into the world of politics ever since Daisia came to retrieve him by the orders of his grandfather so he was always having to speak, greet, converse and make decisions on behalf of whole groups of people. Honestly if it wasn't for his grandfather the Dragon Slayer would have had zero stomach for any of this. In this moment his role had shifted slightly, though he couldn't say that it didn't make him antsy. People usually only wanted to partake in things that would allow them to gain more than they'd have to give. Such was the circumstance the duo of dawn were facing right now. The Chieftain said that the situation was deeper than Amirs eyes could tell, but Khalfani doubted it. Lords, ladies, chieftains, they all wanted the same thing most of the time. Amir was decent at this, nonetheless. His tone was straightforward enough to get his idea across, but to properly execute you had to already have a solution. That was how you seal the deal.

It's why the Chief of this village could easily dismiss anything said by claiming that it was much more to the whole situation and not exactly provide anything tangible. No proof, no real explanation, not even a solid rebuttal. The Commander watched as the conversation began to unfold but before anything else could be said a loud explosion occurred outside of the building they were in. With a sigh the Sun eater turned to the door. Amir asked him to handle it as the leader of the village sprung into action. With a nod the Mage of Paradise tapped his chest. Immediately, black wings sprouted from his back and he soared through the door and towards the threat, approaching the five men at the front of the village before extending his hand and facing his palm to the skies. A magic circle appeared under them and them only. They stood a good few meters in front of the gate that protected the village as a beam of light upsurged from the magic circle beneath them, frying them alive but not doing enough damage to kill them.

Just like that all five of them dropped to the floor. The Chief stopped and turned to the commander in awe, his spells dissipating into the air as he landed safely onto the ground. "..." Khal turned his gaze to the chieftain and said nothing with an eyebrow raised in curiosity, then turned his gaze to his lover with the same expression. He had no idea what the hell was going on.


#9Amir † 

Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir] Empty Wed Apr 06, 2022 9:02 pm

Amir †
One spell. One spell was all it took for Amir to watch his lover make fried bandits. It was impressive that the one he loved was so strong. It made Amir feel safe and protected. The light mage could be a total spaz but had some great points as well. When Amir did not feel like stabbing them, he actually believed Khalfani was out of his league. It made him want to try so much harder just to stand on equal grounds with the blindingly radiant mage.

When they were finished Amir looked back at the village chief as well. “If this was a part of the problem. I hope you have a better reasoning behind this.” Amir had a large smile on his face. A smile devoid of warmth that did not meet his eyes. The chieftain was starting to piss him off on multiple levels. If this was the extent of the problems, Amir would cut him down where he stood.

“No. The village that they came from the Shattered Greensea is more powerful. They are making us pay their village in food as a protection fee. It is a fee we cannot afford as is. I was trying to keep the village from rioting in panic.” The village chief was looking panicked. Amir believed the show of force that was shown changed his opinion. It was an excellent tactic. They did nothing to the village itself but still got the respect they deserved. “Look. Cut the chatter. Tell us what is going on completely. If the other village is bothering you. We can head out to handle it as well. We need the full details.”

The village chieftain looked at Amir and shivered. Growing up in the wild the chief learned to be able to see the danger of the forest, it was a skill vital to all hunters. The look in Amir’s eyes were akin to those of a hidden snake. A strike from him would be with the full intent to kill. It was a none threat that could be considered just as threatening. The man nodded his head before going into detail.

“It started a while ago. The Shattered Greensea experienced monster locusts that ate their crops. The village is rich in warriors and bodies. They just could not keep the locusts out. They need the extra food in order for their village to survive. We are a village rich in food but they have nothing we need. They take it instead and call it giving us protection.”

The gears in Amir’s mind were starting to turn. He needed to think about the problem to come up with the best solution to it all. “Babe. Get the horses ready and tie up our new prisoners. We shall head over to the Shattered Greensea.” Amir gave a few orders to his love. His gaze was kind as he looked at Khal. The smile was gone when he turned back to the chief. “You can give us a route map to the Shattered Greensea. You can also give us documents to lead legal negotiations. We will take over this project.” Amir was trying to get to the root of the problem. He would solve this Gordian knot of terrible. When Khalfani was ready with everything. They would be able to head off to the Shattered Greensea. The trade portion of this village was complete as long as they held onto the documents provided by the chief.


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#10Khalfani † 

Trading it all. [GQ - Khalfani/Amir] Empty Fri Apr 15, 2022 9:50 pm

Khalfani †

The enemies perished fairly easily. Khalfani had power that he could now easily flex without problem contrary to the days where just using magic caused him great pain. Even now he was amazed with how easily he could use his abilities. Once upon a time he struggled to get ahold of his powers. In such a short amount of time, the Dragon Slayer had gone through so many changes- most of them happening because of how rapidly he had been elevating. He was once blessed with divine like powers, only to lose them by almost dying and being forced into vampirism. After the gods rejected him, he turned to Apophis who bestowed him with the ability to manipulate chaos but upon finding out that he was only a pawn in the games of the gods, he forged his own power, trekking through the lands to retrieve a a power that was capable of enhancing his abilities and breaking the hold on him.

Granted Apophis had led him to this source, it didn't belong to the god of chaos. Light was who he was, it belonged to Khalfani. It wasn't something he asked for, it merely was just how he worked. Amun had chosen him and Apep had claimed him, guided him and now he was the one capable of eating the sun...capable of eating Amun. The two battling for control over the prince of Desierto made sense given that he had the power to both conjure and consume light. Amun probably intended for him to be a guardian while Apep likely wanted him to enact vengeance. Sure Khal was a dragon slayer, but with this power he was sure that he could slay even the gods. Alas, only time would tell.

The commander made his way back over to Amir as the village guards apprehended the men. Khalfani was curious to see what his comrade and lover would do moving forward. Unbeknownst to him, this was his way of seeing if he had what it took to lead. There were things that needed to happen, and unfortunately remaining as the leader of Paradise Dawn may not have been in those plans; another thing only time would tell. Fate was a strange thing like that- an annoying thing really. As the commander listened to Amir, it was clear as day that his lover was passionate about making things work. However, he could also sense that he was impatient, so impatient that fear had easily worked in pushing things forward. It wasn't a bad tactic but it could prove faulty if he wanted to keep things positive with Paradise Dawn if he were actually in charge. Alas, it was a good thing he wasn't.

The chief revealed everything the duo needed to know, Khalfani following his loves lead by keeping his eyes glued to the man with a menacing aura. After he said what they needed to learn, Amir ordered the commander to get the horses ready. At first Khalfani raised an eyebrow. Get the horses ready and tie up the people that he had just taken out? Khal didn't say a word though, instead doing as he was told. After Amir had finished talking to the chief, Khalfani hopped onto the horse and waited for the Captain to finish. Finally, when he was done, the two would ride off to whatever awaited next.


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