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Pizza Delivery [Q]

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#1Khalfani † 

Pizza Delivery [Q] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 10:24 pm

Khalfani †
The krusty krab pizza, is the pizza for you and me. The kursty kra-ya-ya- Khalfani sung as he walked towards the pizza shop. The task at hand today was a light one and it would be fun all things considered. Pizza was good to eat, but to make? Probably even better. All the quests Khalfani had done had been a breeze. They were light and simple, easy on the hands. Really he was just building a connection with the people of the North, starting with Orchidia first. With a yawn the commander made his way to the shop. It was the top of the morning. The pizza shop was likely just opening and Enil was likely waiting for Khalfani to come. It took the black panther about fifteen minutes to get to the shop where Enil had been waiting patiently in the front. Upon entering, the cook and the commander greeted each other before jumping straight into it.

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Khalfani †
Enil explained that he needed help because due to the beanstalk draining damn near all of their energy, they were sick. Khalfani understood. Unlike him, many of the citizens of the city didn't have a lot of mana to keep them going so any time it was zapped would likely cause them to get sick if not die immediately. Without another moment of hesitation, Khalfani walked to the Kitchen as Enil led him. He gave him supplies to cover his hands with after the spellsword washed them and began explaining what needed to be done. Making Pizzas wasn't hard at all. So Khalfani began. He preheated the oven and began adding ingredients to the pizza. Pizza with pineapples and ham sounded excruciating for your digestive system, but he made it. Then he made a pizza with all types of meat and then some pizzas with chicken toppings. He then placed the pizzas in the oven and allowed them to cook.

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Khalfani †
This all happened after he mixed the doe and created the into perfect circles of course. What was he gonna do, add the pizza toppings to the table? Don't be silly. As the pizzas were being cooked Enil and Khalfani had a brief conversation. Enil explained that he liked the city and he appreciated Paradise Dawn, he even spoke about the dark guild sleeping calamity that had been recently destroyed. The folk around these parts weren't exactly fans of the dark guild. The oven pinged, signaling that the pizzas were officially done. the aroma drowned the room and Khal just wanted to dive in ad eat them all himself, except the pinapple one though. Who the fuck actually puts pineapple on pizza. Pinapple pizza was a disgrace to everything that was just and right in the world. Either way Khalfani packed the pizzas up and began to deliver them to all the houses. Easy enough, but very time consuming. The pizza making was fun but the delivering was not. He gained a newfound respect for pizza deliverers because some of the customers were just rude. At the end of the day when he returned he was rewarded and that was that. Job well done, day well spent.


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