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Tournament Arc [Quest: Nova]

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#1Nova Kentaurus 

Tournament Arc [Quest: Nova]  Empty Mon Mar 28, 2022 10:37 am

Nova Kentaurus
More duties were thrown on her plate as Nova was now in Baska. Their was a criminal that was a fighting champion but he was untouched because of his fame and glory in the fighting arena. THe only way to bust him would be to go down there and beat him at his own game. Once he was shown up then she would be able to take him in and send him off to jail. Being a C rank mage she had seen her fair share of combat and she would be able to enter and join. THe people of Baska didn't care about your background and they just wanted to watch two people just beat the ever living crap out of each other. Gender didn't matter either. There was equal lefts and equal rights all up in this tournament. Nova would enter the building where the sign ups were and she would then go to the person with the paper that was signing up the contestants and then she would sign her name down. The people waiting in line would laugh as she was a small girl but she would just brush it off and go to the preparation area. They weren't ready for what Nova was about to do to them in the arena. She would about to take all her frustrations out on these poor souls that dared step in the ring with her.


#2Nova Kentaurus 

Tournament Arc [Quest: Nova]  Empty Mon Mar 28, 2022 11:54 am

Nova Kentaurus
The first opponent that she would fight would be a tall man but he was pretty skinny as well. Imagine like he was Gumby. He would have the reach but then he wouldn't have much power behind the punches. The announcer would let them know it was time to fight and then the two of them would walk out and then they would get ready by taking their stance and then they would go and they would wait for the bell and then the bell would ring and then once the bell rang they would start to fight because the bell rang and they were goign to start the fight. The tall man would make the first move by kicking up in the air at Nova's head but she had some good speed so she would duck under it and then she would move her fist ack and then she would swing it towards the man's stomach and then she would punch him in the stomach and the man would start to fall over and then got back up and said it was a lucky shot. The man would then punch down on her with a double axe handle but nova would just dodge roll to the right and then she would see he was wide open and she would hit him with a scissor kick where she would kick him from the back of the head and he would get sent flying down and then she would step on him one he was down because she kicked the back of his head and he was out so she would then declare her victory and then she would qualify for the next round where she would be one step closer to fighting the champion and then she would be able to complete the mission


#3Nova Kentaurus 

Tournament Arc [Quest: Nova]  Empty Mon Mar 28, 2022 1:22 pm

Nova Kentaurus
After the match she would go to the back and would rest and she would get some food and water so she could rest after the fight. Nova would then watch the other match which was the champion vs another guy. They were both really big and the match was close but in the end the champion would hit the other opponent with a stone cold stunner and it knocked him out so bad they had to call the stretcher and it would pick him up and take him away so he could get medical attention. Nova would then be in the finals against him and then she would get wished good luck because she was about to get destroyed since the champion was the champion for the longest time . He was about double nova's size but she knew that she had speed on him.

After a while, the final match was decided and she would go and she would walk up to the new battlefield which was above town off the side of a cliff in a circle. She would step in the circle and she would wait for the opponent and then she would see the lights gather and they would go to the champion. He had music and he had girls hanging off him while the crowd cheered him and would boo Nova. She would just wait till his stuff was done and then would get in a battle pose as the man entered the area and he would hear the screams of the crowd and he would then pump them up and then he would enter his battle stance and then the battle was about to be on.

Nova would wait and the man would swing at her but she rolled under him and would kick his leg but his legs were too buff to do damage so she was too small to hurt him. However, the man would keep swinging at her and when he went for a clothesline he was running full speed. nova would duck and roll and get behind him and push him as he ran and he kept running and would run off the cliff and fall to his death. it wasn't the best outcome but the criminal was stopped as the crowd would cheer. They were just happy to see a winner. nova would get her hand raised and a belt as she was the new champion. She would then go to the tent that hosted the event and she would get her pay and she would also get a copy of the request to put on her report. She then would take that report and go to the mailbox and would send it over to her superiors so then she would be able to give them the report.


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